Nitrous Oxide

Lesley Moorcroft I`ll tell you what the governments policy on drugs is . Since the birth of the NHS , they have been dishing out nitrous oxide gas , which is unsuitable for use on mammals . This gas switches off the body`s ability to utilise vitamin b12 , which is needed to form fresh red blood cells , to maintain RNA and DNA , to switch off cancer cells and to bind to a body damaging protein called homocysteine . It also causes neurological damage to the developing brains of babies , causing neural connections to get cross wired , effecting sexual development .

With a combination of nitrous oxide gas and vitamin b12 lowering pharma drugs such as proton pump inhibitors , anti biotics , metformin , mefenamic acid , vaccines , pain killers , anti depressants , antacids and a host of others , used over several generations ,they have caused genetic mutations . By keeping mothers vitamin b12 deficient , it has caused women to give birth to pre term , low weight babies , which puts children at risk of having an unnaturally early puberty , which can cause children as young as two to grow beards and breasts for the purpose of ritual sexual abuse in the " care " industry . It is highly illegal to neurologically re wire the brains of babies using nitrous oxide gas , effecting sexual development and then years later get social services to body snatch the children and perform sex change operations on them , which is what has been going on . The babies and children who have been body snatched by the Nazi inspired child protection regime , have undiagnosed and untreated vitamin b12 deficiency and pernicious anaemia . Their vitamin b12 deficiencies are being deliberately prolonged in " care " in order to cause further needless illness such as cancer , MS , dementia , depression , suicidal and self harming behavior and a lot more besides . These children are being ferried to one mystery doctor and dentist after another and are being prevented from talking to their parents , so that a pile of greedy , self serving frauds can use them as lab monkeys and for the purpose of ritual sexual abuse .