Organ Harvesting


According to this information, organs to be donated need to be LIVING organs, which means that they have to be harvested from a LIVING donor (who has been declared brain dead for the purpose), who is then injected with a paralysing drug (but no anesthetic) for the organ harvesting procedure while for all intents and purposes still alive, although the patient may be in a coma, or in a drug-induced coma.

Make sure to get informed about this important issue. If you have agreed to be an organ donor and want to reconsider your decision, you not only need to revoke that decision say on your driverís license, but need to provide a legal document to say that you do not want to donate your organs.

Have a look at the information share it with others. Particularly, make sure all members of your family are informed in case your elderly parent ends up in hospital and is targeted as a potential organ donor by members of the hospital staff, as it is important for ALL siblings to refuse to agree on a diagnosis of brain death.



For furter information about this important topic visit the Truth About Organ Donation website HERE


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