Lecture delivered May 15, 1981 at the Fifth Health/Nutrition Victory Conference in Arlington, VA, by Arlin J. Brown, Director, The Arlin J. Brown Information Center, Inc., P.O. Box 251, Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060.

Welcome to the Fifth Health & Nutrition Victory Conference. Since 1963, The Arlin J. Brown Information Center has been in the forefront in the fight for the freedom to use nutritional and nontoxic methods to successfully treat cancer and all other diseases. It is not necessary for man to get degenerative or killer diseases. We possess the know-ledge today to prevent these diseases, and we possess the knowledge to cure them, if treatment is started before the terminal stage, and many terminal patients can recover if the right combination of holistic methods-involving body, mind and spirit-are used.

Arrayed against us are the forces of big business, namely the medical industry, and also the Federal Government, whose health agencies are controlled to a very great extent by the medical industry, or more accurately, the disease industry, which is expected to gross a quarter of a trillion dollars in 1981, making it the second largest industry in the country, exceeded only by the oil monopoly. I prefer to use the term disease industry because they wind up killing over nine Americans out of every ten. Perhaps an even more fitting name would be the death industry. So you see what we're up against.

Last year, over 700,000 Americans were diagnosed as having cancer and about half a million will die of cancer and another 180,000 or more will have cancer when they die. Less than 3% will fully recover, and each year two-thirds of a million will not recover. About 56 million Americans now living will eventually have cancer and, if the AMA and the Government has its way, over 54 million Americans will die with cancer and at least 120 million will die of heart disease, which, by the way, did not even exist at the turn of the century. In fact cancer itself was rare at that time. If the Federal Government and the death industry allows these 174 million Americans to die of these diseases, it will be guilty of genocide on an unprecedented scale. If we add to this figure another 26 million, which, at the very least, the Government and the disease industry have already murdered, the total will be 200 million. This is at least twice as many human beings as the communists have murdered, in all their Satanic fury.

If there is no inflation whatsoever in the next 20 years and if the incidence of the two leading killer diseases stays the same, then by the year 2001, the death industry will gross five trillion dollars over the coming 20-year period. To show you how much a trillion dollars is, if you had the money of one million millionaires, you would have one trillion dollars.

In addition to all these millions of people dying of cancer and heart disease, there are numerous others dying of diabetes, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and a whole raft of other chronic degenerative diseases, most of which did not even exist 100 years ago-and those that did exist were quite rare. But you and I don't have to be part of this carnage.

Animals living on grass and leafy greens are not bothered with these diseases, and humans don't get any of these diseases either if they live on a raw, organic, balanced diet. The people living in Hunza-the "Shangri-La" region of central Asia-never have any degenerative diseases, and their meager, almost 100% vegetarian, diet is two-thirds raw.


Americans can experience near perfect health by following sensible health practices, the most important of which is proper nutrition.

The human animal is not that much different from the other animals which stay very healthy on raw greens. In actual practice, it has been found that degenerative disease is not only totally preventable but can also be very successfully reversed thru the application of a vegetarian diet and living foods consisting of wheatgrass juice, immature greens, sprouts, fruits, vegetables, and sprouted and fermented seeds, nuts and grains. These foods, replete with an abundance of living enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and the potent regenerative properties of chlorophyll, are capable of cleansing the cells, thereby eliminating the stored toxins which cause disease. Cancer and all the other degenerative diseases cannot exist in a healthy body nourished by nature's living foods.

Dr. Arthur Robinson, who designed and directed a three-year series of experiments on squamous cell carcinoma in mice at the Pauling Institute, found that by combining megadoses of Vitamin C with a diet of apples, pears, carrots, tomatoes, wheatgrass, sunflower seeds and bananas, there was a remarkable 35-fold decrease in cancer incidence-in other words, a 97% reduction in cancer. The incidence of severe lesions was caused to vary over a 70-fold range by nutritional measures alone.

Similarly, an article attesting to the positive results of experimentation with wheatgrass conducted under laboratory conditions by Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai and her colleagues at the M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, appeared in the July-August, 1978 issue of the "Report to the Physicians of Texas Newsletter." The article showed that extracts of wheat sprouts exhibit antagonistic activity toward known carcinogens in vitro, as measured by the Ames test, which is a direct mutagenesis assay with apparent good predictive value for carcinogenesis. Extracts from both leaves and roots of wheat sprouts selectively inhibited the mutagenic effects of compounds that require metabolite activation. The inhibition of metabolic activation of potent carcinogens is quite high for low levels of extract. Extracts from carrots and parsley also inhibited carcinogenic activity, but were not as potent as wheat sprout extract.

