Peter Lanza
Sandy Hook

The father of the shooter is Peter Lanza, Tax Director and Vice President  at GE Energy Financial Services , is  rumored to be scheduled to testify on the international LIBOR scandal-a worldwide banking corruption scheme that has cost over $4 BILLION to consumers.  Guess who else is rumored to be scheduled to testify on the LIBOR scandal?  Father of the BATMAN theater shooter, Robert M. Holmes, a senior lead scientist at the San Diego office of Minneapolis-based FICO .  He is a mathematician who has developed predictive models for financial services, and credit and fraud risk models.  He is one of several scientists who patented a predictive model system used to detect telecommunications fraud.  FRAUD.  And expert at fraud taking place over telecommunications equipment & lines.  And he works for FICO- which determines a personís CREDIT SCORE.  LIBOR is very similar in that it determines the HEALTH of the bank and its ability to borrow cheaply.   Amazing coincidence?  We will see.  The LIBOR scandal is a massive, worldwide network of banks, the Federal Reserve and highly position individuals such as Tim Geihtner and Ben Bernanke that are being accused of manipulating LIBOR rates to gain better market positions.   Just some of the Banks involved are:  the Canadian branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Bank, and Citibank, as well as ICAP (Intercapital), an interdealer broker.[37   It also mentions Bank of America & Barclays.   It is ugly to its roots and VERY powerful people are involved.

[2012 Dec Media] Pictured: Adam Lanza's father and new wife as it's revealed couple fled their home and haven't been back since massacre

'Father: Peter Lanza, a wealthy executive for General Electric, who is believed to earn $1million a year, moved out of the family home in 2006'

Peter Lanza, 2nd from left