Lecture delivered October 1, 1982 at the Sixth Health/Nutrition victoryConference in Arlington, VA, by Arlin J. Brown, Director, The Arlin J. Brown Information Center, Inc., P.O. Box 251, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060.

Welcome to the Sixth Health & Nutrition Victory Conference. For those who are new, The Arlin J. Brown Information Center was founded in 1963 to tell people that they do not die of cancer - that many excellent nontoxic methods exist which have helped thousands of patients to recover completely from cancer. This was the first organization in the United States of its kind. At that time many authors were afraid to even mention in a book that certain herbs or other remedies were useful for cancer patients. Anyone caught telling the truth about cancer was subject to harassment, phone tapping, book banning, book burning, prosecution and jail. In those early days, we were located at 1813-B Adams Mill Road in Washington, D.C., where a friend of mine had a second floor apartment. I had the audacity at that time to do what apparently had never been done before and that was to publish a list of beneficial cancer treatments, where to obtain them and what doctors were using them. Not long after some of this information appeared in a magazine published by my friend, an arsonist set fire to the Washington Valet Shop on the first floor and completely gutted it. Firemen managed to extinguish the fire just as flames were going thru the cracks in the floor along the wall of his apartment. Some of his belongingsweresinged but nothing was destroyed. After the firemen told my friend that he could return to his apartment, the police stepped in and said no he couldn't, whereupon the police ransacked the apartment and even took the manes money which they never returned to him. My friend, wh6 was from Latin America, finally fled to Canada.

On a number of occasions, doctors and even writers have had to flee the country after being involved with effective cancer treatments. Things haven't changed much since then, except today there are a lot more of us and we're gaing in strength and influence. A lot more lives are being saved today because holistic healing knowledge is spreading.

Cancer and other disease statistics are dreadful today. Cancer strikes one American in ever four, which means that if nothing is done, 56,000,000 Americans are scheduled to get cancer and about 55,000,000 Americans will either die directly from the cancer, or indirectly from an ailment caused by the cancer, or they otherwise will still have cancer when they die of something else. The cancer establishment claims that 430,000 Americans will die of cancer this year, but the real figure is about 630,000, because only those who die directly from cancer are officially recorded as cancer deaths. Today some 3,900,000 Americans have cancer and only about 80,000 of these people will be free of cancer when they die. That's 2%.

It costs about $25,000 for the average patient to die of cancer. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the total cost of health care for 1981 was a staggering $287 billion, or about 10% of the gross national product, which may now even exceed what the petroleum industry grosses annually. Health care costs for 1981 were more than 33% higher than two years earlier. Hard core medical costs totalled $195 billion. In 1981, $118 billion went to hospitals, $55 billion to doctors, $24 billion to nursing homes, $21 billion to suppliers of drugs and medical sundries, and $13 billion went to research. Surgery now averages $5,000 per operation. The average cost of a stay in the hospital is over $2100, with a daily cost of $245, which is up 450% after inflation from the $15 a day which it cost in 1950. The annual medical bill now exceeds $1250 for every man, woman and child in the country.

Despite official claims that the survival rates are increasing for many types of cancer, total cancer deaths continue to rise each year. An unprecedented 785,000 Americans were diagnosed with serious cancer in 1980. That figure no doubt rose to at least 800,000 for 1981. They point with pride that.11% of lung cancer patients are now surviving instead of 9%. Survival means that the patient has survived the treatment as well as disease for five years. In most cases the patient is still under treatment. They fail to tell you that the survival rate would be higher if patients had no treatment at all. They also fail to tell you that earlier diagnosis artificially increases the number of 5 year survival rates. Remember that the cancer death rate is not dropping either.

In 1981, Dr. Vincent De vita, Jr., Director of the National Cancer Institute, said that the medical profession is having more success curing cancer than anyone realized. But when someone connected with the disease industry uses the word "cure," we really don't know what he's talking about. A "cure" is defined as a former cancer patient who has been free of all symptoms of cancer for five yearse Since the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society both told me that they do not have any statistics on cure rates, then we must conclude, if he was correctly quoted, that either Dr. Devita is lying or else he doesn't know what the word cure means. Dr. Devita also threw in the word "curable." Now what does that mean? Curable is defined by NCI as those patients who do not die of cancer within five years after their disease is diagnosed. It is considered by NCI officials to be a reliable indicator of the probability of long-term cure, except for cancers of the breast, prostate and kidney, Frankly, I can'ttellyou what this gobbledegook means. They don't say how probable. They don't define "long-term" and we don't know what they mean by cure. The word "saved" is also used. Presumably this means that one has survived the agonizing treatments for five years. The ordeal can be so devastating that some patients prefer death to the treatment and discontinue their chemotherapy. Ironically, most will live longer if they do stop the chemotherapy. If the cancer has metastasized, or spread, the recovery rate drops to zero, if conventional treatments are used.

Dr. Devita has been under a severe bipartisan attack by a Senate committee, urging that he be fired. One of the criticisms was that he allowed a $910,000 grant to be awarded to Dr. Marc Straus at Boston University less than two years after five members of his research team, including doctors and nurses, accused him of grossly falsifying results of experimental cancer treatment to make his project look good. Federal investigators confirmed the charges and Devita admitted that he (Devita) withheld the information about the falsifications.

Before Dr. Devita became NCI director, he admitted that orthodox treatments are not very sophisticated and that they lower the body's resistance to other diseases. He called them stone age treatments. Now he "calculates" that 44% of all cancer patients survive at least five years and adds the outrageous statement that 41% are "permanently cured." This implies that if you have cancer and manage to survive long enough to reach the magic five year mark, then you have 41 chances out of 44 that the cancer will somehow disappear all by itself never to return again for the rest of your life. I've heard plenty of idiotic statements in my life, but this one should be entered in the National Championship.

