This Popular Breast Cancer Drug is a Known Carcinogen (video)

By Dr. Ben Johnson



Video Transcript: This Popular Breast Cancer Drug is a Known Carcinogen

Ty Bollinger: We’ve talked about breast cancer and mammograms. Tamoxifen, that’s a known carcinogen.


Dr. Ben Johnson: Absolutely, it is a known carcinogen. Women should not be taking it. And there are great ways to naturally—What is Tamoxifen? So, on a cancer cell, especially a breast cancer cell, it has receptor sites. Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of receptor sites. And some of these receptor sites are for estrogen. Tamoxifen is a drug that hooks to the estrogen receptor site and occupies it.


Now, you want that site occupied. There are three natural female estrogens: estrone, estriol, and estradiol. Estradiol being the more potent naturally cancer causing one. So you want to occupy that receptor site to keep estradiol from docking there. But you could be giving that patient − and I do give my breast cancer patients estriol − a normal hormone that their body makes and is used to.


I just give it in abundance to block those receptor sites. You can block those receptor sites with soy. You can block those receptor sites with many non-stimulating things. You want those estrogen receptor sites blocked, but not with Tamoxifen.


Ty Bollinger: Well, I know you’re not a conspiracy theorist. But nothing better to create repeat business than to perpetuate the disease that you’re supposedly trying to treat.


Dr. Ben Johnson: Mammograms… Tamoxifen… you’ve got a built-in clientele. You’re gonna get that patient back. They’re going to get, you know, if they don’t have breast cancer, you take enough mammograms and they will have breast cancer. You give them Tamoxifen, you know you’re going to get that patient back. Good repeat business. It’s a good business model.


Ty Bollinger: It’s a good business model if you don’t have very many morals…


Dr. Ben Johnson: Yes.


Ty Bollinger: …or a conscience.


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