Figure 16. The Shen-rope
A loop of rope that has no beginning and no end, it symbolized eternity. The sun disk is often depicted in the center of it. The shen also seems to be a symbol of protection. It is often seen being clutched by deities in bird form, Horus the falcon, Mut the vulture. Hovering over Pharaohs head with their wings outstretched in a gesture of protection. The word shen comes from the word "shenu" which means "encircle," and in its elongated form became the cartouche which surrounded the king's name.

The shen ring is a hieroglyphic representation of a coiled rope; a  circle with a line at a tangent to it. The word shen in ancient Egyptian means to encircleHorus and the Mut have the shenu in their talons, wings outstretched, over the scene portrayed.


Reine de la nuit/lady of the waters here with shenropes




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