The Food and Drug Administration has been even more destructive to the nation's health. One high FDA official said that he would never approve a drug application from an individual, only from a large pharmaceutical company. And those companies are only interested in patentable substances, since there's little money to be made selling natural products, compared with drugs. They have always opposed any cheap, non-patentable chemical that is useful against cancer, such as hydrazine sulfate.

Under a headline reading "100,000 killed," the Wall Street Journal related how the FDA had kept propranolol, a drug shown to ward off second heart attacks, off the market even while the Government's National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute admitted that the drug could be saving 6,500 American lives a year, or some 100,000 lives over the last 16 years. This caused the Wall Street Journal to raise the question about whether we should even have an FDA. The Journal noted that many Americans have needles sly suffered pain and death because of the FDA's "bureaucratic propensity for ignoring all sorts of possibilities for success just to avoid any slight chance of failure and embarrassment." The paper failed, however, to mention the millions of cancer deaths caused by the FDA.

Another FDA horror story is related by Frederic Jueneman in Industrial Research & Development magazine. In 1964 Eastman Kodak submitted its initial application to the FDA for a new drug approval for Eastman 910 Super Glue, which is a cyanoacrylate ester belonging to the family of acrylonitriles. Over the years its remarkable ability to stick fingers together was transferred to closing surgical incisions without the use of sutures, while leaving virtually no visible scar. The military was most interested in this new development and had no patience with FDA protocol. So in 1966 a special surgical team was flown to Vietnam, which was trained and equipped with cyanoacrylic adhesive. They experienced instantaneous and miraculous results. A quick spray on the affected areas immediately stopped the bleeding, leaving the victims amenable to conventional treatment.

Europe and the Far East soon started using the technique, while in this country the testing continued thru 1970. The FDA kept changing standards and kept requesting additional data until, finally, when the FDA requested a third long-term, expensive study, Eastman reluctantly had to call it quits. The agonizing choice was between the potential of saving thousands of lives and economic survival. With Super Glue it all boiled down to any possible long-term carcinogenicity, despite the fact that the choice to be made is actually between bleeding to death on the operating table, or at the site of an accident, and the possibility that the glue might be carcinogenic and help contribute to cancer in some people perhaps 10 to 20 years in the future. Apparently the FDA felt that it's better to bleed to death than to take a chance that Super Glue might be carcinogenic. I could give you many more examples of the corruption and stupidity of the FDA, but time does not permit.

The American Cancer Society is a blood brother to the National Cancer Institute. These two groups have interlocking directorates. People from the ACS and the NCI sit on each other's boards, and incidentally, some of these executives regularly collect reimbursement from both the ACS and the NCI. When Frank Rauscher was the NCI director, he billed both the NCI and the ACS for him and his wife when they attended ACS functions in New York and Jamaica, even down to personal expenses, including money for cigarettes. He joined the ACS as a Senior vice President in 1976.

ACS board members, who decide who gets ACS grants, actually receive grants from the same ACS themselves. In fact9 in 1976, 70% of the research money went to individuals or institutions with which the ACS board members were affiliated.

Pat MCGrady, Sr., who was the ACS science editor for 25 years before he quit that post in disgust, told reporter Peter Barry Chowka, that "Medicine has become venal, second only to the law." He added, "Nobody in the science and medical departments there is capable of doing real science. They are wonderful pros who know how to raise money. They don't know how to prevent cancer or cure patients; instead, they close the door on innovative ideas."

Now the American Cancer Society is going to throw away about 12 million dollars of contributions to study the health habits of some one million Americans for six years to find out which habits cause cancer. They can probably afford to part with the two million dollars a year for the study without having to dip into their $200,000,000 slush fund, which is invested in banking and real estate.

The survey will ask questions about cancer in the family, history of diseases in the individual, physical condition, diet, medications, vitamins A, C & E, occupation, exposure to carcinogens, how often you go to church, how often you attend club meetings, how often you participate in group activities, whether or not you were in the service, the most upsetting event in the last five years, what brand of mouthwash you use, and your smoking habits.

As most of you know, the American Cancer Society doesn't care what causes cancer and never did. This survey is just a phony attempt to re-invent the wheel. We not only know what causes cancer, but we know how to prevent it and, in the vast majority of cases, we know how to cure it.

In their survey, the ACS is not even interested in whether the survey participant eats raw fruit. Isn't it strange that one of the best preventatives of cancer, raw fruit, is not even mentioned, and the best preventative of cancer of all, apricot kernels, is not mentioned? They ask for the source of your drinking water, but don't even ask if the water is fluoridated. Fluoridated water, of course, is carcinogenic among many other things.

It's high time that this phony American Cancer Society lost its tax exemption. They could lose it on the grounds of excessive lobbying alone. They raised $180,000,000 in 1980 by fraud and deception and in 1981, their total income reached $200,000,000 for the first time.

I guess you could say that money is the greatest health hazard of all. The American Medical Association spends millions dollars for lobbying - and it pays off. In particular, in 1973, 18 congressmen who received no AMA contributions voted for the AMA position 37% of the time, on the average. In 1974, after the AMA contributed a total of $152,950 to their campaigns, they voted for the AMA position 67% of the time. In 1973, none of them voted with the AMA most of the time, but in 1974, they all voted with the AMA most of the time. Among ten random congressmen who received no money from the AMA in either year, there was no change in voting patterns.

