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African Nodding Disease is Actually Vaccine-Induced Absence Seizures

NOVEMBER 6, 2013


Why is Angelina Jolie hugging an African child tied to a post like an animal?

This child, and many others like him, has severe brain damage. He is tied to the post to prevent him from wandering off and getting eaten by lions, or falling into the well during a seizure. Wandering is what children with brain damage do (like children with autism). When the brain damage is severe enough, the victim has seizures too. The condition is named “African Nodding Disease” where the child stares blankly for a few minutes and the head falls forward briefly like someone nodding off to sleep.

Watch this video and you will have a good idea of what “Nodding Disease” is.


What are the symptoms of Nodding Disease?

Vicki Ayaa, 9, zones out and “nods off”. Does that look like sleep to you? By her own admission, she is not tired.

David Okott is physically stunted. He looks like he’s 9, but he is actually 15! He wanders, and has absolutely no awareness of other people and his surroundings. “David spends most of his days angry and confused. He has a mental disability and most of the villagers consider him dangerous.” He too is tied to a post. They are all too brain-damaged to figure out how to untie the rope.


This child bears deep scars from multiple falls. After he falls, he cannot talk, is confused and has no idea what happened.

Ollamunga is already 13 but looks 7, he is so stunted. He has lost all mental capacity, “cannot go to school, cannot do anything.” He just stares in a perpetual stupor.

Odontoni looks 6 but is actually 11. He drools excessively, has zero mental capacity, “cannot do much”. He is severely stunted and malnourished because eating food sparks bouts of seizures.

Dr. Scott Dowell, lead investigator for Nodding Disease at the CDC, says that this disease affects only children, 93% of whom are aged between 5 and 15. “It’s a brain disease. There is clearly something wrong with the brains of these kids. We’ve documented by MRI scans that the brain has some atrophy, and by EEG, that the brainwaves are abnormal. In fact, some of the kids with nodding have almost continuous seizure activity, although they appear fairly normal. We understand the pathophysiology of nodding, but we still don’t know what causes it.”

Bla bla bla.... Listen to the CDC feigning ignorance! Why don’t they call it what it is? African Nodding Disease, my ass. This exotic name was given to hide the true condition -Absence Seizures, also known as petit mal seizures. Absence seizures are named thus because the victim looks blank and appears to be ‘absent’ during the seizure.

This is how it manifests:

The hallmark of absence seizures is abrupt and sudden-onset impairment of consciousness, interruption of ongoing activities, a blank stare, possibly a brief upward rotation of the eyes. If the patient is speaking, speech is slowed or interrupted; if walking, he or she stands transfixed; if eating, the food will stop on its way to the mouth. Usually, the patient will be unresponsive when addressed.

Absence seizures with atonic [lack of muscle tone] components: Here, there may be a diminution in tone of muscles subserving posture as well as in the limbs leading to drooping of the head, occasionally slumping of the trunk, dropping of the arms, and relaxation of the grip. Rarely is muscle tone sufficiently diminished to cause this person to fall.

Mixed forms of absence seizures frequently occur. These seizures can happen a few times a day or in some cases hundreds of times a day, to the point that the person cannot concentrate in school or other situations requiring sustained, concentrated attention.

Seizures are a symptom of brain damage. The doctor himself said that the children’s brains have shrunk, their EEGs are abnormal and they have continuous seizures. This is not an African disease. Watch this American child having the same type of seizure:


The blank stare is when the child is experiencing an impairment in consciousness. Children who are zoned out all the time (like all the ones in the documentary except Ayaa), are experiencing non-stop seizures. They are perpetual zombies. That is why they cannot be left alone, as they no longer have any ability to cognise or even have any awareness of their surroundings. It is like fainting with their eyes open. Their brains had stopped functioning for that period of time, or for most of them, the entire time.