The President of the British Association for Cancer Research, Dr. Richard Doll, said that current evidence suggests there is a 40% lower risk of lung cancer occurring among men who maintain an above average consumption of the type of Vitamin A found in carrots-carotene. He recommended a diet heavy with carrots. Fresh, raw carrot juice has always been a very important part of the best nutritional regimens for cancer patients, and today large controlled dosages of emulsified Vitamin A is included as an important part of metabolic therapy.

Of course, if you already have cancer, you will need to do many other things, the most important of which are outlined in my "Comprehensive Cancer Therapy," a seven-page program for cancer patients, which covers physical, mental and spiritual aspects of recovering from cancer. I also highly recommend Walter Ermer's book, "A Program for the Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer-with nutritional factors and guidance for the advanced cancer victim." The book also includes a home cancer test.

Also, highly recommended is Dr. Carl Simonton's book, "Getting Well Again," which covers the mental processes which are essential in recovering from advanced and terminal cancer and other serious ailments.

For a more in-depth look into cancer, I suggest Dr. Max Gerson's book, "A Cancer Therapy-Results of Fifty Cases," and my own book, "March of Truth on Cancer," which covers 79 so~called unorthodox approaches to cancer plus cryosurgery, which I consider orthodox, but is apparently safe.

All these books are available at our book table in the next room.

Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., who is the co-developer of Laetrile, along with his late father, says that cancer is a Vitamin · B-17 deficiency. If this is true, then people who eat enough apricot kernels every day should never get cancer. Apricot kernels and most other fruit seeds, except citrus, are rich in Laetrile. Dr. Krebs told me that 6 to 8 kernels a day is sufficient, which is what I take. Dr. Dean Burk recommends 12 to 15 daily, which is what I recommend to those whose diet might not be sufficient in itself to prevent cancer. In any case, I have never, ever heard of anyone getting cancer who follows this simple precaution, and many tens of thousands, possibly hundred of thousands of Americans, are doing this. I even went so far as to take a survey of the readers of our Cancer Victory Bulletin. Out of 36 who responded, not only had no one gotten cancer who had been taking the kernels, but no one had ever heard of anyone else who had come down with cancer who had been eating the kernels. Incidentally, ten of those who replied said that they have had cancer in the past but not one person said that they have cancer now, in response to another question. The average age of those who replied was 56 years.

Then we had this interesting comment: "Two years ago, when I made my best progress [against cancer], I was eating about 15 or more apricot seeds daily. I found out eventually that I improved on these, but not on Laetrile." One reason for this is the fact that apricot kernels also contain abscissic acid, which seems to be more effective than Laetrile in destroying cancer cells. One man in Hawaii, who could not get Laetrile, recovered from cancer just by eating 75 apricot kernels every day.

Dr. Krebs now faces a possible jail term in California for merely advocating the use of Laetrile while under a 1977 probation order. After giving Laetrile to a government agent who was masquerading as a cancer patient in pain, Dr. Krebs was ordered not to lecture on Laetrile for three years. He refused to comply. The continuing efforts of the FDA and the California courts to silence him have only further publicized Laetrile and heightened interest in his case. In the meantime, Dr. Krebs' theories are being upheld by new research being conducted all over the country. Studies at the University of California at Davis determined that Laetrile is a nontoxic, harmless substance. The scientists there gave mice 74 times the therapeutic human dose of Laetrile. In an interview with reporter Willa Sandmeyer, Krebs said, "If you were given 74 times the therapeutic dose of aspirin, you'd be long dead. That study showed that Laetrile is the least toxic of all vitamins."


I won't go into the numerous research reports from all over the world which show that Laetrile is effective against cancer. I've done that before. The recently announced negative results of the Laetrile tests sponsored by the National Cancer Institute show to what lengths the conspiracy will go in faking scientific research. The NCI made sure that an ineffective form of Laetrile would be used in the clinical tests. They also kept the dosage low. On top of that, they made sure that the patients had advanced cancer and were near death to begin with. Most of them had received the destructive orthodox treatments first.