When giving testimony to a Congressional committee, a former AMA official who had to use the name "Sore Throat" for his own protection, revealed that in making decisions on medical matters, it was the policy of the AMA to put money before all other considerations. Incidentally, this callous attitude is shared by most large industries. For example, a friend of mine quit his job as a pilot for American Airlines after many years because he refused to adopt the latest cost cutting methods which were dangerously unsafe - such as taking of f with barely enough fuel to reach his destination. He told me that some planes were landing with five minutes of fuel in their tanks. He quoted the President of American Airlines as saying, "We have no obligation to our passengers - only to our stockholders." Likewise, we could pretty well sum up the attitude of the disease industry this way3 "We have no obligation to the health of the American people - only to our pocketbooks."

There are two basic, fundamental and diametrically opposed approaches to health care in this country. The approach taken by the disease industry is to wait until you get sick and then make an attempt to get rid of or mask the symptoms. This generally involves very toxic drugs which almost invariably do more harm than good. The doctors and drug companies generally prefer to use drugs, rather than nutrients, because prescriptions are neededfordrugs, which means you must go to a doctor first. The pharmaceutical companies also make more money selling drugs than they do selling vitamins and minerals. Drugs invariably have harmful side effects, by definition.

A study published last year in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that of 815 patients admitted to a hospital at the Boston University Medical Center during a five-month period, 290 - or 36% - had suffered almost 500 medical mishaps. Of these mishaps, more than 200 were complications due to drugs, which contributed to the deaths of 15 patients. Each year many tens of thousands of Americans are being killed by their treatments, rather than by their diseases. It's been shown again and again that the standard cancer treatments kill most patients before the disease would have killed them. You can't poison, burn and mutilate the body back to good health.

The other fundamental approach to health, which is totally opposite to the conventional approach, is to prevent disease by keeping the body, mind and spirit in balance, by keeping the body detoxified and the body chemistry balanced, by keeping the organs functioning normally, as well as the immune system and the body defenses. And if you get negligent and come down with an ailment or a disease, you deal primarily with the cause of it - not the symptoms.

The ordinary medical approach to health has killed people by the millions and the holistic approach is saving the lives of the vast majority of those with cancer and other serious ailments.

Most doctors have never cured a single cancer patient with the commonly accepted methods, whereas holistic methods are curing virtually all cancer patients in the early stages, about 80% to 90% in the moderate to advanced stages, and about 50% of the terminal patients. Ordinary doctors, on the other hand, have never cured a single terminal cancer patient, by their own definition. Nearly every doctor who uses chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer is guilty of malpractice and should be hauled into court. If he persists, his license should be revoked. If he continues to kill people with these treatments, he should be tried for manslaughter or even murder.

Since the FDA has always, by and large, been controlled by the drug industry, it has approved of highly toxic and lethal drugs under the pretext that they might reduce the size of the tumor, irregardless of whether the patient's life is shortened or not. These murderous poisons are sometimes given to patients without their consent and seldom are the patients told that the drug will most likely shorten their lives, in addition to causing horrible side effects. The patients would probably be better off if they used the treatments from the middle ages. In some cases, doctors and the courts are trying to force this hideous chemotherapy on little children. And I know of two cases like this where the children did not even have cancer. Now they're even trying to force some adults to take chemotherapy against their will, on the grounds that they're not capable of making rational decisions of their own.

Some of these ghastly drugs are so deadly that it tells you on the bottle that the drug itself will kill 25 patients out of every hundred. You can imagine what the terrible side effects will be on the other 75.

Radiation literally burns the patient, often very severely and also spreads the cancer and shortens the life. Surgery, on rare occasion, may be necessary if death from the tumor is imminent, but it spreads the cancer and is traumatic to the body.

If your doctor wants to give you radiation or chemotherapy, ask him for the names of any people he has ever cured with these treatments. When a friend of mine asked the doctor this question, he never heard from that doctor again.

If your doctor tells you that chemotherapy is safe, ask him to take the drug himself so you can see for yourself if he experiences any side effects.

If they ran double blind tests on all the orthodox treatments used today, I'll bet that virtually everything would flunk the test. Even biopsies can be deadly, and this was recognized as long ago as 1922 - 60 years ago. Excellent blood and urine tests are available which not only diagnose cancer, but tell you how advanced the cancer is. Even pre-cancer can be detected.

Orthodox treatments reduce your chances to recover, even after you switch to constructive holistic methods, not to mention the time that is lost.

The National Institutes of Health released the results of a $115,000,000 study last month which, among other things, showed that men who took anti-hypertension drugs had a much higher incidence of fatal heart attacks than those not taking the drugs. This was not at all surprising because we know that drugs generally do more harm than good. The surprising thing is that they released this information publicly. Generally they either lie or coverup when their research is unfavorable to the disease industry, as they did with Laetrile.

Cancer and most other diseases are caused by toxins and imbalances in the body chemistry, often coupled with disturbances in the mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual areas of one's life.

These toxins can either enter the body from the outside -in our food, water and air - or be produced as normal metabolic wastes in the cells, tissues and organs faster than they are eliminated. Toxins will accumulate when you consume too much junk food and cooked food and not enough raw food. For most people, the diet should be at least two-thirds raw. This is the case in the Asian region of Hunza, where disease does not exist. The average life span is around 115 years and at death the soul quietly leaves the body in the middle of the night without warning. This is known as natural death.

It's not necessary for Americans to contract disease either, in spite of our stressful and polluted environment.

Dr. Wilhelm Hueper, former chief of the Environmental Studies Section of the National Cancer Institute, uncovered hundreds of carcinogens, but his reports were swept under the rug by the NCI. About 20 years ago he said, "Chemical technology is biological dynamite." In 1964 he predicted that "The workers facing the greatest health hazards today are those in the dye industry whose exposure to chemicals is far greater than that of the general public." Twelve years later, the NCI found that Salem County, New Jersey, which has the highest ratio of people employed in chemical and dye plants of any county in the United States, also has the highest cancer rate.

