[Most of this will be disinfo (they love to make out Jesus and Magdalene don't exist or are one of them or their creations) but worth a read if only to know these aliens exist.  A new born piglet smells the same as a new born baby btw.]

Reptilian Hybrids of the Illuminati

We are the Illuminati Bloodlines (also known as the Secret Government, the New World Order, the NWO, Blue Bloods, the Royal Families of Earth, etc.). We are a large secret society network that controls planet Earth and have existed for about 6,000 years.

Our logo/symbol is on the United States dollar bill ($1), it is a pyramid with an eye that has Reptilian-like wrinkled skin around it. We were genetically created in Sumer or Sumeria; which then became Babylon, by the Lemurian surviving Draconian Reptilians who live secluded in the inner Earth; which is hollow, by mixing their own Reptilian genetics with the Lyraen/human Caucasian genetics of those who colonized Sumeria from the planet Mars.

We are hybrids of human and Reptilian genetics, and those of us who have the direct 50/50 split between both genetics; have the ability to shapeshift between either our human or Reptilian form. This is because Reptilian and Mammalian genetics are not compatible with each other, so when you mix them together the being takes on the physical characteristics of whichever genetics are predominant in it's physical body. There are also other factors like the Mind-pattern/Soul-personality.

This hybridization project took several generations for the Draco to perfect, they consulted the help of the Sirians who are located in the star system of Sirius A. We quickly learned that in order to hold our human form we needed to consume human blood, organs, and/or tissue; preferably that of blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian people, since those genetics are the original Lyraen/human genetics which go way back to the star system of Lyrae; the original home to all human life in the galaxy. We became known as Blue Bloods because we have a copper-based blood. When copper-based blood oxidizes, it has a blue-ish/green color, thats where the term Blue Blood comes from and is still used to describe us royalty and the elite of society.

We became the legends of vampires on planet Earth, including the Romanian ruler; Vlad III Dracul (Vlad The Impaler) himself, who was apart of our Reptilian/human hybrid bloodlines. The legends of vampires say that a vampire can shapeshift into a bat, this is a misinterpretation of how some of us hybrids and fullblood Draco have wings. The Sirians eventually helped us yet again by creating a hybrid animal that contained human genetics, which we could eat; holding us off temporarily until we could get around to sacrificing a human in Satanic ritual ceremony. The Sirians chose the wild boar and mixed it's genetics with human genetics to create the domesticated pig, which is why pigs are used in the medical field because it is the most compatible with humans, since the pig is a human/wild boar hybrid. The Ancient Hebrews would not eat pork for this reason; they knew it was a human/wild boar hybrid and is considered a form of cannibalism to eat. This secret is long kept hidden from you slaves, because you idiots don't question anything. You believe what you are told and whatever fake version of history we present to you.

We were originally created to serve the Reptilians and rule over the Earth's surface slave population for them in secrecy as your kings and queens of royalty. However, we now have our own agenda to conquer and spread our tyranny across the galaxy, using Earth as the home-base of a tyrannical galactic empire. We call our agenda the "New World Order", you may have heard of it. You can purchase our shirts in our Satanic Macy's store. We are ready for you to know about us because we are tired of hiding, we want all of you slaves on the same page and there is nothing you can do about it. We kicked off the New World Order by staging terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 when we demolished the twin towers in New York by controlled demolition and sacrificed thousands of you slaves to harness the energy to use for our goals.

We shot a missile into the Pentagon building, which is literally lighting that Satanic Pentagram on fire, and we also shot down Flight-93 in Pennsylvania. Donald Rumsfeld even slipped his tongue and said we did this in a few speeches, that moron. It doesn't matter though because you slaves will believe whatever official information we present to you. We also did 9/11 to start a war with a fake non-existent enemy of terrorists and World War III that you slaves would support. As soon as the fear of terrorists dies out amongst you slaves, we will stage another attack, but this time it will be much bigger;

a Staged Alien Invasion. This time you worthless slaves will really be in fear from this non-existent alien threat and we will trick you all into coming together under a global government, global military police force, global currency credit system, a microchipped population, and martial law by putting the planet on complete lockdown to protect and defend yourselves from this outside alien threat. We will create chaos to restore order and make you think this is the End-Times.

