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Rene Caisse's Own Story

by Ted Britton, Editor Bracebridge Examiner

Part 1 Farewell Rene
Part 2-16: Rene Caisse's Own Story

A series of articles have been printed in her professional lifetime, some locally and other internationally, we will attempt to recapitulate some and refer to others. In Bracebridge Ontario Canada  a FAREWELL to Rene was published in the Bracebridge Examiner and written by Ted Britton  and a series of other articles by the same publisher and editor. Credits to Mr. Britton , and as obtained from Mr. Max Costello.

Sourced: Mr. Max Costello’s publishing(s) on Essiac ; “Essiac fighting the cancer in our system (100 years on)”  edited C. Macdonald.(487 pages) and http://essiacinc.com/renecaisse.htm

Part 1 Farewell Rene

“A requiem mass was held for Rene Caisse at St Josephs Catholic Church at 11.00 AM last Friday.  Nurse Caisse who died in South Muskoka Memorial Hospital . On December 26 (1978)  suffered a broken leg in a fall at her Hiram St home five week ago, from which she never recovered ( pneumonia was the cause of death)

When she died, she was 91, and had reached the summit of her professional career as the developer of ESSIAC ((Caisse spelled backwards)) , a herb tea (decoction) said by many to be a positive benefit in the treatment of cancer.  

Although marries briefly to Charles Mc Gauhey, a North Bay lawyer, one of many who benefited from ESSIAC. Nurse Caisse used her maiden name most of her life (except in some of her paintings) Rene was one of eight girls in a family of 11 children and she was the third daughter born to Joseph and Frieselde Caisse    (Potvin)   

The Caisse family moved to Bracebridge from Peterborough in the late 1800’s  before there was even a railway into the Muskoka district. Joseph  a tobacconist, died at 60, but Friselde, a seamstress and milliner, lived until she was 90 . Indeed, Frieselde  Caisse received ESSIAC Treatment in her 72 nd year, after it was found that she had cancer of the liver. Dr. Mc Gibbon, who always said he was opposed to her work, challenged her to do something about her mother’s condition. After 10 days of treatment Frieselde began to recover and, in fact lived another 18 years.

Rene’s entire life was dedicated to the nursing profession and it was during the early years of her career that she came upon  the cancer treatment  which was to dominate the rest of her life. 

It was (in fact) in Haileybury Hospital Ontario, that Rene first learned of the herbal tea(decoction)  which she believed  could cure cancer. An elderly woman who had cured herself of breast cancer years earlier, gave Rene the recipe for a herbal remedy used by the Indians (Ojibway).

Over the years which followed, Rene  refined the recipe, experimented with mice and subsequently used the finished product to treat people suffering from cancer.

Hundreds received ESSIAC at Nurse Caisse’s Bracebridge  clinic and in the late 1930’s there was  lot of public pressure to have it recognized by the medical profession as a cancer cure.

The provincial (State) government’s Cancer Commission formed in 1938. In 1939 it released a report recognizing only limited benefits from ESSIAC in the treatment of Cancer. The Commission refused to acknowledge it as a cancer cure and demanded to know the ingredients  before allowing the herbal tea to be tested further.

Nurse Caisse refused to release her formula for the ESSIAC and continued to do so until she handed it over to the Resperin Corporation early last year.  Throughout her long struggle with the Cancer Society and the medical profession  in general. Nurse Caisse insisted that if she were to hand over the formula to the medical establishment her cancer treatment would be shelved forever.

In tests conducted during 1977 two Ontario doctors concluded that ESSIAC was totally useless in treating 40 patients with various forms of cancer. Nurse Caisse dismissed the tests as just one more attempt by the medical profession to discredit her and subsequently (many years later) handed her formula over to the Resperin Corporation. Which is controlled by the uranium mining magnate, Steven Roman of Toronto. Resperin agreed to pay Rene  $250 (Canadian dollars) during the test period and a share of any profits, should the treatment ever be placed on the market

“In comparison to the amounts of money offered to her for her formula over the last 50 years  including (in 1938) one offer of 1 million dollars  The Resperin payment was not all that generous. (Test period 6 month  26 weeks at 250 /wk = $6,500 )  Nevertheless Rene Caisse believed that the time had come to hand her formula over to somebody and she clearly believed Resperin had the ability to get the Essiac approved as a cancer treatment."

Part 2: Rene Caisse's Own Story

When Rene was asked the question, Why do you not write your story and battles?

“I have been asked many times why I did not write the story of my battle over the past 30 years with the “Powers that Be”  in the Medical world over my ESSIAC Treatment for cancer. One reason is that the Cancer Control Society in my opinion is the richest and most powerful organization  in the world. More powerful than any government and are answerable to no law of any country.  They have their own police, they set up their own courts of law to deal with any one who is daring enough to have the courage of his convictions, and tries to evolve anything that is beneficial in the treatment of Cancer, which is my opinion their monopoly. 

"I believe that they also control the press, at any rate it is not healthy for any paper to print anything favourable about cure for cancer. You know that when a cure for cancer is accepted, it will revolutionize  the present day method of treatment, and you may be sure the Cancer Control Commission will never allow that to happen. They would also lose control of all the moneys  given them so freely for Cancer Research. This in my opinion they will never allow to happen, even though they have had so much money for research, they have not in fifty years been able to offer the world even a hope of a real cure for this most  of  diseases ( same applies nowadays 1998)  ( Cancer control society always opposed her) 

"Statistics show that in the four years of the World War 2  the United States of America lost approximately 284,000 men and in the same four years the USA lost approximately 672,000 of their population from Cancer. (approximately the same ratio is applicable from the end of the second world war to 1998, Cancer statistics show increases in each annual death rate) 

"Still nobody did a thing about it, but give and give more money to the Cancer Society  Any other effort that took in this long to develop something at least promising  would be considered not worth supporting. But the public are only told what the Cancer Society want them to be told, and the gullible public accept anything they are told. (by the so called authorities)  

Radiation causes Cancer, and this is the only thing the medical  world has to offer as a beneficial treatment for Cancer. It is in my opinion that it might destroy a growth, but it eventually kills the patient.  Two gentlemen came to  Canada from New York to find out first hand about my work on Cancer patients. I told them all I could about it, but they wanted to talk to the doctors and get their opinions but were politely told that it was not healthy for any doctor to talk about or know anything in favour of ESSIAC Treatment. Though they had all in the past years given diagnoses to the patients coming to see me for ESSIAC Treatments for Cancer and had seen these patients recover, but they dare not express a favourable opinion of the treatment , even though they have seen  these same patients living and well for many years after they had been given at most a few months to live. Rather than admit that ESSIAC was beneficial, they would admit to making mistaken diagnoses ( the same is true in the 1990’s)

The Cancer Society demanded pathological diagnoses, and when I presented patients cured, who had the report of Pathologist, the head doctor of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario Dr. Noble got up and said before the Commission that even the pathologist could be wrong, and he was speaking of their own pathologist.

