Rwanda 1994: Colonialism dies hard

a book by Robin Philpot

Table of Contents


Book 1

1 Invasion? What invasion?

2 In the name of peace and democracy

3 The power of a word

4 Scouts at her Majesty’s service

5 A coup by any other name…

6 It shall be called a plane crash

7 How is the empire?

Book 2

8 Into the heart of dark imaginations

9 Power to those who have it! - Philip Gourevitch

10 The importance of being Canadian - Carol Off

11 The bottom of the cesspool - Gil Courtemanche

12 An avatar of colonial Europe - Colette Braeckman

Book 3

13 An unattackable adjudicated fact

14 A wandering Rwandan, banished from his homeland

15 “Watch out for Africa!” Closing in on the Congo