Subliminal mind control (videos)
Subliminal mind control

[vid] Hypnotism Facts : How to Hypnotize People Secretly  Secret hypnosis is done on a constant basis through advertising, as advertising is designed specifically to bypass the conscious and analytical mind and speak directly to emotions and the subconscious. Understand how hypnosis is performed with information from a certified hypnotist trainer in this free video on hypnotism.

[vid] Avatar - Subliminal sex message scene

[vid] The Gears Of Evil - The Great Subliminal Message Deception

[vid] The Elites means of Subliminal Messages

[vid] Subliminal Manipulation of Your Mind

[vid] Subliminal persuasion through media, music and HAARP (Programming The Nation trailer)

[vid] Subliminal Sex Messages and Pornography in Advertising and Cartoons

[vid] Sarah Palin Subliminal Hand Gestures on Fox News

[vid] Senator Reid Caught Using Subliminal Messages Harry Reid, Martin O'Malley, Meg Whitman, Chuck Schumer all caught using sex & death subliminal messages in 2010 Election Campaigns.

 [vid] The Great Subliminal Message Deception - The Collection Of Messages by Nathan Bell

[vid] Clash Of the Titans Subliminal Messages

[vid] Twilight Saga New Moon Subliminal Message

[vid] Call Of Duty Black Ops Subliminal Messages

[vid] Garfield Subliminal Message - Garfield In Paradise

[vid] Subliminal Messages In Toy Story 3

[vid] The Century of the self - 1of4 (English subtitles)

[vid] Interpreting media's mind control (NLP) PART 1of 3
[vid] Interpreting media's mind control (NLP) PART 2 of 3
[vid] Interpreting media's mind control (NLP) PART 3 of 3