Then every once in a while, I would have the medical Policemen visit me and threaten me with arrest, if I continued to treat Cancer patients, so I decided to give up the work that was doing so much for suffering humanity.  One person cannot fight this kind of opposition ( later it was done)  I was and am sincere in wanting to help Cancer sufferers, and I did just that, for forty five years .  People still write, phone or come to my house begging for the treatment, because they know someone that  I cured years ago, who is still living and well, but I have to turn them away or be taken to court and if I give the medication out for self administration, there is a seven year penitentiary sentence facing anyone who gives out anything to help Cancer patient.  So it is my opinion that the Cancer Control Commission will continue to take the public’s and our government’s monies, but will never admit a cure for Cancer. 

In spite of everything that has been said to the contrary,  I have always been, and am still willing to turn over my formulae to the medical association any time that they will assure me that it will be used to help suffering humanity, and that it will not be shelved in favour of present day methods of treatments; after the hearing of my case (1938) before the Cancer Commission of Ontario, they know that it has merit.     

PT 3
Scientists have discovered in the tombs in the Pharaohs that Cancer (and now even Aids)  has plagued mankind for thousands of years. Millions have been spent and are being spent yearly in treatment and research by our greatest medical specialists to find the remedy to crush out its existence. Today, the only remedies  in general practice and recognized by the medical profession, as the result of the above efforts are surgery, radium, and deep X- Rays therapy       ( note chemo was not an option at this time)   The disease, however, has spread and in spite of health measures and publicity to point its cause in early treatment, it has steadily increased until now (even 1998)  it has become the second greatest cause of death in the world today.

Statistics show that the alarming increase of this readied  menace  is such that it is a only matter of time, when in the near future, unless a breakthrough is found, it will be first on the mortality list. It is quite apparent , therefore, that surgery, radium, and deep x ray are not the answers. (even with present day 1998 chemotherapy added to the above list)   It does seem that ultimate success does not lie in this direction. In fact in this day of radioactive fallout they have found that radium radiation is causing cancer, instead of curing it. ( still true 1998)   True, cancer taken in the early stages is being treated more or less successfully in some cases  by these remedies and a vast organized campaign is being waged to bring the knowledge of this fact into every home in the land “ SEE YOUR DOCTOR FOR A CHECKUP AND A CHECK” is their slogan ( still in vogue today 1998)       “ See your doctor immediately if you have any reason to suspect that you have the disease”  is what they say.

Unfortunately, there are very few physicians who can diagnose cancer, or very few symptoms to warn the individual or the doctor, in the majority of cases. Especially in many internal afflictions there are few, if any noticeable symptoms and in the majority of these cases, the disease is too well established or rooted before the doctor or his patient even suspect its presence.  

Cancer generally follows the line of least resistance and does not cause pain or even inconvenience, in its early stages, until it has invaded an organ or nerve center. It may be slow in the development and in such cases is most deceptive and difficult to discover or feel. It may develop rapidly and make itself felt early, when it can be fairly easily be diagnosed and treated  A slow growing cancer may not bother a person for years until it affects a vital organ. In its rapid growth, however, a few months of progress may make it too late for the surgeon’s knife and the deep x -ray therapy may only scatter it to other parts; while radium. Drives it in instead of out and burns the surrounding tissue.  I believe that radium used in too heavy doses, is the prolific cause of further cancer in the destroyed burnt tissue. 

Once the cancer gets into the glands to any extent, medical science accepts defeat.  In many cases, infected internal glands cannot be treated by any of the above mentioned methods. The same applies to all vital organs. If the affected part can, in its infancy be cut out by surgery before the malignancy starts shooting out its fine spider web like tentacles, a cure is sometimes effected.  Once, however, the cancer becomes active and starts to travel to any extent, as it does along the line of least resistance, following its insidious relentless course, any destructive agency applied to the human body can only do more harm (still true today 1998)  ( if the surgeon knife happens to cut the cancer tissue and cells escape into the blood stream then it spreads metastases to other parts of the body).  

The shock to the system may slow up its activity  and you can stop its course for a time, but the shock must of necessity have a more deleterious effect on the human body.  The body in its weakened condition, is less able to resist the subsequent ravages and the more deeply penetrating action of this Dreadful scourge, which soon makes itself felt in rapid loss of weight and inevitable torture and gradual starvation. 

It is reasonable to conclude that no destructive agent can be successfully applied to eradicate a cancerous growth which has more power in its wildly growing cells in a living organism and their destructive ability, than the resistant ability of any organ  in the human body.  The malignancy is born of some freak of nature which has reversed the process of renewing wasting tissue and building up healthy cells.

PT 4
Malignant cells form and feed upon the healthy ones. I believe that there is an interchange of substances between the malignant cells and the healthy cells of the body absorbing from the healthy cells, that which is required for their growth and development  while they throw off into the human body, something which emaciates and destroys it.  In this Dreadful growth the healthy tissue is destroyed until finally a living destructive organ dominates and spreads its evil shape without resistance. ( Intra cellular communications Scientific American) 

The Cancer Research Foundation once announced that they were giving two doctors in Toronto ( Ontario Canada)  a grant of  $226,503.00 to let them prove  that viruses cause cancer. The virus theory was brought out by two scientific doctors from Liverpool ( England) years ago and these doctors were brought over to America to prove their theory and were discredited because they were not able to reproduce the same results here that they had obtained in their own laboratories.