In spite of exposure to external carcinogens, you can still greatly reduce or totally eliminate your chances of coming down with cancer by keeping your body's immune system and defenses in good shape. This can be done by having a proper, balanced diet, along with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, tissue foods, etc. that you need as an individual, according to your own individual requirements. If you don't know what your own special nutritional and supplemental requirements are, it would be a good idea to be tested by a good doctor, practitioner or health center which specializes in the appropriate tests such as the Reams test, the Preston test, the HLB blood test and others. You can get further information from various other speakers at this conference, or from our Information Center table in the exhibit room.

The most striking preventative of cancer of all is Vitamin B-17, otherwise known as Laetrile or amygdalin. I have heard Laetrile advocates saying for years that if you eat apricot kernels every day, you will never get cancer. And, sure enough, we have yet to find a single exception to this rule. We thought we had found an exception up in New York City, when a lady called us and said she had cancer. I asked her how many apricot kernels she ate each day and she said "two." This was below the daily 6 to 8 kernels recommended by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., the codeveloper of Laetrile, and way below the 12 to 15 kernels recommended by Dr. Dean Burk, one of the foremost Laetrile experts in the world, one of the founders of the National Cancer Institute and a co-discoverer of biotin, another one of the B vitamins. In any case, about two weeks later, the lady called back and said she didn't have cancer after all. It was a mis-diagnosis.

We also conducted our own survey and were unable to find anyone who had even heard of someone getting cancer who had been eating apricot kernels regularly.

Over the years, Laetrile has been shown to be effective against cancer by many researchers in many countries, especially when it is used in conjunction with a complete program of metabolic therapy, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and diet.

However, on April 30, 1981, Dr. Charles Moertel of the Mayo Clinic stood up before a news conference and simply lied about the results of the Phase II Laetrile clinical trials which were conducted for the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Moertel falsely declared that Laetrile was not effective as a cancer treatment. The NCI stated that the clinical trials showed that Laetrile was "Totally ineffective and worthless." Dr. Moertel said, "We gave it our best shot, but we could fine nothing to recommend it to cancer patients." Now we can't let these lies go unchallenged.

First of all, they made sure that all 163 patients were terminal before giving them Laetrile. In other words, the patients had already been thru the mill with the destructive orthodox treatments which had practically destroyed their bodies.

Secondly, they used the wrong kind of Laetrile, which was impure. A pure amygdalin was offered by several researchers, but they were turned downe

Thirdly, they failed to use the anti-cancer enzymes which are an essential part of the therapy and are apparently even more effective than the Laetrile itself.

Fourthly, they gave the vitamins in extremely low dosages, even below maintenance levels. For instance, only 250 mg. of Vitamin C were given, instead of 15,000 mg. a day. At Dr. Manner's hospital, they go as high as 85,000 mg. a day. Only 400 I.U. of Vitamin A were given daily, instead of close to 1,000,000 I.U. and it was not even emulsified.

Fifthly, they made no attempt to detoxify or even to regulate bowel movements. No attempt was made to regulate the pH and no glandular support was given.

Now, keeping all these things in mind - the wrong Laetrile, the wrong metabolic therapy and the wrong patients---let's take a look at the findings:

The test results showed that 70% of the patients receiving the Laetrile injections for three weeks experienced an arrest of their cancer and were in stable condition. But after three weeks, the researchers decided to take all the patients off of their daily injections and placed them on much lower levels of Laetrile in the less effective tablet form only. Not surprisingly, a majority of those in the study then began to deteriorate and most eventually died. In other words, 70% of them stabilized for as long as they were kept on a high dosage and deteriorated only after their dosage was greatly reduced. Nevertheless, patients reported a reduction in pain. At least on patient experienced total relief from the severe pains which had required regular narcotic injections which were eventually discontinued altogether.

The NCI's own chart, which was literally whisked before observers and not referred to in its press kit, clearly revealed that 70% of the terminal patients were indeed stable at three weeks. Last year even the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that amygdalin injections were nontoxic.

Many observers came to the conclusion that the NCI tests proved that Laetrile was extremely effective in the control of cancer - far more so than any other therapy ever tested.

At the news conference. Dr. Moertal stated that 104 of the 163 patients who began taking Laetrile in July of 1980 had died and that the patients had begun showing significant deterioration after three weeks of treatment.

Under questioning by Robert We Henderson, a pharmacist from Baltimore, Moertel admitted that during the first three weeks, the patients were given shots of amygdalin in 4 gram doses. After three weeks the dose was reduced to 1 grams in tablet form.

The Mayo Clinic was much more concerned with the ability of Laetrile to reduce the size of tumors than they were with the improvement in health and the extension of life. They don't seem to realize that a tumor is only a symptom of cancer. After the testing was completed, Dr. Vincent DeVita, Directorof NCI, told the press, "The hollow promise of this drug has led thousands of Americans away from potentially helpful therapy of scientific validity. Now the facts speak for themselves."

Well, all I can say is that if Dr. DeVita were to keep his mouth shut, maybe the facts would have a better chance of speaking for themselves, but not in the way that he would wish.

If Laetrile were tested by criteria established for the yet-to-be conducted Phase III studies - the extension of a cancer patient's life - it should fare well. But Dr. Moertel stated that further studies were no longer needed, since Laetrile had "failed" the Phase II tests.

