Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee” (Lilu Tuatha)

By Eve Lorgen, M.A.

I recall that one of the more violent, remorseless ones was created when I was shut in a box, which was then filled with live insects. I was under five years of age, I think. I had to check out (split off), so I didn't go mad with terror, and when I 'went downstairs'. A new personality which had been previously prepared, was then programmed into me. I also remember that they can download complete personalities in one session. This is alien technology.

God, how long have you got? They do it all the time, sweetie. Something triggers you and you just abreact or hear these horrid voices telling you to kill everyone in sight. You just ignore it and go on with your day but it's very, very real and very intense. I can see how someone who'd perhaps been weakened by booze or drugs could loose it and start obeying the orders--then in the papers--there's another lone gunman or worse.

Basically, the ultimate plan with many people, is for the everyday front alter to be so traumatized and sleep deprived (remember what they did to poor old Ted Rice and what they're doing to PR (27) so continually harassed and tortured - that it eventually just gives up the ghost and checks out permanently. Leaving a spiritual void that can then be filled with whatever programmed alter, or demonic fiend or alien that the perpetrators have in mind. ..How many times have we heard old friends of politicians say, "Man! That guy used to believe in something...but now, it's like he's a different person!” Newsflash...he is! There's a politician in this country right now that is just like that.

 Yes, I understand. I have heard this stated by other milabs and super soldiers (i.e., Michael Relfe) and mind control victims, about the black meta technology, horrid humiliating torture, downloading of “programs” done via high speed subliminals, or other advanced alien technology where the person is literally downloaded with information. It comes in compacted forms like a zip file, and then unwinds later when needed. The demon layering tends to be done via rituals from what I’m able to gather from SRA MPD/DID mind control victims. But other milabs who are not in cult families have described having demons, and have expelled them via deliverance and exorcism. In other words, some milabs (Zed, Relfe, and others) were not in cult families or aware of any “rituals” where demons or alien entities for that matter—were somehow attached to their energy bodies.

They're not really afraid of religious stuff because they're not demonic - they're very, very intelligent animals but they don't like being blessed very much

LT: I saw reality crack open once in my dining room but I don't remember seeing anything come through. I just saw moving lights on the other side. 

When I was very young, the Satanists used me to open portals and these snaking lights would come zapping through and go into some of the people who were there. One of the people was a former high level Prime Minister. 

The portals looked like kind of blobby, swirling lighted stuff.

They use mystics or Scarlet Females (Herodulai) to open portals but they may have technology that can achieve the same or a similar thing now.