In spite of all these "precautions", 19% of the patients reported improvement in symptoms such as pain, in some cases lasting for more than two months. Six percent showed weight gain, with half of them maintaining this for more than two months. Gertrude Engel will tell you a lot more about this sham at the banquet tomorrow.

The news media continue to get their facts wrong almost every time they report on nontoxic cancer treatments. The case of Steve McQueen is no exception. After the customary cancer treatments failed, as they almost always do, Steve went to Mexico to be treated with the methods of Dr. William Donald Kelley. McQueen had been given only two weeks to live by his orthodox doctors who said his cancer was untreatable. Under Dr. Kelley's treatment, his tumors were shrinking and he lived more than three months, in spite of the fact that he cheated on his diet.

Emil Schandl, director of a cancer testing laboratory in Florida, said that the first time McQueen's blood was tested, shortly after he went to Kelley's clinic, three out of four cancer profile tests were abnormal and six or eight weeks later, all four tests were negative. Dr. Schandl stated, "It was totally unbelievable for me to see such a tremendous clinical biochemical improvement."

In an interview with journalist Peter Barry Chowka, Dr. Kelley said that it took eight weeks to stop McQueen' s tumors from growing and by that time they were so large that he was afraid of toxicity from them. Thus Steve was taken to Juarez where the dead tumors were lifted out easily, but fourteen hours later he died of heart failure due to a blood clot which floated around in the bloodstream and lodged in the heart.

A letter from P. Brooks, published in the November 17 issue of Newsweek, states, "Why is it that conventional therapy, which leaves the victim without organs, limbs, hair, energy or defense against other disease (including more cancer) is considered normal and acceptable, while cancer therapy that leaves the patient not only intact, but in good health and better educated about keeping his body disease free, is called 'a strange form of therapy'?"

On October 9, patients of Dr. Kelley held a press conference in Los Angeles. Most of them had their medical records with them which proved that they were doing fine after five years on the program. Yet not one of the 80 journalists was interested in the patients, according to Robert De Bragga, a recovered Raytheon executive who helped set up the conference.

To make matters worse, four days later on NBC's Today show, Dr. Art Ulene described Dr. Kelley' s program as quackery and four days after that he challenged Kelley to prove that his treatment works. Ulene said, "If you have evidence, I'll read it on the Today show next week." However when freelance journalist Eroca Daniel tried to talk with Dr. Ulene to meet his challenge, she ran into a stone wall. It turned out that Ulene was always unavailable and his representatives said they did not want documentation on the recovered patients. Mrs. Ulene told Peter Chowka that her husband "is not going to be available" to answer questions.

This is the type of thing that has been going on year after year after year after year. Our side has documentation coming out its ears that thousands of hopeless cancer patients have recovered from cancer by using nutritional and nontoxic methods, but yet very few people from the news media are interested. They seldom seek out the truth about the most successful cancer treatments and when they stumble upon the truth, they seldom publish it, which means that the news media must share the blame for the millions of Americans who are needlessly dying of cancer.

In a medical malpractice case, Helena Blanchfield, a lady who was awarded either $400,000 or $800,000, depending on which of the two front page Washington Post articles you want to believe. She suffered greatly from the many debilitating effects of chemotherapy which they gave her after Dr. Lewis H. Dennis of Silver Spring, a blood and cancer specialist, mistakenly diagnosed her as having multiple myeloma of the bone marrow. He gave her a year to live, whereupon her life fell apart. She had to quit her job and mortgage her home. She lost the man she was going to marry. Her health greatly deteriorated. Her hair turned gray. Her emotional state got worse, not knowing whether she would live from one day to the next. Her memory is failing and now she is more susceptible to cancer than ever before because of the damage that chemotherapy does to patients.

On top of that she's in danger of not getting any of the money because the judge in the case made a technical error.

She now calls chemotherapy a killer and says that nutritional therapy is the only answer. She goes to a metabolic doctor, consults a nutritionist, and blends her own carrot juice.

Mrs. Blanchfield's story is saving others from having to go thru the poisoning, burning and mutilation of conventional cancer treatment. People are calling her to say that they got a second opinion and found out that the first diagnosis was wrong.

Remember that accurate, non-destructive tests for cancer are being used by wholistic practitioners. Biopsies are very dangerous because

cancer cells can be released into the blood stream and metastasize in other parts of the body.