When the seizures are more severe, you see physical effects where the brain has lost control over physical functions. The boy who drools all over his body has hypotonia (low muscle tone). This is evidence of damage to the part of the brain that controls the mouth muscles and salivary glands. If he speaks, you wouldn’t be able to make out what he says because his speech would sound like a baby’s babbling (from lack of muscle tone). The boy who frequently collapses and is covered in scars is even more severe. When he has seizures, not only does he lose consciousness completely, the part of the brain that controls the major muscles have also stopped functioning, causing him to collapse and earn a body-ful of scars. If he should fall face-down in a puddle of water, he would drown.

That is why they must be tethered. As every parent of children with autism knows, unless you watch over them every second of the day, the child could wander off and get hurt or killed. In the developed world, children may run into traffic or fall into a drain or pool and drown. In Africa, children wander into the bush and get eaten by lions, or fall into the well or river and drown. In our privileged existence, we put locks on our doors and hope that the child never grows tall enough to reach them. In these African people’s mud huts, they don’t even have doors.

So, what caused this sudden epidemic of seizures in these African children? Here comes the punchline - the CDC thinks it’s African flies!

The CDC’s African doctor said that all the affected children in Africa have onchocerciasis nodules - a parasitic disease transmitted by flies. But then most people in Africa have this disease. It is everywhere where there are flies to spread them, but Nodding Disease only exists in small pockets in Northern Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania. Remember too that 93% of the victims are aged between 5-15.

So even if flies carrying the parasite live in those three disconnected regions (perhaps they are superflies capable of migrating through many countries at one go without having to stop to feed on anyone), why on earth would they selectively bite only children of those ages, not younger or older? Do flies count candles? I don’t know which is more laughable - this bullshit, or that the CDC expects us to believe it!

Onchocerciasis nodule - fly-borne parasites living under the skin
Flies pick up parasites from infected humans and transmit it to the next person they bite. They don’t choose only 5-15 year olds to bite. Seizures are a symptom of brain damage. Can flies deposit parasitic larvae inside the brain? Do they possess equipment to drill through the skull? Even if they did, the larvae would only damage one small part of the brain, like the nodule above. It cannot cause the entire brain to shrink. No, it is something more pervasive. What can get to the entire brain evenly? The brain is not easily accessed. The only thing that can reach every corner of the brain is cerebrospinal fluid. So the culprit is something that can cross the blood-brain barrier into the cerebrospinal fluid, and be distributed evenly to every part of the brain, damaging every part of the brain until the whole brain is atrophied.

What can cause the entire brain to shut down, often to never to switch back on again? What damages the brain until an 11-year-old drools more than a 1-year-old? What also damages their intestines so badly that they cannot absorb nutrients from their food, and are so severely stunted as to be the same size as children half their age? (We see stunting in autistic children in developed countries too. Their stool is mushy and unformed, and you can often see bits of food undigested and unabsorbed, hence they are malnourished, even though they have enough to eat.) Of course, when the body is stunted, the brain is too. But stunting does not cause seizures. What can damage both their brains and intestines? It is not an infectious disease as the liars at the CDC would tell you, because infectious diseases do not choose their victims. Spread by food, water, animals and humans, infectious diseases affects everyone. The most susceptible are the very young and the very old, but everyone is fair game. However, this disease specifically affects only those between the ages of 5 and 15.

Where else can we acquire diseases if not from another human or animal? Diseases can be voluntarily (or involuntarily) injected into our bodies via VACCINES.

Vaccines given specifically to 5-15 year-olds. Vaccines are already toxic (ALL vaccines contain toxic additives), but they are more damaging to African children because they are malnourished and their bodies are not strong enough to fight off the viruses in the needle or they may lack essential nutrients that help the body to excrete the toxins. Keep in mind that the viruses chosen to go into vaccines are not your garden-variety viruses but always the most virulent strains of each disease known to man. To inject these into undernourished children is sheer murder.