I do not believe that cancer is caused by viruses, but I can readily believe that a malignant mass can create viruses and that is where the interchange of substances between malignant cells and the healthy cells take from healthy cells, and in the exchange throw of viruses into the healthy cells, in order to weaken and destroy them  I feel sure that if viruses are discovered, it will be in this area.   As for cancer being hereditary, my experience with many thousands of patients tells me that it is- in some cases.  I do not mean that one inherits the actual growth, but that one can inherit a predisposition to the disease and any destruction of the cells in these people will set up a malignant growth . However, at the present time there are babies being born with malignancy, of parents who have no history of cancer at all. This, I believe is caused by radioactive fallout.

The Cancer Society has been in existence for over fifty years ( from the date of interview) and everyone donates to their support , hoping each year that they will find something beneficial in the treatment of this Dread disease, which is claiming so many of our loved ones, but up to date they know not the cause, nor the cure ( still very true 1998)   I have in my possession, an old pocket encyclopedia which was written in 1901 , edited by Dr. George M Gould and Dr. Walter L Pyle of Philadelphia ( formerly editors of International Medical Magazine) in which they define “CANCER”  “A malignant tumour characterised  by a network of connecting tissue. The areola of which are filled with cell masses resembling epithelial cells . Recent observation seems to point to its micro-organismal origin and infectious nature Local carcinoma are described under a different heading” (unquote) 

I doubt whether the present day statistics could tell you anything more about cancer, after these years of research than this.  An examination of the value of medical treatments, especially the obsession that destructive treatment by surgery, radiation, and nitrogen mustard-like drugs is the only treatment worthwhile, combined with a willingness to investigate, could lead to the eventual cure of cancer. Such a cure will probably be obtained after the discovery of some biochemical variation between the malignant cells and the healthy cells. ( 1998 this is still valid deduction)  

 It has been found in post mortem that individuals have had cancer during their lives  without knowing of its existence and the cancer has increased to the extent that all that remained was the evidence that destructive work had at one time  been done and stopped. Nature had either supplied the body with the resistance or more probably, the human system ceased to supply the malignant cells with the material vital to its existence, the human body cannot stand the havoc and destruction caused by any external irradiating or lethal agent such as radiation, which is strong enough to destroy a living cancer, including healthy tissue ( still a valid theory of 1998 which we now call the Immune system) 

My (ESSIAC) Treatment is non-toxic herbs given by hypodermic injections into the muscle. The treatment goes to the seat of the trouble no matter where it is, whether internally or on surface and gives to the healthy cells, the strength to resist  the demands of the malignant cells for the substance upon which the malignancy thrives, thus causing a recession of the malignant cells from the healthy cells, which have become stronger.  “ESSIAC” Treatment consists of an intramuscular injection, followed by medication given orally to purify the blood and carry off any infection thrown off by the destruction of the malignant cells ( excretion of necrotic tissues)   Both of these medications are made from non-toxic herbs.

PT 5
I was Head Nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in northern Ontario town (Canada) which I saw an elderly lady being bathed by one of my nurses and noticed that one breast was just a mass of scar tissue, so I asked about it. This lady told me that years before, she had come out from England to the wilds of northern Ontario to join her husband who was prospecting out there. She developed cancer and she said an Indian told her to make a tea out of certain herbs and drink it. 

She did this for over a year and the breast healed and although she was nearly eighty years of age, had never had recurrence.

I was very interested and wrote down the names of the herbs she had used. Knowing that at the time, doctors threw up their hands when cancer was discovered in a patient, my thought was that if I should ever develop cancer, I would use it.  A year later, I was an aged to retired doctor whom I knew well and we were walking in his garden, when he took his cane and lifted a weed and said to me.

“ Nurse Caisse if the people would use this, there would be little or no cancer in the world.” 

I later discovered that this was one of the herbs that Mrs. M had told me about. ( my mother a Mohawk told me the same thing when I was 8 years old, I was told never(pipi) (urinate) on it, it is (plant)  a life saver, and you never get really sick if you use it in the seasons)      (this will be explained later on ) 

Some time later, I got word that my mother ‘s only sister had been operated on in Brockville ( Ontario Canada)  and the doctors had found that she had cancer of the stomach with a liver involvement . They gave her at the most six months to live. 

I hastened to her and her doctor Dr. R. O Fisher of Toronto (Ontario), whom I knew well (having nursed patient for him many times) was there, so I told him about the herb tea and asked his permission to try it under his observation.  He gave me his consent and was so impressed with the results that he gave me other hopeless cases to treat for him. (Incidentally my aunt lived for twenty one years after my treatment)  

Other doctors hearing about me from Dr. Fisher, asked me to treat patients for them after everything medical science had to offer, had been used and failed (medical rejects, same applies in 1998)  They too, were impressed with the results, so much so, that they got together and had me treat an old man whose face was eaten away and he was bleeding so badly that they said he could not last more than 10 days.  My Treatment stopped the bleeding and the face healed and lived for six more months (note the treatment was also encompassing the salve)

On the strength of what those doctors saw with their own eyes eight of them signed a petition to the Department of National Health and Welfare ( Canada; in Ottawa Ontario Capital of Canada)   Asking that I be given facilities to do independent research of my discovery. 

This petition dated at Toronto on October 27 th 1926
ATTACH COPY  ( blue book)

In the meantime Dr. Fisher had shown me how, by elimination of the protein content, it could be given by injection. It took about two years to find out just what ingredients could be given hypodermically without a reaction, and by elimination, we found the ingredients that directly reduced the growth of the cancer. However, I found that the other ingredients which could not be injected, were necessary to the treatment, in order to carry  the destroyed tissue and infections thrown off by the malignancy, so by giving the injection to destroy the mass of malignant cells and giving the medicine orally to purify the blood , I was able to get the best results.

