Patrick Quillin, Ph.D.
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"There is an abundance of scientific evidence showing that a clinically guided nutrition programme for the cancer patient…can improve quality of life by 12 to 21 fold…and a greater likelihood of complete remission."---Patrick Quillin, Ph.D.

"74% of Americans are below daily RDA requirements for magnesium, 55% for iron, 68% calcium, 40% vitamin C, 33% B12, 80% B6, 33% B3, 35% B2, 45% B1, 50% vitamin A.
     From 25-50% of hospital patients suffer from protein calorie malnutrition. Pure malnutrition (cachexia) is responsible for at least 22% and up to 67% of all cancer deaths. Up to 80% of all cancer patients have reduced levels of serum albumin, which is a leading indicator of protein and calorie malnutrition. At least 20% of Americans are clinically malnourished, with 70% being sub-clinically malnourished, and the remaining "chosen few" 10% in good optimal health."—Patrick Quillin, Ph.D.

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Beating Cancer With Nutrition, The proper mix of nutrition therapy and conventional treatments gives cancer patients a fighting chance by Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., R.D.

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