And Mrs. Blanchfield is telling cancer patients about nutritional therapy, which means that many lives will be saved because of her efforts.

Here's another article from the Post: "Maryland Cancer Patient Awarded $3 million in Malpractice Suit." This was a Hagerstown man who received a radiation overdose which burned away his buttocks, destroyed his right hip and part of his colon. He's hopelessly and totally disabled.

Here's another Post headline: "Hospitalization Found Dangerous to Your Health." More than a third of 815 consecutive patients admitted to a Boston University Medical Center medical ward developed an illness or disability caused in some way by their hospitalization and 16 died.

Most of us don't need a newspaper article to tell us this. It is also common knowledge that many people go from bad to worse once they enter a conventional hospital and most never recover from serious ailments and many don't come out alive. I've heard many horror stories. Generally speaking, a hospital is the worst possible place for a sick person, not to mention the exhorbitant cost.

Here's another headline: "Research Results Falsified." We have scandal after scandal in the field of conventional medicine because their god is money, and they will stop at nothing in their attempts to make money.

Here's a headline from The Spotlight. "Wife Lost to Chemotherapy." A woman by the name of Elaine Wray first received radiation therapy for cancer and her doctor pronounced her fully "cured" and repeatedly refused to confirm his wild claim with an examination. When he finally gave in and did examine her, he found that the cancer had indeed returned. After being treated for the next three weeks, mainly with pain killers, she was told that she was going to receive a chemotherapy shot and be sent home.

With no prior notice and with the needle in hand, a statement was read to her and her husband that this shot could cause nervous breakdown, internal sores, loss of hair, or other medical crises, but that all of these "could be handled by telephone." Without giving them an opportunity to think this over, or to consider alternatives, the poison was given to Mrs. Wray. Almost immediately she began to experience serious adverse reactions, including vomiting blood. In a few days she lost her mind. Telephone communication resulted in the prescribing of more pain killers and finally the order that she should be returned to the medical center for another chemotherapy shot. By this time she could not even ride in a car due to her agony. Finally, her husband, Phillip, took her to a local hospital, where he stayed with her until she died.

If they're going to outlaw any cancer treatments, they should start with this senseless and barbaric chemotherapy. But no. The only doctors the AMA and the government go afterare those whose patients are getting well, and these doctors are losing their hospital privileges and even their licences to practice medicine and some are in jail. Now if anyone belongs in jail, it would be those doing the dirty work in the AMA, the FDA, the American Cancer Society and the NationalCancer Institute-and we may very well live to see the day when these murderers have to pay their debts to society for genocide. These criminals have survived only because of the big lie technique, which is "If you tell a lie big enough, loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it." And this is exactly what has been happening throughout the entire twentieth century. The majority of the American people and an even greater majority of those in Congress believe this lie-and a number of people in high places don't actually believe this lie, but pretend that they do believe it.

It should come as no surprise when we hear what the late Dr. Hardin Jones of the University of California stated after studying cancer statistics for 30 years: "My studies have proven conclusively that untreated cancer patients live up to four times longer than treated individuals." And of course he was referring to the deadly conventional treatments. Other statistical studies also show that these FDA-approved methods kill most cancer patients prematurely. The National Cancer Institute tried to explain these statistics by telling me that the so-called untreated patients had probably changed their diets or were taking Laetrile. Well, the NCI proved my point. Why kill patients with expensive brutal treatments when Laetrile, nutrition and holistic methods are available.

So it's just out-and-out fraud when the NCI or the American Cancer Society tells you that one out of three cancer patients are being cured. It simply is not true. It's possible that one of three cancer patients are able to survive the treatment for five years, but they almost always still have cancer, and besides an even greater percentage of untreated patients are living after five years. Both the NCI and the ACS told me privately that they have no statistics on cure rates. Most conventional doctors will admit that they have never cured a single cancer patient, and once the cancer has metastasized, I don't know of a· single patient who was ever cured with conventional methods. I do know of cases where patients secretly used nutritional methods and then their orthodox doctors gave the credit to conventional treatments.