The Department of Health and Welfare, after receiving the Petition signed by the doctors, sent two doctors from Ottawa to have me arrested. But they found that I was working with nine of the most eminent doctors in Toronto and heard their opinions they did not arrest me – in fact one of them Dr. W. C. Arnold became so interested  that he arranged to have me work on mice at the Christie Street Hospital Laboratories with Dr. Norich and Dr. Lockheed.  These mice were inoculated with Rous Sarcoma. I kept these mice alive for fifty two days, which was longer than anyone else had been able to do.

Later I did a series of mice with two other doctors and kept these mice alive for 72 days. Then I made an appointment with Dr. Frederick Banting (of insulin fame) After reading my case notes, he examined the pictures of the man with the face cancer ADD PHOTO and said.   

 “ Miss Caisse I will not say you have a cure have for cancer but you have  more evidence of a beneficial treatment for cancer than anyone in the world”.    (This is still true in 1998 if the true original formulation is used).  

He (Dr. Banting) advised me to make application to the University  of Toronto for facilities to do deeper research; he even offered to share his laboratory in the Banting Institute with me and work with me.  However, in making application to the University, I had to give them my formula. Thereby they would have my formula and could refuse my application.  That is when I decided to prove it on its own merit, without assistance if necessary and it was necessary.  Dr. F. G. Banting approved my decision.  

I well remember the first injection of the medication; Dr. R. O. Fischer called me and said he had a patient from Lyons, New York, who had cancer of the throat and tongue and he wanted me to inject it into the tongue. Well I was nearly scared to death as there was a violent reaction  a severe chill and the tongue was swollen so badly, the doctor had to press it down with a spatula to let the patient breath. This lasting about twenty minutes, then the swelling went down, the chill subsided and the patient was all right. In fact the cancer stopped growing and the patient went home and lived quite comfortable for almost four years. 

It was then that we first started eliminating one substance, then another, until I found out which ingredient actually stopped the growth of the malignancy and could be given by injection, without causing any reaction. However, we found that this was not enough. The other ingredients were necessary to purify the blood while the growth was being destroyed, so we decided that along with the injection., I would give the medicine orally. This brought quicker results than just giving it orally, as I had been doing up to that time.

(The law of Ontario) MEDICAL ACT CHAPTER 234  Sec 51 “ Penalty for practising without registration”  “ No person not registered shall practice medicine, surgery or midwifery for hire, gain or hope of reward and if any person not registered pursuant to this Act, for hire, gain or hope of reward practises or profess to practise medicine surgery  or midwifery , or advertise to give advice in medicine , surgery or midwifery , he is guilty of an offence and on summary conviction ( misdemenor )is liable to a fine of not less than $50 and not more than $100  for the first offence, and for any subsequent offence to a fine not less than $200 and not more than $500.   R.S.O. 1950 c.228,s.49”   (  Note; It is only the practice of medicine if “for hire, gain, or hope of reward” have they feared competition?”)

Doctors then started sending their patients to me at my apartment until I had about thirty a day. I had to give up and leave the city because the other tenants in the apartment house where I was living  objected, in any case I did not make any charge and could not afford  to carry on there, so I went to Peterborough and rented a house I no sooner moved in than the College of Physicians and Surgeons sent a policeman to issue a warrant for my arrest

When this man talked to me he said “ I am not going to issue this warrant. I am going back to talk to Dr. Noble, my Chief” I did not see him again. Next day I wrote to the Honourable Dr Robb Minister of Health and asked for a hearing. I received a letter back granting me a hearing on the following Monday at 2 PM. I contacted the doctors who had given me the patients. Five of them came with me, with about twelve patients. 

We were received very graciously at Queen’s Park by Dr. Robb The Honourable Dr. B T Mc Gee ( Deputy Minister and Dr. Cunningham of the Department of National Health and Welfare. 

After I had presented my case, Dr. Robb said I could carry on, providing that patients came to me with their doctors diagnoses and that I did not charge (supra )  He said that I would not be interfered with. I told him that my ambition was to prove Essiac treatment on its own merit and make it acceptable to the medical profession. 

I had become an independent research worker and he said he admired my courage so I started out again , quite proud and happy, never Dreaming of the opposition I would meet.  I few days later I had a phone call from Dr. Albert Bastedo of Bracebridge (Ontario) who had sent me a patient with cancer of the bowel. Dr. Bastedo he was so impressed with the results of this case that he had gone before the Bracebridge Town Council and had persuaded them to offer me the Old British Lion Hotel building as a clinic, if I would come back to my home town to practice. 

He persuaded me to accept this offer. The mayor and Council were very enthusiastic and with their aid and that aid of friends, relatives and patients, I furnished an office, dispensary, reception room, and five treatment rooms. Here I worked for almost eight years “ Cancer Clinic” sign on the door.

Doctors sent or brought their patients to me .Doctors from many parts of the United States came to watch me treat, to examine patient and observe results . Patients came from far in ambulances, but after having a few treatments, they were able to walk into the clinic by themselves They came from far and near.

Here, almost eight years, I treated thousands of patients, most of them given up as hopeless, after everything in medical science had failed. I always had faith that if I could accumulate enough proof of the different kinds of cancer, demanded by the Cancer Society that they would eventually be glad to accept ESSIAC as a Treatment for cancer I did not know then of an organized effort to keep cancer cure from being discovered ( the same is still on going)   

At this stage I was beginning to feel the pressure brought to bear on the doctors who were giving diagnoses. Patients would come to the clinic without written diagnoses from their doctors, and since I just had permission to treat patient who came from their doctors with a written diagnose, I had to turn them away. They would beg me to treat them and no doubt brought pressure to bear on their family doctors, who would give them a diagnose reluctantly. It was very heartbreaking at times. Sometimes visiting doctors would examine these patients and give a written diagnose in pity for the patient.

Some people from Chicago, who knew of my work, persuaded Dr. John Wolfer of Northwestern University, Medical Division Alumni Association of Chicago, to have me treat patients in the Clinic under the observation of their doctors.  Dr. B…. (a consultant) specialist )  took me to see Dr. Wolfer and read the histories of the cases I was to treat- all hopeless cases, I looked them over and asked. “ When would you like me to start” 

He looked surprised, because he had expected me to turn them down (so he told me later),   When they arranged that I should be in Chicago and treat these patients under the observation of five doctors every Thursday , Dr. B…. asked me on the way back to my friends, why I had accepted these terrible cases.

