Stephen Hawking

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[vid] The Stephen Hawking's Conspiracy PART 1  Published on 16 Jan 2013 BBC and CBC have shelved over 100's of controversial interviews with whistle blowers in every filed of science and physics over a 3 decade period to protect the Royal society of Physics and Darwinsim, Nasa , under the auspices of national security. TheNASAchannel has gotten a hold of many boot leg copies of some of these candid mind blowing interviews from the documentary series called Inside weekly. Here in this interview is a disturbing 1 on 1 interview with the ex freelance works of the creator of the NASA channel sold to Inside Weekly and shelved . The interview 's subject matter is an explosive exposť by none other than one of a team of voice managaement keyboardists and text supervisors for the foremost expert in the field of theoretical physics Stephen Hawking. In this interview the truth about who stephen Hawking is and a behind the scenes account of what is truly pulling his strings as spokesperson for NASA, modern physics, outer-space exploration , the Royal Society of England, The Fabian Society , and the shape of reality itself concerning the final proof of the earth as a ball from the images taken by the american led Apollo missions to the moon . The very integrity of mathematics and physics collapses to the notion that all of Stephen Hawking is staged and contrived by Men In Black covering up the true nature of Stephen Hawking the young scholar at Oxford who stumbled over the possibility that the universe as we were told was a lie. Warning this interview is not for the faint of mind and heart .

The Stephen Hawking's Conspiracy PART 2

[pdf 2015 April] Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced by Miles Mathis  

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