It's no wonder that patients who have already had chemotherapy or radiation often have a hard time recovering on nutritional and holistic therapy. Listen to this-another article from the Post: "Salads and raw vegetables can be very dangerous to some hospitalized cancer patients... these foods harbor many kinds of bacteria, even after washing, and among these are types that cause life-threatening illness and even death in certain cancer patients. This risk should not be overlooked, reports Drs. Jack S. Remington of Stanford and Stephen Schimpff of Maryland, since about 50 percent of hospitalized cancer patients die of an infection rather than from their cancer." And "nearly 50 percent of infections in cancer patients have been shown to be caused by hospital-acquired organisms which have colonized the patients' digestive tracts," the doctors said. The problem is most serious for those getting drug or radiation treatment, which can drastically reduce the white blood cell count, and hence resistance to infection, according to the article.


I might point out that, officially, the cause of death is the infection and not cancer, which seriously distorts cancer death rate statistics which is another reason why you and I can add at least 50% to the number of Americans who officially die of cancer each year, which makes cancer deaths a very close second to deaths due to heart disease, and with the incidence of new cancer cases increasing every year faster than the rate of new cases of heart disease, cancer may wind up as the number one killer in this country. The number of cancer cases in the 1980's will be 30% higher than it was in the 1970's, according to ACS predictions. The American population is not growing that fast.

We talk a lot about cancer, but the greatest killer in the United States is heart disease, and recent research by a leading cardiologist, Dr. Kurt Oster, has revealed that homogenized milk is one of the major causes of heart disease. The fat in milk contains an enzyme called xanthine oxidate, or XO. Dr. Oster has observed that this enzyme will attack the heart and its arteries if it enters the bloodstream, as it does from homogenized milk.

"When old-fashioned, non-homogenized milk is drunk, the body excretes the XO like any other waste," said Oster. "But when milk is homogenized, the break up of the fat allows the tiny particles of XO to go thru the walls of the intestine into the bloodstream and reach the heart and artery tissues."

He further states that the XO acts chemically to scar the artery walls and heart tissue. The body tries to repair the damage by raising the cholesterol level of the blood, and depositing protective fatty material on the scars. If the process continues, the fatty material begins to clog the arteries, causing arteriosclerosis.

During three years of research, Oster studied 75 patients with angina pectoris and arteriosclerosis. All the patients were taken off milk and givenfolic acid and ascorbic acid, both of which combat the action of XO. As a result, chest pains decreased, symptoms lessened, and each of the patients is doing great today.

I would have to conclude that homogenized milk is another junk food. Even skimmed milk and ice cream are routinely homogenized.

And of course plain old white sugar has been linked not only to heart disease, but to cancer, diabetes, hypoglycemia and practically every other ailment in the book.

Birth defects are caused by pregnant mothers violating the laws of nature. Most every type of birth defect known to man can be created in animals simply by withholding certain nutrients from the mother's diet during a specific time period during the pregnancy.

Alcohol, tobacco, narcotic drugs and pharmaceutical drugs also cause birth defects or weaknesses. Sudden infant death, or crib death, has been linked to severe anemia in the mother, to cigarette smoking by the mother during pregnancy, to nitrates and nitrites in the water consumed by the baby and to heart failure caused by excess urea in the body, and also to general toxicity in the body. There are probably other factors that have been linked to this tragedy, but it boils down to the wrong diet in the mother or child or violating the common sense rules of natural living.

It has been statistically confirmed that at least 10,000 Americans die of cancer each year from drinking fluoridated water. But why wait for statistical proof that fluoridation is a killer. Plain old fashioned horse sense ought to tell you that if you drink a deadly poison day after day, it will not improve your health. Fluoride is the worst enzyme inhibitor known and statistically it is also strongly linked with still births, heart disease, and other diseases. Every cell in the body depends on enzymes in order to function at all.

Cooked food should be kept to a minimum because enzymes and nutrients are destroyed bycooking. Ifyour health is good, you can probably get by on two-thirds raw food and one-third cooked food. If your health is very bad, you should eliminate as much cooked food as possible until you are well on your way to recovery.