 “ I will show results that will surprise them even in this late stage of the disease”   I said “enough to interest the most skeptical of them”  and I did.  They later offered to open a clinic in the Passavant Hospital in Chicago for me, if I would stay in the United States. 

For many years I took delegations and groups of cured patients to the Department of Health , always accompanied by doctors and members of the Council asking that my treatment be recognised  

The Bill was presented by the Honourable Leopold Mc Caulley and J. Frank Kelly Liberal members of Parliament.  Three hundred patients, my pastor, the Mayors of Bracebridge and Huntsville and many prominent citizens accompanied me to a Legislative Committee of fifty nine members. 

In spite of all the evidence I had, I lost out by 3 votes. It was because of this Bill that the first Royal Cancer Commission of Ontario was formed (It came to light that the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) had debated my case with the legislature before my hearing and had promised that if the Bill was not passed they would set up a Commission and give my Essiac Treatment a fair investigation.

In my opinion that the hearing of my case before the Cancer Commission was one of the greatest farces ever perpetrated in the history of man  (The Commission Hearing , original copy is on hand  with the company who has the only true complete original ESSIAC Treatment”)  Over three hundred and eighty patients came to be heard and the Commission limited the Hearing to forty nine patients.  Then in the report, stated that I had only taken forty nine patient to be heard ( refer to  official transcripts).  That X - Ray reports were not acceptable as a diagnosis and that the forty nine doctors  had made wrong or mistaken diagnoses   It is a sad state of affairs if doctors can diagnose an affliction as “Cancer” and send the patient home with a few months (at most ) to live, if they are not cured. 

In the forty nine cases examined by the Ontario Cancer Commission, the majority of these had more that the diagnosis of one doctor; some of them had three or four doctors and were told they had cancer and were treated for malignancy before coming to me for Essiac Treatment.

The Cancer Commission, at the hearing, admitted that every patient presented had benefited or had been cured by ESSIAC;  many of them with pathological findings and reports- but they said that the doctors had all been mistaken in diagnosing the cases. Over three hundred patients were waiting to be heard, but the Commission stated that they had seen enough to give a report. 

They made a big thing of my not giving the formula, but did not state that I had for years been offering to give it to them, provided they would admit some merit for Essiac on the clinical proof I presented and assure me that it would be used. Under these conditions I would have gladly given it to them, but they would not give me assurance that it would not be shelved, so I kept my secret and they just published that "I refused to give up the formula”.

Dr. Emma M Carson MD of Los Angeles examined over four hundred patients in my clinic and her letter for publication said; ( the original copies are the possession of the company which has only true complete original formula Essiac)  

“Several prominent physicians and surgeons  who are quite familiar with the indisputable results obtained in response to Essiac treatment and who have also asserted  their intense interest  in Cancer research work, conceded to me that Rene M. Caisse ESSIAC Treatment is the most humane, satisfactory and frequently successful remedy for annihilation of cancer that they had found up to this time” ( also true in 1998)   

Dr. B. L. Guyatt MD Curator and instructor of Anatomy at the University of Toronto Ont, .followed my work for over three years, coming frequently to the clinic and examined patients, I will quote from his letter. ( on hand with the company who has the only true complete original formula of ESSIAC Treatment and all formulas plus the galenical formulations) 

“The first and most noticeable response observed in this clinic “ Caisse Clinic” waiting room  is the cheerfulness and optimism of the treated patients. This fascinated me-the Treatment received appeared to be attacking the disability from the angle which had greatly interested me. In most cases, distorted countenances became normal and pain was reduced as treatment proceeded. The relief from pain is a noticeable feature, as pain in these cases is very difficult to control. On checking authentic cancer cases it was found that  haemorrhage was readily  brought under control in many difficult cases. Open lesions of lip and breasts responded to the treatment. Cancer of the cervix, rectum and bladder had been caused to disappear. Patient with cancer of the stomach, diagnosed by reputable physicians and surgeons have returned to normal activity. The number of patients treated in this clinic are many hundreds and the number responding wholly or in part,  I do not know, but I do know that I have witnessed in this clinic a treatment which bring about restoration, through destroying the tumour tissue and supplying that something which improves the mental outlook of life and facilitates re-establishment of physiological function. It is my privilege to do all in my power to bring cancer sufferer, this remedy “ESSIAC” (note; not a drug) which has brought relief and restored health to many in the past.”

Dr. Guyattt visited my clinic at Bracebridge almost every month for a period of three years, but in spite of these good reports (and without proof or evidence to the contrary ) and the petitions by the doctors the Commission reported that they had found no benefit in the treatment . I asked for a hearing by the Registrar of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (Ontario)  and had an answer that if I treated any more patients they would take my to court.

PT 8
Knowledge destroys the occult in medicine and transforms it into science, not, however until the profession is permeated with the fact and common sense statement that “Truth is before any other consideration”.   

This should be the scientific spirit in the treatment of cancer or any other disease.  The profession has been moving along so-called scientific lines and not natural lines, and it is my opinion that the dictation of a few men, is faithfully followed by general practitioners without question. It is my opinion that if anyone steps out of line and does his or her own thinking and accomplishes anything out of the ordinary with medicine and methods generally  unknown , the dictators ostracize and condemn them without a fair investigation.  No matter how much greater his or her accomplishment is than those of the dictators they are “quackific” and not scientific He or she is a quack and an exploiter. The true facts are that the lone thinker (as in my case), has become so absorbed, have been exploited of everything they possessed.

The prevailing spirit of modern medicine has been that of striving for dominance and domination rather than direction. The fact of the matter is, that it lies with broad-minded laymen to take a firm stand.  Then the lone thinker, who have achieved success in the treatment of cancer, may have an opportunity to demonstrate the method and success he or she is having in the treatment of this Dread disease.

