Miley Cyrus lyrics
Cyrus, Miley

I don't know if this has been posted but Miley Cyrus has a song called "Robot" and the lyrics are quite telling.....

Its been like this from the start,
One piece after another to make my heart
You mistake the game for being smart,
Stand here, sell this and hit your mark.
But the sound of the steel and the crush and the grind
It all screams to remind who decides my life
But in time it all dies there's nothing left inside
Just rusted metal that was never even mine

I would scream
But I'm just this hollow shell
Waiting here, begging please,
Set me free so I can feel

Stop trying to live my life for me
I need to breathe
I'm not your robot
Stop telling me I'm part of the big machine
I'm breaking free
Can't you see,
I can love, I can speak
Without somebody else operating me
You gave me eyes so now I see
I'm not your robot, I'm just me

All this time I've been misled
There was nothing but cross-wires in my head,
I've been taught to think that what I feel doesn't matter at all
So you say it's real