Beijing Clinical Cancer Gene Research Center

I'm writing from the Beijing Clinical Cancer Gene Research Center from Beijing, China.  We are an alternative cancer clinic that has developed a cancer therapy that is SFDA approved.  This therapy is without side effects associated with chemotherapy and has a 70% efficacy.  We believe that we are a candidate for posting to your website as an alternative cancer therapy.
    Dr. Zeguang Wang the director at the Beijing Clinical Cancer Gene Research Center who developed the drug therapy my uncle is taking called BRM (Biological Response Modifier). This gene therapy drug superboosts your immune system to naturally fight off cancer while at the same time targeting only cancer cells and programs them to die off through a process called apoptosis. This is a central government, SFDA (State Food and Drug Adminsitration) licensed and approved cancer therapy.
    Through my discussions with Dr. Wang I have found out that he has treated hundreds of patients around the world. Dr. Wang believes that this is a revolutionary drug, because this is a gene based therapy with a high efficacy rate and also absolutely no side effects like chemotherapy.
Unfortunately without FDA approval in the USA, it will not be able to make a dent in the fight against cancer globally or get it to the people that really need it.

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Tony Jaw