Having selected (randomly)  twenty six of the many patients treated with ESSIAC years ago, I wrote  to each one to find out if they were still living. To my surprise I received signed and witnessed statements from twenty one (out of 26) who were still living without recurrence for over twenty years.  I cannot understand what greater proof the Medical Association  requires before admitting that ESSIAC is at least beneficial . Most of these patients were given a few months to live, by the respective doctors before coming to me.

Medical science has nothing to offer the cancer sufferer but X Ray, radium, and surgery. ( even today it is still facts except they added the toxic chemotherapy)   Radiation they now admit, had the opposite effect ( but they still use it in 1998)  it causes cancer instead of curing it.  We all know how little medical science has achieved in the field of medicine so I will not elaborate on it ( even in 1998 the medical statistics show the same achievements)  

There was just one incident in the eight years of running my weekly clinics at Bracebridge that marred the serenity of my work and I will never forget it.  A patient Mrs. Gilrouth, walked into my treatment room, I gave her a treatment  and she immediately Dropped dead . I had treated over fifty patients that day with the same medication and they were all fine.

There were two doctors but she was dead before they could do anything. I remembered that her doctor had told me that this could happen any time from an embolism. Her two sons who were with her , told me that their doctor had warned them that this could happen anytime . They said that she had a weak spell that morning and they did not want to bring her for treatment, but she had insisted on coming. ( a person may die anywhere at home, on the street, in church etc.)

Her doctor had told me over the telephone, that she had this condition, plus an ulcer which would not heal, and that he would appreciate it very much if I would treat her for relief I could give her . He sent me a written diagnosis of her case. Needless to say, I was very upset, but I had to continue treating the patients who had come from long distances. They were all anxious to have their treatments in spite of what had happened.

The C.M.A. ( Canadian Medical Association;) were notified and they blasted me in all the papers and (big) headlines:  “Woman dies after treatment at Caisse Cancer Clinic in Bracebridge“ etc. ( they never publish the deaths in hospitals because it means in autochthon language( generally and erroneously known as an Indian) “( a place where you go to die”) 

Two head pathologists, Dr. Robinson and Dr. Frankish from Toronto came to do an autopsy.  They did not arrest me but held a “court” and gave me a trial by Jury” of twelve men. ( this was most probably a coroner’s inquest”)

The judge was Dr. Samirlie Lawson of Toronto. Somehow it got out that I could not find the written diagnosis from her doctor.- it was mislaid , but I found it before appearing in court. I did not have time to tell my lawyer  that I had found it, so they were surprised when the Crown attorney (State attorney in the USA)  asked me if I had a written diagnosis for this case and I presented it to him . The fifty eight patients I had treated that day were all in court to testify for me , and Mrs. Gilrouth’s husband and her two sons also testified for me. The pathologists went out of their way to assure the jury that this would have happened whether she had come for treatment or not- if I was completely exonerated from all blame.  There were no excuse for putting me through this ordeal. They did not close my clinic so I carried on as usual. Why did they have me up on trial? If  they had waited for the report of the autopsy  by their own pathologists, there would have been no necessity of a trial because the report read. “

"Death occurred as the result of an embolism in the pulmonary artery; a condition brought about a varicose condition. Pulmonary embolism had been evident for years."

The inquest mentioned last week into the death of Mrs. Giltrouth was conducted by Dr, S. Lawson of the Attorney General’s Department  And Dr. E. G. Ellis  Coroner of Bracebridge Prof Robinson, Prof of Pathology at University of Toronto (one of the most distinguished pathologist on the continent) and Dr. Edgar Frankish, the Medical Legal expert of the Attorney General’s department made the post mortem examination on Mrs. Gilrouth . Professor Robinson said that Dr. Frankish had taken certain organs to Toronto to study. The cause of death , Dr. Frankish said, was a large circular embolism in the pulmonary artery. The cause of death in his report was “ Pulmonary Embolism” Professor Robinson said that in one of the clots he found two fibrous tissue cells and he knew that  the clots were not new. “ In any event” he said “there would have been no time between the Essiac injection and death for such a clot to form.” 

He agreed with dr. Frankish that death was due to pulmonary embolism. I have asked myself many times why they subjected me to this trial. Was it to afford publicity that would make the patients and public less confident in the efficacy of ESSIAC  as a beneficial Treatment for cancer?  If it was it failed its purpose, because more and more patients came for treatment after the trial, than had been before, and more doctors visited my clinic to see for themselves what was going on.

It seems so many years ago that I was a young nurse full of enthusiasm for my work and love and respect for the profession I had chosen, and full of love and respect for the doctors I had worked with  (Really nurses were glorified waitresses for the medical profession)  Doctors in that day were dedicated men. (not the bureaucratic monopolistic dictatorship of the authorities governing the practice. This is still true 1998) Their oath meant something to them ( Now they don’t even take the Hippocratic oath)   Their lives were dedicated to the healing of the sick, the helping of suffering humanity in every way possible . It was a privilege to be called to the bedside of the sick who needed them . There are still such doctors today (1940’s 1950”s )   but the are servile to the “powers that be” and cannot do as they would wish to do. ( Just imagine what it is in the 1998  house calls, caring for the patient , that is in the past just like the oath)   I found this out when I tried to prove the merits of ESSIAC – Herbal Treatment  for Cancer independent of the Cancer Society.

After trying for over twenty-five years and presenting every possible type of proof demanded to have my discovery of “ESSIAC” accepted by the medical profession, it is my opinion that  cancer is a closed book, ( still true in 1998)  because if any cancer cure was discovered and accepted it would revolutionise  the whole present day method of Treatments. It would do away with Radium, deep x ray and to some extent surgery, as treatments of cancer    ( in modern days include chemotherapy)   It would also lose for the Cancer Organisation control of the millions of dollars freely given by our government and the public in the hope of finding a cure for this Dread disease. ( now the word millions can be changed to BILLIONS) 

It is also my opinion that this Organization has powers beyond and not subjected to our common laws. They have their own police and their own courts of law where they were here and report upon everything presented as a cure or beneficial treatment for Cancer. ( the 1938 Commission did not only hear the case of Essiac, but heard others,)  All these hearings are held “in camera” (not public hearings) and their report is accepted.  The discoverer of the treatment has no comeback. I speak with authority, because I was subjected to such a hearing at such a loss, as this summary tells of my hearing before the Ontario Cancer Control Board in 1938. ( the original transcripts are the property of the company which produces the only true complete original ESSIAC )  

The cases have been numbered for convenience and in the following analysis, the forty nine cases are referred to by number only;
 Recoveries attributable to Radiation                  3
Recoveries attributable to surgery                      1
Recoveries attributable to Essiac                       1
Recoveries attributable to Radiation & Essiac    1
Improvement claimed from Essiac                     2



#10 Recovery_  Essiac only
“X Ray April 1937 large growth at the outlet of the stomach too extensive for removal X- Ray September- no sign of growth or scarring X- Ray October very marked improvement over those taken in April. The first and last sets were done in the same lab. It is believed the original reports were contradictory- an extensive cancer in or about the stomach could not disappear without leaving a scar and this should be detected by X-Ray.”

