"Tripled, seems to be humankind's most common ideogram for water in general and for streaming or flowing water in particular. In the earliest Chinese ideography represented river or stream. In modern electrical engineering it signifies three-phased alternating current, the most common type of current in industrialized countries. This sign in more specialized contexts can also mean alternating current of a frequency that is above the audible level."

logo of the official Denmark tableware maker, Royal Copenhagen:

Enki and Enlil

This is a sign for the letter or sound yod in the Hebrew alphabet. This letter is the first one in the Hebrew name for God, Jahweh. This sign is used in the Rider-Waite deck of Tarot cards. It is a symbol for spirit descending into matter.
The sign is sometimes used in Christian symbolism, and recently has been used in some US comic strips to indicate holy fire, Holy Spirit, drops of holy fire. In some comics also drops of light. http://www.symbols.com/encyclopedia/32/3216.html