Jehovahs Witnesses

The Masonic Watchtowers

by Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Pages 334-335

Enochian Magic

The Masonic Lodges are usually given a number and then are named after the location they are at. For instance, in Oregon something like 9 out of 10 lodges are named after the town that they are in. However, some of the lodges are named after famous Masons such as Franklin, Lafayette, and Washington. Others are named after Masonic themes Mystic Tie, Mystic Circle, Rising Sun, New Jerusalem, and Mizpah. Mizpah? What is Mizpah? The Watchtower Society tells us in the issue of the Godlen Age 3/26/24, p. 387, that Mizpah translates Watchtower. The Hebrew word Mizpah (also spelled Mizpeh, and Mitspeh) occurs only once in scripture. And the use of the word Mizpah among the Masons is interesting.

This author has located 4 Masonic chapters so far in the world that are named Mizpah, and three of these are in C.T. Russell’s area of Pennsylvania. These are all York Rite (R.A.M.-Royal Arch Masons) lodges like Russell belonged to. They are Mizpeh Chapter No. 288 R.A.M. of Allegheny, PA, Mizpah Chapter No. 252 R.A.M. Mahonoy City, PA, and the Mizpah Chapter 96 of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of PA.

What could be important enough to Masonry to call their lodges Watchtowers? The highest Masons, who get cryptic and mystic, are exposed to Enochian magic, where the use of the magical watchtowers is the key, the heart so to speak, of Enochian magic.

It is interesting to note that several of the Masons who founded new cults were fascinated in the name and person of Enoch, for instance Joseph Smith Jr. and Charles T. Russell.

Joseph Smith (Founder of Mormons LDS) gave himself the name Enoch, called his first community the City of Enoch, and created communal Order of Enoch. Further, Joseph Smith, following the Jewish pseudepigraphic Book of Enoch’s story, purports to narrate Enoch’s experiences in the Book of Moses. (Joseph Smith, as the reader remembers, wrote the Book of Moses.) Joseph Smith in fact believed that Freemasonry went back to Enoch. In Joseph Smith’s day it was popular for Masons to trace Freemasonry back to Enoch. It is not so much in vogue now.

Freemasons believed that the correct pronunciation of the sacred name of the Tetragrammaton had been revealed to Enoch. In Enochian magic the Tetragrammaton plays an important part. Each letter represents a different element.

“…Enoch may be considered as representative of that class of mankind which in the future will be in harmony with God and have eternal life—the ones who will be brought to perfection during the Millenial Age.”—Charles T. Russell, 1907.

Russell was careful not to exceed what he could appear to back with scripture, and he was not about to break his Masonic oath of secrecy and blab about Enoch and Enochian magic. However, Russell can still be recognized as having put an inordinate amount of emphasis on Enoch. For instance, Russell says what happened to Enoch “seems to be one of the secret things which Moses says belong unto God. Deut. 29:29” WT Apr. & May 1884. Russell pointed out on numerous occasions that Enoch was the 7th man from Adam, and that this means he was the perfect man. This view was still coming out in the Watchtower as late as 1941. The WT Society has been fascinated by Enoch’s transformation, but have been variable in their explanation of it. In 1943, the WT Society tells us that “Enoch was put into a trance” That ‘God gave him a final vision of the New World…” and that when Heb. 11:5 says God “transferred him” that it meant God granted Enoch a vision of the New World. This was a change from Russell’s belief (based on speculation or something else?) that God likely too Enoch to another planet. Also that year, the WT Society tells us that Enoch was the first man to prophesy of Christ.

This is just a glimpse of Russell and the WT Society’s fascination with Enoch. Now we will discover what Enochian Magic is about.

The Magical Watchtowers

Twice a month, a magazine called the Watchtower goes out in 105 languages in about 13 million copies per issue. (Actually minor foreign language editions lag behind the English editions, so that the 13 million copies are not issued simultaneously.)

Yet no one has explained why Charles T. Russell chose the Watch Tower as the name and central idea of his new religion, many return-to-the-Bible movements, for instance, Campbell’s Church of Christ churches, have eschewed being associated with any symbology. The idea of the Watch Tower must have been very important to Russell for him to have situated it as the central symbol for his movement. Was he thinking that a tower towered him above others? Or was it because ancient Watch Towers could view approaching armies and thereby warn of approaching battles? Or was it chosen because Masons have been associated with building castles and cathedrals?

Each of these explanations put forth, has some merit. But there is another explanation. One that seems bizarre, in fact so bizarre that this author dismissed it until such time as he was able to confirm C.T. Russell’s Masonic membership.

C.T. Russell’s membership records in the Masonic Knights Templar are kept in Ireland. The Blue Lodge records belong to the Grand Lodge of PA. Lady Queensborough in her book Occult Theocracy published in 1933 notes on page 737 C.T. Russell’s Masonic membership. His Masonic membership must have also been common knowledge to those associated with him, and those acquainted with the prominence Russell gave to the Knights Templar logo. While there were no Adventist magazines prior to Russell’s ‘Watchtower’ magazine that used the word Watchtower, it appears that the Masonic magazine Mizpah could have served as example to Russell. The Masonic Mizpah magazine, and a Masonic article in an early Masonic Review with the title “Watchman what of the night” do prove a similarity here between that Masonic thinking and Russell’s magazine.