A New York Times editorial denounced Laetrile as quack medicine. How many desperate patients, asked The Times, will continue to squander their money on the stuff? The findings, said the Times, certainly should dispel "the misguided belief that patients should be free to choose their own medicine." Thomas Jefferson would roll over in his grave if he heard a statement like that. I don't see how the editor could have read the actual Mayo Clinic findings. Apparently the Times editor thinks that you and I should not have the freedom to decide what treatment, if any, we might want to use. Meanwhile the cancer death rate rose from 149.2 per 100,000 in 1960 to 181.9 per 100,000 in 1978. Apparently it is customary for the New York Times to dish out only the pre-digested pap fed to it by the disease industry and every other special interest group. About the worst hatchet job I've ever seen was done by Richard D. Lyons of The New York Times. He wrote a whole column condemning our 1977 convention. It was full of lies, distortions, half truths and, worst of all, omissions.

Then we had ex-Senator Birch Bayh, whose wife unfortunately died of cancer, write an emotional letter to the Washington Star last year which could well have cost the lives of many patients. I won't accuse Mr. Bayh of being part of the disease industry, but no nne representing that industry could have written a letter more damaging to Laetrile and to the lives of American cancer patients. Mr. Bayh is so ignorant and so misinformed that it's no wonder this country is in such bad shape if he's an example

of what our Senators and Congressmen are like. It's not really that hard to separate the facts about Laetrile from the lies and the propaganda, but apparently Mr. Bayh is not capable of doing it. He doesn't seem to know how to do his own investigating or do his own thinking. What he says in his letter sounds like an AMA press release.

Mr. Bayh tells cancer patients that there is no magic cure for cancer, which is a very misleading statement. As mentioned, cancer is about 100% curable in the early to moderate stages and about 50% curable at the so-called terminal stage, by using constructive, nutritional, metabolic, biological, nontoxic and holistic methods. He then claims that significant progress has been made in the 10-year crusade against cancer, which is an asinine thing to say when you consider that the cancer death rate continues to rise. If significant progress has been made, it's been in the area of holistic health - not the phony and extremely costly so-called war on cancer. He then says that various strains of cancer are often cured. This again is a preposterous statement because no one in the medical establishment has ever publicly admitted that they have ever even compiled any statistics on cure rates.

Then he claims that "the latest FDA study, as others before it, found that Laetrile treatment does not increase the chances of recovery whatsoever." And then he adds, "Quite the contrary." He obviously meant to say NdI study instead of FDA study, which is another indication that he never read the study - but only the false propaganda that was dished out. He then laments that a cancer patient who first turns to Laetrile loses precious time because he foregoes treatments that have been proven to have a chance of success if used early. I have no idea what treatments Mr. Bayh is referring to. As I said previously, the cancer establishment doesn't even compile cure rates. The obvious reason is that their treatments actually shorten the lives of nearly all their patients. Moreover, Mr. Bayh mentions no study showing how well Laetrile works in the early stages of cancer. We know that the earlier you begin Laetrile and metabolic therapy, the greater your chances of recovery - approaching 100% success in the early stages of cancer and actually reaching 100% prevention at the pre-cancer stage. Mr. Bayh dishes out a lot more of his ignorance in his letter, but time does not permit going any further into it.

Your body is not the property of the government. You should be free to make your own decisions as to how you will treat it, whether they be correct or incorrect. Outrageous decisions by government health agencies have led to the deaths of millions of Americans. If all government health agencies were totally abolished, this would be a much healthier country and it would even go a long way towards balancing the Federal budget.

In addition to a proper anti-cancer diet and metabolic therapy, the only unbiased and fair means for the clinical testing of Laetrile by the Government must embody the following factors as a minimum: (1) a cross section of human cancer cases in three categories, (a) patients who have had no treatment at all, (b) patients who have had surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation, and (c) control patients, comprising those to be given orthodox treatments and those who wish no treatment of any kind; (2) determine what effect Laetrile has on pain and the need for narcotics, appetite and weight change, general appearance, attitude and sense of well being, as compared with non-Laetrile patients; (3) report all undesirable side reactions of all patients and compare the overall quality of life; (4) testing must be an honest joint effort among scientific and medical personnel from within the Government as well as Laetrile proponents outside the Government. This combination of effort is vital for meaningful determinations as to the efficacy and safety of Laetrile; and (5) Laetrile should be tested as a food and vitamin and not the way drugs are tested.

The American cancer establishment shows little interest in effective, nontoxic treatments for cancer. A typical example is an extract of the bamboo bush leaves discovered in the late 1950's by a Japanese microbiologist. It is a nontoxic polysaccharide which was studied extensively at the world famous Tokyo University School of Medicine and was given the name "Hope."

In 1964, M. Oshima, M.D. then Chairman of the Japanese dancer Control Institute, presented a paper on Hope to the 35th Colloquium sponsored by the International Congress on Blood Tumors in Munich, Germany. The paper revealed that over 50% of the 69 terminal patients in Japan had recovered from cancer under clinical test conditions. Some 18 different types of cancer were involved. The results obtained in clinical testing in Germany were also spectacular. Between 1964 and 1968, extensive additional laboratory and animal testing was undertaken in Japan which further confirmed the effects of Hope against cancer. A half dozen of Japan's major institutions were involved, which involved Japan's most distinguished medical doctors and scientists.

The Japan dancer Journal stated that Hope is a nontoxic pure food substance which does not act directly against a malignant tumor, but stimulates the body's self-defense mechanisms and works against cancer on a "host mediated" basis. The Japan medical journals reported that Hope shrinks and finally eliminates the malignant tumors. Other studies reported that if Hope only helps to maintain the balance of metabolism and controls cachexia, the production of antibodies should be more favorable.

Nutritional programming was also part of the therapy and was often more intensive with terminal patients.

