The Beginning of the End (The Needle Stick)
excerpt from Deadly Deception


In mid-July of 1993, I was invited to stay at a friend's home in Costa Teguise on the enchanting island of Lanzarote in the Canaries. Located just sixty miles off the coast of Morocco, Lanzarote is caressed continuously by gentle refreshing winds that cool the ever present tropical sun. It seemed almost destined that this volcanic paradise would provide, not only the perfect motivational setting for completing several books I had been writing, but the blending of wonderful, sincere and talented people, who together, would initiate the beginning of the end of the AIDS scam. Through an unusual circumstance, I met a brilliant woman, whose ethics, organizational talents and analytical abilities, led to a chain of events that shook all of Spain. Marisa Caceres read the nearly completed manuscript of this book and arranged for me to meet Andres Pallares, the editor of LANCELOT, the weekly newsmagazine of Lanzarote. Andres was reluctant to talk with a doctor who said that AIDS didn't exist. But, when Marisa challenged him with, "Are you at least willing to be convinced?" he agreed. We had lunch at Playa de Famara, a magnificent beach nestled below soaring majestic cliffs. In two hours, I convinced Andres and found a special friend and an advocate of humanity.

On September 25, 1993, the first of four articles appeared in LANCELOT. Marisa suggested a conference for the public, which she agreed to make possible by doing a simultaneous translation (at which she is truly excellent). She also spoke to an HIV-positive hemophiliac, Pedro Tocino, whom she had seen on a Spanish television program. Pedro, who had been fighting the government health establishment, because of their laxity in allowing contaminated blood to be used in transfusions, and who had been on AZT for two years, decided to come to Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote for the lecture.

Pedro arrived on Sunday, October 10, with a manuscript of a book he had written, government papers and his medical records. The dedicated, unassuming gentle man, seemed to study me with his eyes incredulously. He found it difficult to believe after years of fighting a hard and lonely battle, there was a doctor on his side. Except for the fact that he had the mild form of hemophilia, a meaningless positive test for HIV and had been slowly poisoned by AZT, there was nothing wrong with him. On the morning of October 13, 1993, while pondering how I could effectively create a doubt in the minds of an audience that had been brainwashed by lies for ten years, I recalled a remark made by Peter Duesberg, the world renowned microbiologist. At a lecture he gave in 1989, he mentioned that he would take an injection of the HIV virus, if he could trust that it didn't contain some other ingredient. I conferred with Pedro and obtained his consent to help me with a dramatic act of truth. That evening, at the end of the lecture, in front of cameras, I stuck a hypodermic needle into Pedro's finger, coated it thoroughly with his blood and then stuck it deeply into mine.

The pictures and the story appeared in every major newspaper in Spain. It prompted condemnation by government officials and threats of legal action. I knew that the government could not risk exposure in a court of law, but I did have concern for my life from two other sources: the pharmaceutical industry and the "Drug Lords". If the fraudulent studies of the Burroughs-Wellcome Company came to light, the company could be bankrupted by lawsuits and its officials could be subjected to criminal charges. If addicts and potential drug users knew that it was drugs that caused AIDS, it could cost the illegal drug trade billions of dollars also.

Several television stations called with requests for me to appear. Marisa wisely counseled me to refuse the government-run stations, as they were controlled and would not be unbiased. We accepted the request from the independently-run Antena-3 to appear on the most popular morning television show in Spain, which is hosted by Pepe Navarro. Marisa agreed to go with me to Madrid in order to translate so that nothing I said would be misquoted. My appearance was negotiated by Marisa. We asked only for expenses, that the segments be live and that I could review the questions before the show. They asked that I be willing to stick my finger again with Pedro's blood on camera.

We met with Pepe Navarro on October 21, the evening before the show. He was at first skeptical, but after asking extremely intelligent questions for over two hours, his interest and attitude changed to one of great concern over the facts I presented. We called Peter Duesberg at the University of California so Pepe could speak to him directly. Pepe asked him if he could send a fax giving his support to my position on the AIDS scam. The following morning, I was told that the station no longer required me to repeat the "finger stick" on camera. Peter Duesberg's fax and the copy of the Sunday Times of October 3, 1993, which I had brought with me was displayed on television. The front page headline "African AIDS plague a 'myth'", and the two-page headline on pages 10 and 11, "The Plague That Never Was", was viewed by millions throughout Spain. The viewers' telephone calls were 4 to 1 in favor of my position on the AIDS scam.

While in Madrid, I was interviewed by Pronto, the most popular weekly magazine, with 4,000,000 readers in Spain. The three-page article entitled, "Robert Willner: The Virus HIV Does Not Cause AIDS" was very favorable and honest. It contained color pictures of the now famous "fingerstick" and the Sunday Times headline. Offers of publication of this book have been made by companies in several countries. Conferences which will include Peter Duesberg and others are being negotiated. The story went out through "F", the world's fourth-largest news service.

I am hoping this is the beginning of the end of the wholesale slaughter of thousands of unsuspecting victims of fraud and "The Plague That Never Was". If necessary, I will stick my finger with HIV-contaminated blood a thousand times, until this deadly scam and its perpetrators are stopped. I will continue until I complete expose the "Deadly Deception".

1994 by Robert Willner