Meningitis despite vaccination (Media)
Meningitis Vaccination  Media stories (vaccine damage)

[2016 Oct] Baby dies of meningitis just 24 hours after falling ill despite having jabs to protect her against the deadly disease Ava Jeremiah, from Swansea

[2016 Oct] Meningitis teenager shares photos to raise awareness   Miss Colechin had bacterial meningitis - which is rarer but more serious than viral meningitis.  She said she had been vaccinated, but the jab did not protect against the type of meningitis she had.

[2016] Mum's warning as toddler fights a deadly disease  Eli Fapani was fully vaccinated when he contracted the disease, but Ms Palmer said she hadnít been told what strand of meningococcal her son had.

[2015 Oct] Father of dead DWU student says son was vaccinated

[2011 Jan] Vaccinated N.J. teen's death from bacterial meningitis shocks family

[Oct 2007] Despite vaccine, meningitis takes teen's life


[Media Feb 2005] Bacterial meningitis case at Rowan

[Media Dec 2002] Deadly bacteria infection overwhelmed MCRD recruit

[Media Dec 2002] New military recruit died of meningitis shortly after being vaccinated for it.

[Media] Immunised boy has meningitis

[Media UK, Jan 2000, Meningitis] Girl, 17, fights off meningitis (Karynne Townsend)

[Media Uk, jan 2001] Meningitis kills vaccinated girl