[vid 2011 Dec] The King of the Scumbags Speaks  What people are saying is that YOU and a relatively small handful of your colleagues are criminal scum. When your bank is not laundering drug money (you've been caught numerous times) or knowingly packaging fraudulently originated mortgages at AAA securities (a felony), you lie to your investors and to the market about the solidity of your balance sheet.  These are indictable, jail-worthy crimes. The country will be a better place when you - you personally - are in jail with a Madoff-like sentence.  The only reason you're not is that you are - for the time being at least - one of the kings of the shitpile that is destroying the world economy and beggaring literally hundreds of millions of people worldwide in the process. We'll know things are back on track when people like you issue your bullshit rants while wearing an orange jumpsuit.

[2001] Dirty-Money Flow in U.S. Banks Is Huge, a Senate Report Finds  Among U.S. banks that were found to have "weak due-diligence practices and inadequate money-laundering controls" or inadequate responses to troubling information are Citigroup's Citibank unit, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and First Union Corp. -- four of the six largest banks in the nation.  One J.P. Morgan Chase official who handled 140 correspondent accounts said she had received no training in antimoney-laundering measures or due-diligence analysis from Chase, the report said.

J. P. Morgan