After this we will top it all off with a staged second coming of the Christ figure by using a clone of Emmanuel, the person you know of as Jesus, and he will proclaim the New World Order as his New Holy Empire and we will merge all of our mind-control and programming religions into a global "New World Religion". We got the blood to create the clone of Emmanuel during the Montauk Project, which ran from 1970 to 1983. During Montauk we programmed someone and sent him 2,000 years back in time to get a vile of Emmanuel's blood and bring it back.

Emmanuel was actually not the son of God but an alien creation; a manufactured being. His mother was abducted by a group of Lyraen humans and Sirians from Sirius A, where she was implanted with a programmed fetus designed for a specific function. Emmanuel was taken from his mother at the age of 9 and trained for 20 years at the Giza Pyramid in Ancient Atlantean and Egyptian principles and Magick. We staged the crucifixion and sent him to India where we placed him under Reptilian control. He died of natural causes at about 117 years of age. Emmanuel's real grave is actually in India in the province of Kashmir, he did not rise from the dead and float into the clouds.

He also had children with Mary Magdalene and we assimilated and merged our Reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline with Emmanuel's and the Magdalene lineage a few generations down the road. Religion is one of the tools we used to mind-control and program all of you slaves, the truth is not even close to religion. We turned the story of Emmanuel/Jesus into a Satanic zombie story and order you slaves to worship him. In fact, we did this many times throughout history since Babylon. Each religion is just another version of the previous one, all we did was changed the names of the deities and turned the Satanic rituals into holidays. For example, Christmas is actually a ritual from Babylon known as the Winter Solstice.

The three-horned Reptilian astral god/deity/entity that we worship. This entity exists in the lower levels of the Astral Plane and we sacrifice many of you slaves to this Astral Reptilian. We would also like to meet more of those Sirians from Sirius A, the most technologically advanced civilization in the galaxy; so we can trade technology and barter with them. It would also be a pleasure to meet the mysterious Clear/Transparent People who originally created the Reptilian race and placed them in the Draco star system.

Satanic sacrifice, Sex Magick ritual, Satanic Ritual, Murder, Breeding an overpopulated slave race of people who are just smart enough to do their jobs, Controlling and owning planets of slaves, and last but not least...Mind-Control & Programming. 100% of our slave population on Earth is programmed to one degree or another. Mind-Control and Programming has been going on since day one on this planet, and we accomplished programming all of you slaves by using the education system, religion, television, music, movies, satellite transmission, medications, and toxins and poisonous ingredients in your food and water supply (like fluoride for example, which soaks in the pineal gland of the brain and shuts off your natural psychic abilities and higher awareness; making you obey and submit to authority as well).

We enjoy the Satanic soothing sounds of chanting done in our rituals, as well as the screams of horror we hear as we sacrifice blonde-haired, blue-eyed or red-haired and green-eyed people via Satanic ritualistic human sacrifice. The music released into the public from the corporate record companies is all used for mind-control and programming. Thank you Jay-Z and Rock-A-Fella (Rockefeller) Records, you serve the New World Order well. Even though you have no talent, we have rewarded you as the most successful rap artist of all time.

We use movies to condition the slave population to accept various things, such as technology, Reptilians, mind-control, and the existence of alien life. We also use movies for imprinting and programming the slave population. Montauk Unveiled, Zeitgeist, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, Loose Change, They Live, Flash Gordon, Enemy Mine, Stargate, Rosemary's Baby, Eyes Wide Shut, The Last Starfighter, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Final Countdown, Total Recall, Videodrome, Battle Beyond The Stars, Lifeforce, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Independence Day, Star Wars, Conan: The Barbarian, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, The Lair of the White Worm, Fire In The Sky, From Beyond

We use television to condition the slave population to accept things like technology, Reptilians, mind-control, and the existence of alien life. Television is used for imprinting and programming the slave population as well. News media is used for mind-control and programming. We would have never been able to hide as many lies from you slaves as we did without full control of News media.

V: The Original Mini-series, V: The Final Battle, V: The Complete Series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dyno-Squad, Time Tunnel, The Martian Chronicles, Stargate Atlantis, The X-Files