Evidence shows C.T. Russell was not only a high freemason, but prominent in their schemes, in other words he was a key player. Watchtowers are very important to the very highest Freemasons. The highest secret knowledge of many Masonic rites including such rites as the Scottish Rite, the Rite of Memphis, the Rite of Mizraim, etc. is concentrated in a high level group of Illuminati. One group of the Illuminati is the O.T.O. The initials O.T.O. can stand for several names, one being Ordo Templi Orientis (The Order of Oriental Templars). Its esoteric name is Order of To Ov. Its members also have been referred to as the Great White Brotherhood or Atlantean Adepts, and have worked with the B’nai B’rith. There are four separate groups of OTO lodges, each contains hard core occultists.

The OTO Illuminati teach their select group of initiates Hermetic Science (occult knowledge), magick (called Holy Magick of Light), Mysticism, and Yoga of all forms. The OTO during C.T. Russell’s lifetime established in every important metropolitan area, including New York, a secret hidden centre (Collegium ad Spiritum Santum) where members could carry out their “great work” concealed without interference.

However, each Illuminatus is nothing if he is not able to practice the Magick that gives him a knowledge of the Watchtowers and the ability to enter the four Watchtowers.

Is this bizarre? Why doesn’t C.T. Russell mention any of this in his writings?
This author must without reservation remind the reader that C.T. Russell would never have mentioned anything of his higher esoteric Masonic knowledge to anyone. The penalties for revealing such higher secrets are harsh. This author knows of some cases where men who talked were killed. Obviously, without presenting any proof on that point, the reader is simply advised that the higher echelons in the esoteric group of Illuminism rarely lose their initiates, because they are so sold out/and trapped in their allegiance to the occult world.

C.T. Russell was in the public eye. Everything he published was with the public eye in mind. No one should expect to find any notes or slips about Masonic activities or beliefs in Russell’s writings. As with all occult organizations a veil of secrecy is maintained by requiring initiates to take secrecy oaths on penalty of death. As in Witchcraft, Masonry repeatedly demands secrecy oaths at every new level. Charles T. Russell began participating in this secrecy when he took the Entered Apprentice (first Masonic degree) oath on penalty of mayhem and violent death, “I…do hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, ever conceal and never reveal any of the arts, parts or points of the secret arts and mysteries of ancient Freemasonry which I received, am about to receive, or may hereafter be instructed in…”

C.T. Russell followed a policy of backing everything he said with Bible verses. If he could not establish a point by twisting Scripture in some fashion, or using some type of reasoning, then he would generally avoid publishing the point. What needs then to be looked for are occultic strains of thought that seeped into his bible explanation, because they had a possible Scriptural explanation. There are a number of statements by Russell that are clues and evidence of ties to the magic of Watchtowers.


Watchtowers are regions of the Magical Universe. The tope of Magic that uses these regions is called Enochian Magick.

According to occultists, Magic is merely the use of hidden laws to bring about the will. Every person has a spark of divinity—a inner God, also called an angel or Holy Guardian Angel. The Magician is to get in touch with his Angel—his divinity. This is where his knowledge of the Watchtowers is helpful. Enochian Magick claims for itself two unique elements: an original language and the map of the indivisible worlds. The Indivisible worlds are known as the Magical Universe. The map of this Magical Universe contains 4 Enochian regions called Watchtowers. These are the Watchtower of Fire, the Watchtower of Air, the Watchtower of Water, and the Watchtower of Earth. These 4 regions are often symbolized in ancient esoteric manuscripts. The following are the 7 planes and their regions on the map.

Occult planes Enochian Regions

Spiritual….. Table of Union
Casual……. Watchtower of Fire
Mental……. Watchtower of Air
Astral…….. Watchtower of Water
Etheric…… Watchtower of Earth

Should all the bodies of the planes (except for the physical) be collectively taken together, the Magician calls this the Body of Light. New Age, Masonic, and Rosicrucian Magicians will then speak in terms of leaving their bodies and entering into the Watchtowers (the Body of Light). To be an advanced magician, you must be able to enter the Watchtowers.

It is an established fact the Illuminists all learn this Magic and practice it.

An example of how esoteric knowledge then became associated with the royal house of Guise and Lorraine (which is part of the 13th Illuminati bloodline) is that the first edition of Corpus hermeticum (pub. In 1549) was dedicated to Charles de Guise, the Cardinal of Lorraine and brother of Marie de Guise, who married James V of Scotland and who bore Mary Queen of Scots.

Under the cover of being zealous Catholics, the house of Guise and Lorraine spread esoteric knowledge. Men like Sir William Sinclair (of the 13th Illuminati bloodline) imported the esoteric knowledge into Scotland. Another figure was the Scotsman, James Beaton, the Scottish ambassador to France, who was also the former Archbishop of Glasgow and who worked with the house of Guise and Lorraine.