Jones, Alex

Who Is 'Alex Jones'?

by Dan

(April 21, 2011) I know about dissident manufacture. I lived in Austin during the rise of Alex Jones from his AM radio slot on KJFK, a CIA front owned by the late Lady Byrd Johnson, the First Lady of President Lyndon Johnson).

People don't know what I know about Austin Texas. On the surface it was the U of Texas party town always full of dissidents, beatniks, hippies and conspiracy theorists.

In reality, Austin is a regional Illuminati capital over the Southwest United States, regional headquarters of the Americas Ordos Templi Orientis. / It is also a flesh pit of NSA General Michael Aquino's Temple of Set, and the ToS front BDSM sex magick Order of the Triskellion. .

For those who dabble in the occult but don't know, the Temple of Set is mind control and domestic espionage arm of military intelligence.

"Alex Jones" popped into Austin consciousness around 1994 with a crude little live call in show on Austin Public Access TV

From there the show moved to KJFK radio Austin in 1996. There was a staged 'war' between Jones and station management with Jones doing his usual bellicose routine of howling that management was trying to suppress him. The whole thing was really to lure a bigger audience share, and it worked.

Jones was one of the first talk shows to broadcast on the Internet, and by 1996 when that was very expensive he already had his own building and full time professional media staff.

Not bad for a guy who supposedly grew up in Dallas, played a little football, dropped out of college and moved to party town and supported his free public access show parking cars.

Jones caught on big time in Austin in 1999. I was working at an IT company on the night shift - everybody was obsessed with Alex Jones rants and warnings of impending Martial Law. That was the summer the Matrix, and Fight Club, and Eyes Wide shut all came out in succession. Media was kneading our minds like dough to prepare us all for 9-11.

Personally, in retrospect, I believe that Jones is under cover military counterintelligence. As famous as he is, try to find anything substantial about his real life before Austin in 1994. I believe his identity, records, papers and all, were created for him by military intelligence. For all we know he could have grown up in the Soviet Union.

I believe he's 5 or more years older than he claimed since his arrival in Austin. He always seemed older, and he wears a toupee.

I believe he was assigned in the wake of the Waco Texas Mt. Carmel Massacre April 1993. He was building the position to be the leading "dissident" established and ready to go for 9-11. He was to serve as a magnet for youth who question what's happened and is happening before our eyes.

I believe his persona was hijacked from that of the late Bill Cooper, the 1980's, 1990's 'patriot radio' show host who actually predicted in June 2001 that there would be a false flag attack on American soil along the lines of the Oklahoma City Bombing, and it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden.

A warrant was issued for Cooper's arrest for income tax evasion - on September 11, 2001, but no action was taken till a raid on Cooper's property in Nov. 2001. Cooper was shot dead, allegedly in a gun fight with Sheriff's deputies.

Bill Cooper on 911

Alex Jones exposed by Bill Cooper Sept 26. 2001