Dr Irwin D. Bross

"Animals in Cancer Research: A Multi-Billion Dollar Fraud", is the title of an article written by Dr Irwin D. Bross reproduced in Fundamental and Applied Toxicology, November 6 1982.  It begins:

"The use of animals in cancer research has been attacked as unnecessary cruelty to animals, and defended as absolutely essential for research progress that will prevent or cure human cancer.  From a scientific standpoint, what is pertinent is that what are called 'animal model systems' in cancer research have been a total failure."

It concludes:

"The moral is that animal model systems not only kill animals they also kill humans.  There is no good factual evidence to show that the use of animals in cancer research has led to the prevention or cure of a single human cancer."

This article exposes that cancer research using animals is a highly profitable undertaking for certain medical schools and research institutes that are incapable of doing genuine cancer research - and that the use of animals is sustained by what Dr Bross says is a "superstitious belief in a grossly unscientific notion that mice are miniature men".

Dr Irwin D. J. Bross writes as a scientist with 30 years experience in public health.  As head of research design and analysis at Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in 1954, he initiated and designed the controlled clinical trials that led to the first cures of childhood leukemia.  During the same period, Dr Bross pioneered the first statistical studies of highway accidents - investigations which led to the use of seat belts and special door locks that have saved thousands of lives.  He was also a major force behind the reduction in the tar and nicotine levels of cigarettes.  In 1959, Dr Bross was invited by the Director of the Roswell Park Memorial Institute for Cancer Research in Buffalo, New York to head RPMI's department of biostatistics.  Using modern sophisticated statistical techniques, Bross has elucidated the actual hazards of such controversial technologies as medical "x-rays and toxic waste sites".  He is now President of Biomedical Metatechnology Inc.Dr Bross is author or co-author of over 300 published articles and reports as well as three books, including his most recent Scientific Strategies to Save Your Life, a statistical monograph published by Marcel Dekker Inc. in 1980.

"My effort to head off the poisoning of hundreds of women with breast cancer with a dangerous drug (Breast cancer drug 5FU) that could destroy their host defence systems failed.  The National Cancer Institute went right ahead.  Not a few women with breast cancer have paid with their lives for this stupidity."
(Dr Irwin D. Bross, Experimental and Applied Toxicology, Jan/Feb 1983.)

"It has been estimated that as much as ninety percent of all human cancers are influenced by environmental hazards.  The way to stop useless and unnecessary animal experimentation is simply to make it unprofitable; eliminate the funding by the government agencies, or eliminate the agencies... money talks.  If the flow of the taxpayer dollars that supports the foolish and cruel and dangerous practices of official science is cut off, these practices will stop."
(Dr Irwin D. Bross, President of Biomedical Meta-Technology, Inc., U.S.A.)