#12  Stomach          Essiac only
X - Ray report “ Probable suspicion of cancer”

#16  Stomach             Essiac only
X- Ray “ Growth” After some treatment says “he passed it” (4’ long,3/4” wide)

#18  Rectum               Essiac only
X-  Ray report “none of the usual symptoms of cancer of the rectum

#29 Stomach                  Essiac only
Getting better

#30    Colon                    Essiac only
Improvement  “X - Ray Diagnosis not positive”

# 36  Bowel                         Essiac only

#41  Colon                               Essiac only
Lump smaller

# 46  Rectum                        Essiac only
Recovery; X- Ray “discharge of pus from rectum after first treatment. Wrong diagnosis

# 48   Rectum                        Essiac only
After some treatment something broke. Large discharge of pus with immediate relief.  Wrong diagnosis

#16,  46,  48    Wrong diagnosis
# 10, 18      Diagnosis questionable
# 12  30      Diagnosis not positive
# 29  36,  41   Diagnosis accepted

( The official report of the Commission is a farce of the days, and would be considered ridiculous in modern terms. )                 

PT 10
In last week article Rene was in the process of summarizing the report of 1939 Cancer Commission. This summary and what follows appears in this week’s installment of Rene own story.

#5 Rectum           Essiac only
Recovery   Abscess plus cancer

#6  Uterus                 Essiac
Recovery Says doctor told her brother she had cancer

#9  Cervix                   Essiac
Recovery;  Cured by Radium. Said Essiac was only other treatment

#8 Prostate                      Essiac
Diagnosis       1936

# 11  Skin                       Essiac only
All healed except for bottom of ear.

# 13 Rectum                      Essiac only
Less pain

# 14 Lip   Radiation
Recurrence one or two months later    Medical diagnosis               Essiac Only
Recovered later

# 15  Cervix                  Essiac only
recovery;  Evidence of diagnosis is ;her statement that DR. Haslett of Lockwood clinic wrote DR Greig that she had cancer. Against this is the fact that DR..F M Greig , a week later wrote advising that the patient go to DR. W Scott of Toronto for a definite diagnosis.

# 17  Lip                          Essiac only
Recovery      No diagnosis of cancer but radium advised.

# 19 Rectum                      Essiac only
Still recurring abscesses

#22  Mouth                          Essiac only
Still has leucoplakia

#31   Nose                           Essiac only

# 33  Rectum                        Essiac
Recovery; Had recto-vesical fistula

#  Cervix                                
Recovery     Suspicion of cancer

#42  Lip         Radiation  One to three weeks after  Essiac

# 44  Bladder            Surgery
Removal three years ago     Recurrence        Essiac

#4  Scalp    Recurrence six years after hysterectomy and radium          Essiac only

# 5,6,8,9,15,19,33,39,= Diagnosis Questionable   8
# 7,11,13,14,21,31,42,44; Diagnosis accepted     8
# 17,38    Diagnosis not positive                            2
# 14,42   Recovery attributed to Radiation             2
#  21,31  Recovery attributed to    Essiac                        2
# 7,11,13,44,   improvement attributed to             4

I have in my possession, signed and witnessed statements from the following people who have lived from eleven to twenty-four years after ESSIAC Treatments without recurrence;

Mrs. Eliza Veitch survived 18 years
Mr. Norman Thompson survived 20 years
Mr. John Mc Nee survived  25 years
Mr. Wilson Hammell survived 22 years
Mrs. Lillian Heller  survived  11 years
Mrs. Lena Wagner survived  18 years
Mrs. J H Stewart survived  16 years
Mrs. Lizzie Pearl Ward survived 14 years
Mr. D. H. Laundry survived 20 years
Mrs. Hatties  Wurtts survived 20 years
Mr. Jack Finley survived 20 years
Miss. May Henderson survived 20 years
Mr. Walter Hampson survived 15 years
Mr. Herbert K Rawson survived 28 years
Mr. Tony Bazluk survived 22 years
Mrs. Clara Thornbury survived 22 years
Mrs. G. Tibbie survived 25 years
Mrs. Jessie Slater survived 11 years
Mrs. E Forsythe survived 24 years
Mrs. Nellie Mc Vittie survived 23 years

(these are some of the people called at the Commission hearing and hundred more were not called)

My views are based on the knowledge acquired in the field of Animal and Clinical Medical Research. Just as the Forestry Engineer, the Mining Engineer, Geologist, Mineralogist etc. have to go out into the field to gain first hand knowledge of what to look for and find, before he is fully qualified to do his work,  so also did I go out into the field of Cancer Research and with the assistance and guidance of many medical men of high standing, work out and develop my discovery of “ESSIAC” beneficial Treatment for this Dread disease. It is my opinion that the cancer situation will never be resolved as long as too much power is left in the hands of too few. I believe just as there are chain reactions in the nerve system, and circulation system, so also is there a chain reaction in the glandular system which connects and stimulates all of the glands (of discovered and undiscovered origin) into normal functioning.  ( what was described in that interview is our modern day science of immunology)  

For almost eight years I conducted an open clinic in Bracebridge Ontario Where I administered ESSIAC injections for cancer to hundreds of patients each week, who came to me with a written diagnosis from their doctors. During this time many, many doctors, surgeons, and scientist visited my clinic, read case histories examined patients and watched me administer “ESSIAC” Treatments. So many of those doctors gave as their opinion that my Treatments acted upon all glands of the body.

