The Tylenol murders

[There was no madman stalking Chicago area food and drug stores in the fall of 1982. The Tylenol killer did not sabotage the bottles of Extra Strength Tylenol capsules after they had been delivered to Chicago-area stores. The killer had filled hundreds or probably thousands of capsules with cyanide before the capsules were packaged and shipped to local retailers. The Tylenol capsules responsible for the deaths of at least seven Chicago-area residents in 1982 were poisoned during distribution while under the control of Johnson & Johnson or one of its distributors.  Johnson & Johnson’s “handling” of the Tylenol crisis was a well managed campaign of deception that diverted suspicion for the Tylenol murders away from Johnson & Johnson and its distribution network. Almost nothing you’ve ever heard about the Tylenol murders is supported by the evidence. 1]

AMERICAN FRAUD and The Tylenol Murders


THE TYLENOL MAFIA: Marketing, Murder, and Johnson & Johnson By Scott Bartz