The vaccines given to African children are also MORE toxic than the ones we have because they are expired lots, are not refrigerated in remote places with no electricity, are batches that have been recalled in the West because they have been found to kill or maim more children than the usual rate, or are vaccines that nobody wanted to buy, like the highly toxic H1N1 vaccine. (Most of the children in Uganda, like the one above, were given the H1N1 vaccine. Might pigs fly from South America to Africa??) To destroy these expired or unsold vaccines would mean billions in losses for pharmaceutical companies. So what do they do? They get their shareholders, who are also the main decision-makers in the WHO, to buy the vaccines off from them. Then they dump these vaccines in poor third-world countries like Africa and India under the guise of charity, where people are illiterate and deaths and vaccine injuries are never reported in the media because there is no media in their cow-dung sheds!! Children who do not die immediately will suffer for a few months or years before they eventually die from brain damage. Who gave them these vaccines? Unicef. And who promotes Unicef? Angelina Jolie. (Among others.)

In the documentary above, almost every family in the village has at least one child suffering from epilepsy. The average household size in Uganda is 4.7, which means that each family has an average of 2.7 children. If almost every family has one child suffering from seizures, that means 40%-75% of all the children there have been permanently brain damaged. That’s not even counting those who died immediately. Is there really any name for this other than GENOCIDE??? Hitler and Saddam Hussein would’ve been proud!!

Don’t expect to see this sort of news in the mainstream media. There may be a lot of talk in villages over mud walls, but how much of that reaches the press (who never want to report negative stories for fear of litigation)? Even fewer reports are translated to English, and you can forget about seeing this sort of advertiser-damaging news on major TV stations and newspapers anywhere in the world.

But here are a few good links for further reading:

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The MenAfriVac (Meningitis African Vaccine) was improperly stored (not refrigerated). 500 children in Chad were vaccinated by force. Within hours, 106 began to suffer from headaches, vomiting, severe uncontrollable convulsions and paralysis. “The report states that the children had no infectious cause for their illness and the hypothesis of an immuno-allergic reaction was deemed to be more probable.” 40 of the children remain paralysed and continue to suffer from seizures. Courtesy of the WHO and Bill Gates.

 Polio programme: Let Us Declare Victory and Move On 

Wild polio had been eradicated in India but vaccine-strain polio caused paralysis in 47,500 children. “35% were found to have residual paralysis and 9% had died, making total paralysis and death 44%. Data from the following year showed that children who were identified with [vaccine polio paralysis] were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection.” 44% of children culled. Thank you, Bill Gates! May you be a cripple in India in your next life. Polio was already eradicated, but now they are infected with a more virulent strain, and the existence of this man-made epidemic is used as justification to keep vaccinating the children. Profitable! How else would pharma keep themselves in business? Polio is spread through faeces. How about building them toilets and clean water systems? Nah... bad for business! Which brings us to...

 Paralysis Haunts ‘Polio-Free’ India

“In April 2004, a memorandum was submitted to the WHO, UNICEF and the Government of India by Prof. Debabar Bannerjee and other eminent doctors pointing out that the WHO inflated 32,419 cases of polio to 350,000 to justify the [vaccination] program. Today, throwing all caution to the wind, children are being given an unprecedented 50 doses of the vaccine [greedy much???] and even those who should be medically exempt are being vaccinated. Hidden in the packet inserts of the oral polio vaccine is an ominous statement saying that the vaccine has not been tested for causing cancer or infertility. The presence of untested monkey viruses, and phenol and polysorbate 80, both of which are endocrine disruptors, in the vaccine raises concerns. It is also known that the vaccine virus strains can lie latent in the body and cause polio decades after administration.” Illiterate peasants make cheap guinea pigs.

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How to sell expired vaccines in India. Dang, they didn’t even give it away for free! It’s so easy too - just stick a new expiry date on top of the old one!

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 Sri Lanka Halts Vaccination Drive After Girl’s Death from Expired Vaccine 

A vaccination drive in school didn’t turn out so great. If even people in developed countries don’t know the dangers of vaccines, what more people in Third World countries? The nurses didn’t even know what they were injecting. (Neither does yours, I bet?)

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Vaccines are already contaminated BEFORE they left the factory. Often.