Disease is cured by getting to the cause-not by trying to cover up symptoms. It's time to stop pussyfooting around. For many years, many of us have soft pedaled the fact that all major diseases are curable and practically all of the lesser known ailments are also curable. But we were afraid that people wouldn't believe us, I say it's time to come out into the open and tell it like it is. Nearly all disease can be successfully treated by detoxifying the body, replacing the nutritional deficiencies, bringing the body chemistry into balance and by including mental and spiritual approaches. All that is required is for the patient to have an intense desire to get well and fully cooperate with the correct holistic procedures which are recommended by a well qualified practitioner or holistic health center. The AMA and the government have put a lot of roadblocks in our way, and it's not always easy to find a holistic center near you that offers everything. But if you go about it the right way and ask questions and talk to experts and to recovered patients and do some reading and investigating, you will be able to do a lot of things for yourself at home. If you don't have a very serious ailment right now, you could gradually change from your present diet to an ideal diet. Most people find it hard to change suddenly. But you should take responsibility for your own health and your own body. Don't rely on some orthodox doctor to do this for you.

By the way, if you want to increase the level of interferon in your body, Dr. Linus Pauling says to increase your Vitamin C intake. Interferon is a natural substance in the body which helps to fight cancer and some other ailments. DMSO, which is now legal, is also a cancer fighter. It dissolves the shell around the cancer cell. Of course DMSO is also useful for arthritis and a myriad of other ailments. Dr. Perry Camp of the University of California at San Diego credits DMSO with saving 11 out of 30 people suffering from near-fatal head injuries. All were expected to die, but the DMSO reduced the brain swelling which follows severe head injuries. DMSO is the same substance that the FDA completely banned in the 1960's. They even refused to allow animal testing for a long time.

For those who may not believe the obvious, plenty of documentation is available which shows the very high recovery rate for cancer patients who used nutritional and nontoxic methods of treatment.

Very few medical doctors have ever studied nutrition and have no experience in nutritional healing, which means that they are in no position to pass judgment on it-but they will condemn it anyway.

There are some encouraging signs, however, among some of our leaders. Gov. Jerry Brown of California favors a "holistic" approach to health care and called for an end to the dominance of the "medical-industrial complex." He would focus on "wellness instead of sickness."

President Ronald Reagan says that Laetrile should be permitted if it is not harmful. Now all he has to do is to extend his views on Laetrile to include all nontoxic substances and safe methods for treating and preventing disease, and we would be on our way to making health freedom a reality in the United States.

Congress is also taking a step in the right direction. Led by Sen.Paula Hawkins of Florida, the Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee's oversight subcommittee will try to find out how the National Cancer Institute spent close to $7 billion for cancer research during the last 10 years and has gotten almost nowhere in their very expensive crash program to find a cure for cancer. The answer to that question should be obvious. The reason that the NCI has not found a cure for cancer is because it was never their objective to find a cure for cancer. In fact they have been doing just the opposite by condemning successful treatments for cancer just like the American Cancer Society has been doing since it was founded. The ACS has been spending many millions of dollars trying to suppress Laetrile and numerous other effective weapons against cancer. The American Cancer Society should also be investigated. It is completely controlled by the cancer industry.

The ACS spends only about 27% of their budget on research and, of course, it's conventional research. They have a $200 million slush fund invested in real estate and banking. They use an excessive amount of money for lobbying purposes, which violates their tax-exempt status, but the IRS won't lift a finger against them. Only 5% of their budget is used to assist cancer patients and a staggering 56% is used for administrative expenses, amounting to $74 million in 1978. This included staff salaries as high as $80,000 a year. The staff comprises 3300 paid employees.

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who has both an M.D. and a Ph.D degree and won the Nobel Prize for discovering Vitamin C, said that the American Cancer Society tried to ruin his research foundation after all of his applications to the NCI for grants were rejected without consideration. And his cancer research, which is a direct outgrowth of his Vitamin C research, has shown great promise in animal tests. Yet he cannot get one penny forresearch from the Government or from the ACS.

Last year the American Cancer Society sabotaged a cancer seminar called Cancer Dialog '80. The seminar was an attempt to bring together leaders of conventional and holistic medicin£ for four days of presentations and discussions to help bridge the gap between the two basic approaches to cancer. The pressure exerted by the ACS caused a third of the 27 participants to suddenly withdraw, including Dr. Frank Rauscher of the ACS itself and Dr. Arthur Upton and Guy Newell, both with the NCI. Even Joseph Gold, M.D., the hydrazine sulfate researcher, withdrew. Hydrazine sulfate is a very cheap and relatively nontoxic substance which is useful in stopping the fast growth of cancer in the body. It buys time for the advanced cancer patient so that other constructive methods will have a chance to work. Dr. Gold told The New York Times, "What this all boils down to is that everybody's afraid. Fear is overriding scientific inquiry and the ability to let an audience make up its mind."

