The Woman Who Cured Cancer

a book by Edmond Addeo


[vid] "The Woman Who Cured Cancer" Interview with author Edmond G. Addeo


The book is a detailed yet easy to follow account of Dr. Virginia's discovery of a "cancer microbe" and her subsequent battles with the Establishment, even as her groundbreaking treatment therapies were bringing remissions to thousands of patients in the last half of the 20th century. The book also surveys current research in universities and institutions around the country that duplicate Dr. Virginia's once-denounced vaccine- and nutrition-based treatments, and which are available to the public.


Dr. Virginia (1906-1990) was graduated from New York University-Bellevue Medical College in 1936 as one of only four women in her class, and became the first woman medical resident in New York City. She published scores of technical papers on her discovery in respected journals, and for decades she treated the immune systems of cancer patients in her San Diego clinic, where Mr. Addeo worked closely with her.


Every family in America needs to be aware of the information in this book.