Wilson Bryan Key
Subliminal mind control

[2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key  Oh, yeah. I was threatened! Phone calls at 3 in the morning and a voice says ‘We know where you live, we know what your child looks like. We’re gonna get you and you’ll never know where it’s coming from!’

But remember Waco, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians? I saw it on TV one night and I saw these two guys walking around: DEA jackets, black jackets with DEA on the back, and something about them looked familiar. They were dupes! Delta Force colonels! I recognised them from the Panama thing …They surrounded the Branch Davidians and they blasted them. They had quite a variety of stuff: Gregorian chants in which they’d buried voices, subliminal stuff, and – [they had] Charlton Heston’s voice as God speaking beneath the Gregorian chants, telling them to come out. The same guys that did this, the Delta Force guys, were involved in the Noriega thing. [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

I started taking estimates, what would it cost to stage this? Because it was quite a production. They came onstage with this motorcycle, and to set that up so that you could carry it from place to place would be somewhere close to half a million dollars. You realise very quickly that you are involved in something that has a great deal of money. A GREAT deal of money. In fact, Variety called it a diamond mine. More money is made out of heavy metal rock music than any genre of other music. And CBS owned about 10 of these major groups. It was their concentration. [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

What really screwed us up was that our lawyers decided that they would rather have a judge trial than a jury trial. When they told me that I almost cried! We could have won a jury trial. But with the judge trial – and particularly this judge who…didn’t like me at all… …Oh god! If you tried this case in a suburb of San Francisco, you might have been all right. But in Nevada! Look, they said they spent half a million dollars on this. That’s CBS Records. We were hawking typewriters just to pay for the tax stamps (?) in the court. They spent 4 or 5 times that in court. The problem with the case was that if we had got the decision, it would have opened Pandora’s Box. Because every damn heavy metal rock composition or recording used these techniques! [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

A lot of the stuff that I dug up, actually, was ignored by the court. … I’ve been in court quite a few times as an expert witness, and I won’t take any shit from these people. They had – the judge, the attorneys kept trying to get me to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and I said ‘look, I’m a psychologist, I don’t work like that, I don’t know any question about human behaviour that I can answer with a simple yes or no. It’s not that simple.’ So at one point, or a few points, [the judge] threatened me, citing me for contempt of court. [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

This ended up in a confrontation with the judge, and **** told me later, ‘The judge doesn’t want you in this courtroom at all.’ I said ‘Hell, that’s suppressing evidence!’ … The things that went on! We could have won it, I think, if we had gone to a jury. [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

I have a picture of him and Barbara, his wife, standing in front of their farmhouse, a beautiful day and so sincere: my god, sincerity just reeks out of this – what honest straightforward people they are, nothing hidden! But you look at it, it’s got the word ‘SEX’ all up and down the fly of his pants, she has it all over her neck. Repeatedly, of course. They’re doing this electronically, with a computer image programme. You can take any area of a painting and you can choose any area, from 1-10, you can put it in A1 and you get it so low so that it’s there, it will affect behaviour, but it’s not detectable to most people on a conscious level. And they have refined this so completely, that – wow! There’s nothing you can look at in this country that does not involve this. [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

The thing you cannot deny [pointing at the Picasso painting] is that that’s a prick on the top of her head, and that she’s masturbating. It’s clear. You can see it, you can explain it, you can deal with it. And you didn’t know it was there before I told you! 30 years from now you will look at that painting and your eyes will go straight to the top of her head. You can’t help it. That’s why it’s subliminal. Nothing is hidden in these pictures. Nothing. Except what you have hidden from yourself. Perception is total. [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

 This one particular album, [Judas Priest’s] Stained Class, which was the subject of the case – these boys had listened to it and committed suicide. Six hours, over and over and over again. They knew the words, they knew everything about it. Then they took the shotgun and went down to the churchyard. One blew his head off.....So [the attorneys] gave me a record [Stained Class] and I took it home. Wow! There was all kinds of stuff hidden in that thing! The theme of this whole genre of music was suicide… We took the lyrics and transcribed them – I don’t think they’d ever been transcribed – and began to analyse them: ‘who’s talking to who about what?’.....
Well, [Better by You, Better than Me] was inducement to suicide … The total content of that thing was subliminal. I analysed the lyrics. What does it mean? OK, it’s a young man, talking to Satan, his god, asking Satan to talk to his mother and tell her what a noble thing his life had been, how good he was. Because he was going to kill himself. Now, it’s there. It’s not a conjecture, or an opinion thing. I mean, you can cite that out of the lyrics. …
Then [there were the] embeds: I found that one voice that was put in, I did a spectroscopic analysis of it, it was Halford the lead singer and in between the phrasing, the singer takes a breath and in between the phrasing they put ‘Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!’ at increasing levels in the stereo. Now, that was dubbed in after the thing was made. [2005] Interview with Wilson Bryan Key

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