John Wantling


Aug 2017


Recently here in the UK, a farmer named Ernie Durose had his cows test “positive” to the fraudulent TB test, leading to the slaughter of his herd. Officials blame the TB on infection by a badger. However, I believe that bovine TB is not coming into the body from outside, but rather that it is coming out, and that it is a natural immune response. The mistake that we make is to translate this immune response into a disease, which is not the case at all.


Without even seeing his cows, I would guess that Farmer Durose’s cows were healthy animals, not sick animals. I believe that when we inject a cow with foreign matter (as in the TB skin test), the immune system will detect this foreign matter and will then try to repair it (eating it up or walling it off), which it does by generating bacteria from within, in the sense of an internal metamorphosis. This is the beginnings of TB. This means that it is coming from within, not coming from outside of the body.


They say that the mode of transmission from badger to cow remains unknown, but I claim that it is not only unknown, it does not even exist outside of the body. Cow-to-cow transmission is assumed, meaning it is theoretical, but this does not and cannot happen in the sense of disease-causing bacteria coming from the environment. This is because environmental bacteria are not the same as TB generated from within. If this is so, then to slaughter cattle, based on a test that generates TB through the foreign matter contained in the test itself, is sheer madness. The academics and vets have got this TB process the wrong way around. This is why their thinking and their science is stagnant, and so they have absolutely nowhere to go.


There’s no need to mass-slaughter healthy animals since TB was never infectious. It’s a monumental blunder, but as we all know, the academics cannot turn around and rectify their mistakes. Clearly, the conflicts of interest involved in this issue are a far bigger problem than bovine TB. The main issue is that the science should come before the politics, but in this issue, the politics are driving the science, and that is a recipe for a total disaster. The end product: a pointless war on the natural world.

John Wantling

Rochdale, UK