Japanese studies found that chemotherapy significantly reduced liver functions, but Hope plays a significant role in maintaining liver functions. It was also determined that Hope had no effect on malignant tumors after radiation therapy or on new tumors developing near a tumor treated with radiation. Thus apparently a cancer cell after radiation is damaged or dormant and will not respond to the body's.self-defense mechanisms.

It is rather obvious that the cancer industry will never make Hope available to the millions of American cancer patients.

After telling the American people for decades that nutrition has absolutely nothing to do with cancer (which probably caused numerous cancer deaths), the establishment finally is discovering many links between diet and cancer. Now we are hearing from major institutions that people who eat a lot of carrots, peaches, tomatoes, spinach and other deep red, green or yellow fruits and vegetables are less likely than others to get lung cancer. They also suggest dark salad greens (such as endive, bibb lettuce and collard greens), beets, broccoli, green and yellow squash, sweet potatoes, grapes (especially red grapes), apples (especially the skin) and persimmons. Carotine and Vitamin A were given much of the credit.

Dr. Anthony Miller, director of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, said that a diet low in fat, high in fiber, with plenty fresh fruits and vegetables can cut cancer cases by more than a third. He said that estimates of the amount of cancer attributed to diet and nutrition range from 10% to 70%. He thought that 35% was a reasonable average. (Personally I would put the figure as high as 90%) He also said that Vitamins A, C, and E may inhibit nutritionally-based carcinogenesis. (Of course, these same vitamins are used to help treat cancer) I'm glad the medical establishment is starting to join the twentieth century. I've known for the last 20 years what they're telling us now. Dr. Max Gerson was curing terminal patients 40 years ago with nutrition. The grape diet was curing cancer patients 100 years ago and it still is today.

In spite of what we know about the relation between diet and cancer, cook books for capcer patients are now appearing on the market which, if followed, would probably cause cancer in many normal people. Instead of cutting protein to a bare minimum, the books encourage almost 50% more protein than for a healthy person. One book has a recipe for apple pancakes which looks like a formula for cancer. It includes sugar, salt, eggs, milk, margarine, and powdered sugar. One recipe consists only of flour, sugar, powdered milk, an egg, butter or margarine, and a can of beer. They call that "beer bread." Have you ever heard of a beer bread cure for cancer?

It's not very well known that many degenerative diseases were nonexistent 100 years ago and the rest of them were very rare. Degenerative diseases killed less than 1% of the population in those days. Today degenerative diseases are wiping out over 90% of the American population, with heart and circulatory disease and cancer killing at least 80% of all Americans. Heart disease was totally unknown 100 years ago. In 1890, 20 years after white flour was introduced with the Vitamin E removed, heart disease was detected for the first time. It was coronary thrombosis, but the symptoms were so unusual that nobody knew what it was and it was not recognized as a disease until 22 years later when Dr. Herrick of Chicago described six cases in 1912. It was so rare that doctors even came from England to study the strange symptoms. Today that disease, coronary thrombosis, is killing off 55% of the American population.

Of course we know today that the astronomical increase in degenerative diseases is due primarily to refined, processed, and junk food, and numerous poisons in our food, water and environment.

I don't know how much raw food was consumed 100 years ago, but I do know that it is more important than ever today to eat most of your food raw to help keep the body cleansed internally because of all the toxins and poisons we encounter today. If the excess toxins are not cleaned out of the body, they will accumulate and finally interfere with the respiratory mechanism in the cells, whereupon they become malignant in order to produce oxygen.

I don't have time to go into all of the constructive methods for overcoming cancer. This has been well covered in my previous lectures which are still available and in our other literature. You will also have ample opportunity to hear about excellent treatments from many fine speakers during these three days.

We highly recommend Walter Ermer's book on cancer and my "domprehensive dancer Therapy," as well as Charlotte Gerson's appendix to her father's book and Dr. Simonton's book, "Getting Well Again," which deals with the mental side of cancer. We call these the "Basic Four" which we have found to be extremely helpful for new cancer patients. We also recommend selected issues of our "dancer Victory Bulletin," which was renamed "Health Victory Bulletin" this year. For more in-depth information, I recommend my book, "March of Truth on Cancer," as well as many other books on cancer and health at our book table.

Getting away from cancer for a moment, the disease establishment says that there is no cure for herpes. Yet Karen Bryant, who runs a health food store in Oklahoma, developed a successful treatment consisting of a mixture of rose hips and golden seal tea sweetened with honey, plus daily supplements of B-complex vitamins and Vitamin C. The Independent Citizens Research Foundation for the Study of Degenerative Disease, Inc., recommends virozyme for herpes.

Holistic health advocates have extensive documentation that thousands of cancer patients have recovered from cancer by using nutritional and nontoxic methods, but almost no news people are interested.

For example back in 1958, Dr. Max Gerson wrote a book, "A Cancer Therapy--Results of Fifty Cases," which documents the recoveries of 50 cancer patients, 48 of whom had been terminal, complete with clinical diagnoses, biopsy reports, many before and after X-rays, photographs, etc. Some of these patients are still living today. In 1946, Dr. Gerson presented five of his cured patients to a U.S. Senate committee, headed by dlaude Pepper of Florida. The world paid little attention and Sen. Pepper did nothing that I know of to bring the Gerson therapy to the world. Years later his wife died of cancer. The Gerson therapy most certainly would have saved her.

Dr. Gerson' 5 therapy is not limited to cancer. Nearly all diseases can be successfully treated by detoxifying the body, replacing the nutritional deficiencies, bringing the body chemistry into balance, and using mental and spiritual approaches. However, in advanced cases, the patient must have an intense desire to get well and must fully cooperate with the correct holistic procedures which are suggested by a well qualified practitioner or holistic health center.

