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The three puberties 

Throughout your generations every male among you shall be circumcised when he is eight days old -- Genesis 17:12

    A little known fact is there are three puberties, and these stages are times when hormones play a part in future development. An all encompassing definition of puberty would be more usefully given as, "A developmental phase brought about by the action of hormones as part of the maturing process". The puberty we are familiar with is actually the third and final puberty occurring in late childhood/early teens. It is commonly recognised that hormones play a role in the process.
    The puberties are pivotal times, deciding the direction for future growth, and once set up they lock in the tendencies for future growth, and so in that sense they are pivotal. Anything happening to upset this process has a profound and far reaching effect, particularly in regard to temperament and learning abilities. 
    The puberties are -
            1st puberty occurring at 8 days of age. Is a very special period of change happening only once in the child life. The 1st circumcision is on the 8th day after birth and lasts for 21 days. The 8th day is precisely at the very time that the whole Endocrinal system is going through a very special phase of reshuffle.
            2nd puberty is 7 to 9 years. Sexual differentiation & awareness is not complete before the 7th year.
            3rd puberty occurs during age 10-17 years. How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

"I was never to see those beautiful, mystic, Leboyer newborn-baby smiles again."---- Rosemary Romberg, after the circumcision of her third son, eight days old (Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma, page xx)