Moon landing hoax (Video)
Moon hoax

McGowan, Dave  makes the Nasa apollogists look like idiots again


Dave McGowan blows the Apollo lies to shreds with simple logic

Brussell, Mae  Mae Brussell -Bill Kaysing's book "We Never Went To The Moon"- (9-19-77)
A discussion of Bill Kaysing's book
Brussell is a virtuoso of putting together disparate strands of suppressed history.
    At first you might find it hard to follow her because she seems to skip from topic to topic, but I assure you that the more you know about these subjects, the more these seemingly unrelated stories are in fact connected.
    Brussell is the source of so much hidden information we now know about the world. Her work was censored by the mass media and largely ignored by the so-called "alternative" media.
    As impressie as her research and analysis skills were, perhaps even more impressive was her ability to predict where US society was headed if the nation did not correct its course. Sadly, her predictions have proven all to accurate.
    It's hard to believe that her shows are over 35 years old. I think it's fair to say she's still far ahead of most material of this kind.