The seminar, by the way, went on as scheduled, attended by some 300 M.D.'s and a thousand lay people.

I participated in a radio debate with an orthodox medical doctor who parroted the usual party line nonsense about how good the orthodox cancer treatments are and how bad the natural treatments are. But after the program was over he came up to me and wanted to know more about our Information Center so he could tell his patients who were interested in nutrition and alternative methods of treatment. He also threatened to take me to court if I told the public what he told me. In other words, there are thousands of medical doctors who are sympathetic with our work and some are in very high places, but they feel that their hands are tied and thus they seldom speak out publicly about what they really believe.

If President Reagan is serious about reducing government spending, he should look at the National Institutes of Health. If it were done skillfully, the NIH budget could be slashed by 90% or more and we could solve the country's health problems with the money that remains, by using the optimum combination of nutritional and holistic health methods. Mr. Reagan, we're waiting for you to take this courageous step which could save billions of dollars and millions of lives. It is inexcusable not to cut NIH's budget for 1982. One health official said, "NIH made out like a bandit."

If I were President, NIH'S budget would be the first to be cut. And with the 10% of the budget which is left, I would, among many other things, order complete clinical testing of the Gerson Therapy which would prove again that 45% to 50% of terminal cancer patients would recover and at the very least, 90% of all other cancer patients would recover, not to mention the disappearance of nearly all other diseases, simply by detoxifying and rebuilding the body.

It's time for Congress to stop their timid approach to the nation's health problems. Why is it that Congress can't even ask the right questions when they conduct a so-called health investigation. Is it because they're afraid of offending someone? Or is it just plain ignorance? If it's ignorance, thenwe should be bombarding Congress with demands to seriously look into holistic health-not pseudo-holistic health-but investigate the methods that are saving thousands of lives right now.

If the news media wanted to, they could solve the nation's health problems almost over night, just by restoring the lost art of investigative journalism and telling the people the whole truth. At times we see signs that they want to present our side of the story, but when the chips are down, they generally back off and don't want to stick their necks out. Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins when we need them most? Some day the news media will tell the truth about health. Why the heck can't they go ahead and do it now?

I was on the radio a few days ago with Jack, an ex-Navy man who was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The doctors wanted to give him chemotherapy and cut away part of his jaw and tongue. Well Jack wasn't exactly carried away with the idea, especially when he saw what happened to other patients there who had their jaws and faces badly mutilated. Jack thought there must be a better way, so he went to Mexico for Tekarina and his cancer disappeared in 4 days. He left for home 3 days later and went on the Reams therapy to prevent a recurrence. He's in great health today and the doctor at Bethesda won't speak to him, because Jack proved that the doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital are fools, to put it politely.

A man with diabetes who read my hard hitting article in The Spotlight newspaper this week called me from West Virginia and recited the usual story of how he went from bad to worse by going to conventional doctors for 20 years. He said, "I can't understand how we, with the brains, can be so stupid."

Remember, nutrition is the key and it can accomplish far more than what most people would ever dream.

Sir Alexander Fleming said, "For 12 years they called me a quack while Penicillin sat on the shelf and millions died."

Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes, recently wrote, "Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud, and that the NCI and the ACS are derelict in their duties to the American people who support them."

Dr. Samuel West, who spoke at the last conference, put it this way:

"The time has come. We must stand up and be counted for righteousness or be willing to let the adversary destroy us along with our loved ones. A silent war has been going on in America and throughout the world. And because we have been kept in ignorance, we have not been able to see it. What happened in Guyana is nothing compared with what is happening here. It is one of the greatest mass murder plots that has ever been pulled off in history. 1,400,000 are dying of heart disease and cancer every year -nearly 4000 a day."

Nobel Prize winning biologist, Dr. James D. Watson, has labelled the nation's war on cancer a "total sham." Dr. Albert Shatz, who nearly won a Nobel Prize for discovering streptomycin, calls the cancer business a national scandal.

The answer to the exhorbitant cost of health care in this country and the answer to disease in general is nutrition and holistic health.

Nutritional healing is the wave of the future and is fast becoming the wave of the present.

