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The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet is a natural method of preventing and curing all types of cancer. It has delivered many positive results since its discovery, and has enjoyed a phenomenal 90 percent success rate. It was created as an alternative treatment to the sometimes-harsh conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery, which can often have unpleasant and painful side effects.

This new approach is the favoured choice by many people looking for a natural cure to cancer and as a means to stave off the onset of the disease. Its positive results mean that it is a good alternative to conventional treatments, and as its benefits become increasingly clear, the popularity of the Budwig Diet continues to spread.

Who Invented the Budwig Diet?

The inventor of the Budwig Diet was the German cancer expert Doctor Johanna Budwig. One of the most esteemed cancer researchers in Europe during her lifetime, Doctor Budwig spent her whole life searching for a cure to the disease that she believed was caused more by lifestyle and dietary habits than anything else.

Born in 1908, she died in 2003 after a lifetime dedicated to finding a natural cure for cancer. During this time she was nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times, and won the respect of her peers through her remarkable findings.

Her discovery that cancer is mainly caused as a result of the hydrogenated oils in our unhealthy modern diets was one of the most important discoveries in the history of cancer research.

Key Research

Doctor Budwig discovered through her research that the trans fats in our diets were responsible for harmful changes to the cells within our bodies. By affecting the electrical charge within the cells, cancerous cells are able to form more easily. This became a key problem that she wanted to counteract through her natural diet.

She also discovered numerous differences between the blood of healthy people and of cancer patients. These included cancer patients having lower levels of Omega 3, lipoproteins and phosphatides. Her idea was to form a diet that would limit the amount of trans fats being consumed and reverse the features of the blood that were prevalent in cancer patients.

The Budwig Diet

After years of research, Doctor Budwig created her diet. It is based on two simple ingredients that, when combined, provided a powerful anti-cancer boost. The two ingredients are flaxseed oil and quark, which is a product baring many similarities to cottage cheese.

These provide the foundation of the diet, but on top of that there are many more natural and healthy ingredients that are important to its success. These include fresh vegetables, baking soda, lentils, brown rice, oatmeal porridge and many others. This enables lots of tasty recipes to be made from the ingredients to form a diet that is long lasting and interesting.

Early Success

Only a few months after she began trialling the diet, Doctor Budwig began to see results. Her patients began to regain their strength and their tumours began to get smaller. The signs of recovery were unquestionable. When she began to perform blood tests on her patients, she also started to see changes in the red blood cells and the levels of phosphatides and lipoproteins which were more in line with those of healthy people.

The Power of Flaxseed and Quark

Flaxseed oil was chosen by Doctor Budwig because of its high concentration of Omega 3, the essential fatty acid that was lacking in cancer patients. It is not the only food to contain high levels of Omega 3, but it also has the benefit of being highly tolerant by most people and not having any adverse side effects, making it perfect for the foundation of the diet.

Quark, on the other hand, has very high levels of protein, which made it a perfect partner for flaxseed oil. The combination of the two ingredients provides a powerful formula to combat cancer, and the success of the diet has proven the initial findings of Doctor Budwig.

Restricted Foods

Just as the diet has a number of ingredients that are essential to its success, so it excludes numerous ingredients that can have a detrimental effect.

High on the list of things to avoid is sugar. Due to the manner in which cancer cells feed off glucose in order to strengthen, sugar should be completely avoided to starve the cancer cells of their energy, increasing the chances of destroying them. Any product that contains sugar should therefore be completely avoided. On top of that, all meats, supplements and anything with hydrogenated fats are also off the menu.

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