The mental and spiritual side of healing should not be neglected. In addition to Dr. Simonton's book, I have included some powerful mental exercises and spiritual affirmations and prayers in my previous lectures. You don't necessarily have to be a believer for these methods to work. All that's necessary is that you give them a chance. Some of the affirmations originated from the late Dr. Benn Lewis of Washington, D.C. Dr. Lewis painted a picture of Jesus called "The Healing Christ," reproductions of which have been associated with miraculous healings. dolor reproductions are available from our Information Center. The rather poor black and white reproduction which may be in your information packet would probably work just as well for healing purposes. The picture is on the sheet describing the book, "I,John," written by Dr. Lewis. The book will be made into a major motion picture - the first major movie covering the Second doming of Jesus. If anyone wants to help ?inance this motion picture, please see me.

I believe that President Reagan has it within his pwer to give this country a cure for cancer. He or Secretary Richard Schweiker of the Department of Health and Human Services could publicly announce that genuine cures for cancer and other diseases are available and that the Government will no longer interfere with their use and will not permit the AMA or anyone else to interfere with the Constitutional right of all Americans to use the nontoxic therapies of their choice. The Government should do everything in its power to actively promote the use of effective cures for cancer and other diseases. Of course the AMA and the rest of the disease industry would cry bloody murder and squeal like wounded pigs, but just think how close we would be to total victory if the President took this courageous step. Untold thousands of lives would be saved - possibly millions in the long run. It would be the beginning of the end for the American death industry.

I applaud Senator Paula Hawkins of Florida for her efforts to investigate the National dancer Institute, but sadly, the investigation seems to have gotten nowhere, as I expected. I told you last year that Congress should stop their timid approach to the nation's health problems. In spite of their efforts, the dongress doesn't seem to know how to get to the bottom of anything when investigating the disease industry. Sometimes they receive excellent information during their hearings, but they never seem to know what to do with it. They ignored Dr. Gerson's testimony in 1946, which has cost millions of lives. They ignored the best testimony in 1976 when Senator McGovern conducted an investigation, which in itself has undoubtedly cost a million lives or more. When in the world will Congress recognize the simple truth about disease? Are they incapable of thinking for themselves? Can't they recognize truth when they see it? To paraphrase the late Sir Winston Churchill, "occasionally a man will stumble upon the truth, but he usually gets up quickly and hurries off in the other direction."

We could also have victory over disease if the communications media were to cooperate. One of the saddest spectacles that I've ever heard of was when patients of Dr. William Donald Kelley held a press conference two years ago in Los Angeles. According to J. Robert DeBragga, a recovered Raytheon executive who helped set up the press conference, not one of the 80 journalists who were present was interested in the patients who were doing fine after five years on Dr. Kelley's program. They were only interested in hearing about Steve McQueen. Mr. DeBragga will be our banquet speaker at the buffet luncheon tomorrow.

The press has been entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the American people intelligently informed of what is happening in the field of health and medicine, but most science writers today simply do not investigate, and when they do, it is unbelievably superficial. Generally, they just collect press releases and handouts from the medical establishment and this one-sided viewpoint is about all the public is ever exposed to. And the cost in human lives has been catastrophic.

Believe it or not, before printing or airing a medical or health story, most news people check it out with the local AMA office, the FDA, the NCI or someone else who parrots the party line of the disease industry. This is like getting the approval of the Mafia before publishing an expose on organized crime in America, or sending an anti-communist story to the Kremlin for clearance. How can people be so stupid?

If you write to the White House or your Congressman about effective nutritional cures and complain that the FDA is suppressing them, they send it to the FDA or they tell you that they have faith in the FDA.

I personally gave my Congressman, Herb Harris, actual proof from Sloan-Kettering of Laetrile's effectiveness and proof of the coverup of the evidence. The next time I saw him I asked him what he was going to do about Laetrile. He said he would leave that to the FDA. Since the FDA is the problem, why would the FDA ever lift a finger to solve the problem? You don't ask criminals on the loose how to solve law enforcement problems.

I think the news media should be more than a mouthpiece for the money-mad disease industry, which has killed untold millions of Americans for profit. Talk about a holocaust! It's been going on for years right here under our noses and most people have been too brainwashed to see it.

In cancer we have a thousand Watergates all rolled up into one. It's sitting there like an overripe plum, waiting for some courageous reporter to pluck it. If just one major newspaper, magazine, or TV network were to do a total investigation of Laetrile and metabolic therapy, and keep telling the truth about it, we would win the cancer war a lot sooner and save many more lives. I hope investigative reporting isn't completely dead. A pronouncement or press release doesn't determine truth. Make them prove what they claim. If they can't prove it, don't report it as a fact. Or, at the very least, say that such a statement is unsubstantiated.

About the only doctors the AMA and the government go after are those whose patients are getting well, and these doctors are losing their hospital privileges and even their licences to practice medicine and some are in jail. Now if anyone belongs in jail, it would be those doing the dirty work in the AMA, the FDA, the American dancer Society and the National Cancer Institute - and we may very well live to see the day when these criminals have to pay their debts to society for genocide. How much longer must this genocide continue?

On Sunday evening we'll have a panel discussion, with doctors who have been harassed or prosecuted by the disease industry. Dr. Ahmad Shamim and Dr. John Stauch will be among those on the panel. Dr. Stauch recently won his Federal Court harassment case at a cost of $89,000 for legal expenses. On Sunday we'll discuss ways to fight back.

One way to fight back and to stop the genocide is to have a federal Health Freedom Bill passed into law - a law with sharp teeth in it, that will allow all Americans to exercise their God-given Constitutional right to use nontoxic, nutritional and safe methods of any kind, without any interference or harassment from Government bureaucrats, the AMA or the disease industry.