Cancer deaths do not have to increase by 30% in the coming decade. Instead we could wipe out cancer in the 80's, If the government and the AMA could simply just let us alone and allow the American people to use nutritional and other holistic methods without any further harassment, not only could we make great inroads in the war against cancer, but we could also greatly reduce the incidence of all other diseases. And if the Government and the AMA actually fully cooperated with the holistic health movement, we could truly have Victory over Disease! That's why I say that Victory Over Disease is Possible Now! But we must realize that the opposition has no intention of rolling over and playing dead. And that's why we must have a national Health Freedom Bill introduced in Congress, and with individuals and holistic health organizations all over the country working together, we can and we will eventually get a Health Freedom Bill thru Congress and signed into law by the President. If the law is strong enough to resist challenges in the courts by opponents of health freedom, then thousands and eventually millions of lives can be saved,

In response to the need for a Health Freedom Bill, our organization started the Cancer Victory Group 3 years and 8 months ago to raise money to lobby for such a bill. Actually I think we should change the name to the Health Victory Group. In any case we must eventually work our way up to a level of about $1000 in contributions every month so that we can pay our lobbyist, Trudy Engel, enough to do an effective job in getting the bill passed.

In order to pay her every month, we need regular contributions to the Health Victory Group. A number of people were sending in regular contributions-generally monthly or quarterly-but Trudysayswe can't start the lobbying for the bill until we have more money in our account, an additional $9000, to assure that there will be no break in the efforts to get the bill passed.

The Health Victory Group has already achieved some minor victories thru Trudy who helped to keep the FDA out of intrastate commerce, and with an excellent amicus curiae brief for the Supreme Court in the Laetrile case.

Now we must go for the big prize, and donations need to be increased sharply. If donations continue coming in at the same rate as the last 44 months, it will be another years before lobbying can start and 5 million Americans will die needlessly of cancer. So obviously we can't afford to wait that long.

If just 20 people were to contribute just $50 a month, we could start the lobbying 9 months from now-and maybe sooner than that if we could be sure that the money would continue coming in at that rate.

At the last conference 20 months ago, dozens of people promised to contribute regularly to the Victory Group and we thank those who did contribute. Only two members of the Health Victory Group are up to date in sending in their pledged donations, however.

If someone wants to donate the entire $9000, a bill could be introduced in Congress shortly and the lobbying could be started almost immediately and could be carried thru for at least one year-which should give us enough time to raise more money thru our group and to get money from other health organizations, which is next to impossible to do now because the bill has not yet been introduced.

Please don't wait for someone else to carry the load. Just make sure that you do your part. When we reach a certain critical momentum, things are going to roll and we will have health freedom in this country!

In closing, I would like to make a few remarks about Spiritual things. I try to keep such comments to a minimum because some people thinkspiritualhealing has no place in holistic health. This is one reason we scheduled Rev. Fuller outside of regular conference hours. It's hard to please everybody, which incidentally, is the formula for failure.

I won't repeat the spiritual healing affirmations I gave you last time. You can read them in my printed speech for the last conference. I would like to mention the little color reproduction of the painting of Jesus by the late Dr. Benn Lewis. It's just a symbol, but many healing miracles have been associated with this picture. In some cases cancer has disappeared. It will be on sale, at cost, at our book table in the next room.

Dr. Lewis was also inspired to write a book called, "I, John," which is aprofound novel aboutSt. John the Divine, written as though he were living today and witnessing the Second Coming of Jesus. The book is also available for sale at our book table. "I, John" will be made into a major motion picture as soon as we can find an individual or group who will invest or underwrite the $6 million or more which will be needed. If anyone can help out or give us a lead in this regard, please let us know.. Themoviecould gross $100 million or more.

And finally, let me tell you again as I do at each conference:

One with God is a majority and we are in the majority. Let's use all the spiritual resources at our command in our final drive towards Victory. It doesn't matter what your religion is or even if you're an atheist, but if you ask God or Jesus to be with you before you do anything, say anything or plan anything, you'll start to notice a real difference in the way things go. When you have a problem, just call on this Divine Power and you will receive help. If you don't believe it, put it to the test. It works.

Let's win as many victories as possible before the Second Coming, which must occur soon to keep the earth from destroying itself, and to pave the way for the New Age to follow - an age where truth and righteousness will prevail, and everyone will be free to work toward their own Godhood.