In response to this need, The Arlin J. Brown Information Center formed The dancer Victory Group in 1977 to lobby for a Health Freedom Bill. The name was recently changed to Health Victory Group. Our lobbyist is syndicated columnist, Gertrude "Trudy" Engel, who got the Vitamin Freedom Bill signed into law in 1976.

Using very limited funds from our Health Victory Group, Trudy was able to win enough support from key senators to delete a very bad section from the Drug Reform Bill of 1978 (HR-11611 and S-2755), which would have given the FDA the unprecendented power to regulate drug products and drug entities intrastate (within each state), in addition to their current interstate stranglehold. If it had been passed, this section would have nullified many beneficial state laws covering various nontoxic treatments, and furthermore, it could have jeopardized the favorable Laetrile laws now passed by 24 states.

In addition, our Health Victory Group helped Trudy to support Laetrile in the successful Supreme Court Case. She helped to get a beautiful amicus curiae brief compiled for the high court and also helped with that case in other important ways.

Trudy lobbied from January thru June of this year to get a comprehensive Health Freedom Bill introduced, but since this is an election year, she encountered a lot of opposition from members of Congress who are up for re-election and don't want to anger the medical profession, at least not at this time. Consequently, she had to settle for three lesser bills introduced by Congressman Dr. Larry McDonald of Georgiai a Laetrile bill HR 980, a vitamin & mineral products bill HR 981, and a medical freedom of choice bill HR 983, which would no longer require drugs to be effective. If the courts interpret "drugs" to include non-toxic over-the-counter substances such as foods, food supplements and herbs, then we would have a very good health freedom law, although we feel that it doesn't go far enough. In any case, we havepractically run out of money and had to discontinue our lobbying efforts in July. We must now raise additional funds in order to lobby for the best possible bill starting in January, when the new Congress meets.

The way the Health Victory Group operates is that we invite everyone who believes in Total Health Freedom to send in donations on a regular basis, generally monthly. It doesn't matter how much you pledge, but if just 50 people were to contribute $20 a month, we would have the $1000 a month which we need to pay Trudy Engel to lobby for a good Health Freedom Bill.

I wish to thank the dozens of people who contributed to the Cancer Victory Group since 1977. You can take credit for the victories which we have won so far. After a good Health Freedom Bill is signed into law by the President, we'll have a Victory party for Victory Group members.

For now, one thing is sure. We need much more money than we have been getting. At an average figure of $140 a month in donations it took the Health Victory Group four years to raise enough money to start lobbying for the Health Freedom Bill. The $1000 a month cost is really a bargain compared to what most other lobbyists charge. Lump sum donations have proven to be very helpful. It's not easy to keep up with monthly donations. Only two people have fully carried out their monthly pledges and most have stopped giving altogether. But we can turn things around. If you would like to send a certain amount each month or every other month, we can give you envelopes marked on the outside with appropriate months. You can work out your own method of giving. If you could tithe just 1% of your take home pay on a regular basis, it would be a great help. That would come out to $15 a month for an annual take home income of $18,000, or $10 a month for a $12,000 income, or $20 a month for a $24,000 income, etc. Your contribution will come back to you several times over according to the spiritual law of reciprocity. You can't out give God. In addition you will reap rich dividends in terms of saving lives and preyenting suffering, which might even include our loved ones and even ourselves. It is vital that holistic healing be preserved and expanded in the United States.

We also have an arrangement with the National Heritage Foundation whereby many of you can actually make money by giving. And remember it's all tax-deductible.

In addition, many people don't realize that the Information Center constantly needs extra donations just to carry on with our regular day-to-day work. This includes a paid secretary who must respond to phone calls and written requests for help from desperate cancer patients who don't know which way to turn and need help right away. Asking for money to meet everyday expenses may not sound very glamorous but helping patients each day is the heart of the Information Center's work and this work must be supported by the contributions of those like you who care about others.

Dr. Samuel West said, "The time has come. We must stand up and be counted for righteousness or be willing to let the adversary destroy us along with our loved ones. A silent war has been going on in America and throughout the world. And because we have been kept in ignorance; we have not been able to see it. What happened in Guyana is nothing compared with what is happening here....1,400,000 are dying of heart disease and cancer every year - nearly 4000 a day."

Nutritional healing is the wave of the future and is fast becoming the wave of the present. The answer to the exhorbitant cost of health care in this country and the answer to disease is nutrition and holistic health.

We're going to win this war against disease and the enemies of health in this country - and with your help, we'll do it that much sooner. There's a form in the packet of information which each of you have received and the form reads "I promise to donate $________ every month (or every - months) to the Health Victory Group to lobby for the National Health Freedom Bill, which will save many thousands and eventually millions of lives by allowing all Americans to use nutritional and non-toxic methods of any kind to prevent and treat disease." The form is at the bottom of the sheet which reads HEALTH VICTORY GROUP at the top. The sheet sums up most everything that we feel should be included in a strong bill. Let your conscience be your guide as to the extent to which you want to support this work.

One with God is a majority and we are in the majority and we are right. Now let's use all the spiritual resources at our command in our final drive towards Victory. We don't care what your religious beliefs are. You may be an agnostic or even an atheist. But I'll give you a formula that works if you will allow it to work. If you ask God or Jesus to be with you in this health work and in everything else you do, before you say anything, do anything or contemplate anything, you'll notice a real difference in the way things go. When you have a problem, just call on this Divine Power and you'll receive assistance If you're skeptical, put it to a scientific test. It works.

Let's win as many victories as possible before the Second Coming, which must occur soon to keep the earth from destroying itself, and to pave the way for the New Age to follow - an age where truth and righteousness will prevail, and everyone will be free to work toward their own Godhood.