This coincided with the statement made years ago by Dr. F. J Banting of insulin fame who was reviewing the work I had done with the first nine doctors who asked me to treat patients under their observation. I was nursing at that time and had to treat these patients in my time off from work. At that time nurses had to work 12 hours a day, so I had only my two hours rest period of my evenings to give to this work. 

There was one case which interested Dr. Banting particularily as she was a diabetic as well as a cancer patient.  Dr. J A McInnis of Timmins Ontario asked me to treat this patient for him and under his observation. He was at the time administering large doses of insulin to Mrs. C  Not knowing what effect Essiac would have on a patient taking insulin, I did not want to give Essiac injections along with insulin. So Dr. McInnis said he would discontinue the insulin and I should give the Essiac for a time. If the diabetic condition got worse, he would go back to insulin. To our surprise the diabetic condition improved  with the ESSIAC Injections and continued to improve until there wasn’t any diabetes at all. ( NOTE, this is not a recommended modality, unless you are closely monitored by your primary care, or specialist)  

PT 11
When ESSIAC was administered to a patient suffering from diabetes, the diabetes disappeared and then the cancer got gradually smaller. ( this is not in all cases) 

At first the cancer became larger and harder  and almost caused an obstruction in the bowel. However, after a few more treatments, it softened and reduced in size until it entirely disappeared . X- Ray pictures were taken during the course of the treatment to see what was taking place. The ESSIAC Treatments were discontinued after six months of weekly injections and the patient continued in good health Dr. Banting made this remark “ ESSIAC must actuate the pancreatic gland into normal functioning. he said” otherwise the patient would have had to take treatment for the rest of her life, just as she would have had to take insulin”

He was greatly impressed with the pictures I had to show, of surface cases (on hand with the company which has the only true complete ESSIAC)
(also with the doctors reports and notes on the other cases)  The doctors in Toronto had given me patients to treat under their observation, after everything known to medical science had failed. (The same applies in 1998 but they are called medical rejects)   

Another noticeable development after ESSIAC Treatments (and remarked upon by many visiting doctors) was the fact that all the patients seemed to throw off all of their depressions, fears, distress, burdens, and developed a new outlook on life . As pain decreased and disappeared they would become happy and talkative. My waiting room was the brightest spot in my clinic. Patients were happy to talk to visiting doctors, and would tell of how distressed they were when they first came for treatments and how much relief from pain they had after a few treatments etc. They were no longer sick at heart- they had hope.

Many patients were brought to the clinic in ambulances and their first treatment had to be administered to them in the ambulance. After the fourth, or fifth sometimes the sixth treatment they could come in a car and walk with assistance into the clinic It would not be long before they could walk in without assistance.  This was a happy event for them because many of them never hoped to even get out of bed again. 

It was about this time that my own dear mother became ill. The four town doctors said that she had gallstones and her heart was too weak for an operation. As she got worse I insisted on calling Dr. Roscoe Graham, a consulting specialist of international fame for an examination and consultation with the other doctors. Mother was 72 years old at the time.

After the consultation Dr. Graham came to me and said;

“Your mother has cancer, Miss Caisse her liver is a nodular mass” 

“Why don’t you do something” 

I answered;

"I’m certainly going to try, doctor. How long has she got” I asked Dr Graham.

And he said “he thought it would be only a matter of days” 

I immediately started treating her with ESSIAC Treatment . I gave it a daily for 10 days   ( this was the injectable plus the decoction or tea)When she improved I reduced the treatments to three a week, then two then one  As she continued to improve, to make a long story short , my mother completely recovered and passed away quietly after her 90 th birthday, with no pain, just a tired heart. ( she did not die of cancer)   This repaid me for all of my work, having given my mother 18 years of life which she would not have had and made up for a great deal of the persecution I had endured at the hands of the medical world.  

My faith in my discovery, and the help I could give to suffering humanity, made it possible for me to endure the opposition I encountered. My faith that some day, somehow “ESSIAC” would be made available to all cancer sufferers all over the world.. A monetary reward never entered into my mind. The look of gratitude I saw in the eyes of my patients when relief of pain was accomplished and the hope and relief when they saw their malignancies reducing, was pay enough for my endeavour.

For years the ministers and the priests offered special prayers in their churches that my treatment would be accepted by the medical world. These ministers and priests saw these patients come into town very ill, and saw them improve, and recover from their illnesses and as I had patients from all denominations they knew that my work was for the good of suffering humanity, and they prayed that God would smile upon it.   

Cancer has baffled medical science for many, many years ( up to and including 1998)  and the death rate is increasing in leaps and bounds ( still true in 1998)    After fifty years of medical research, medical science knows not the cause, nor the cure for it. (Even in 1998)    Recurrence of cancer after surgery are frequent.. Should they not know this treatment is wrong in a great many cases?

The acceptable diagnosis for cancer by the medical world is to cut out a section of the growth for analysis.  This method aggravates the growth into growing more rapidly and thereby lessens the patient’s chance of recovery  (in 1998 the same is applicable except it evolved in techniques .surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and these in to many cases end up in a metastatic disease or spread or generalized cancer, and nothing can be done.  Will the medical world forget to treat the healthy part of the human affected by cancer.)

This has been their method for years, X -Rays locates the growth, medical science has to operate before it is acknowledged to be cancer. The medical profession is as reluctant to accept any new methods of treatment, as they were in the time of Louis Pasteur, when he suggested the sterilization of instruments for operations.

PT 12
I treated cancer with ESSIAC  Hypodermically for many decades successfully , I am nurse, not a doctor, therefore, I always made sure that every case was diagnosed by a qualified physician and as often as possible administered treatment under the observation of doctors.       ( what a nurse she was, she knew much more than the  so called experts physicians she was most certainly a super nurse)  

ESSIAC is a herbal Treatment given as an intramuscular injection and is quite harmless even to a well person. I have hoped that it is a preventative medicationAs a rule, patients, were presented by their doctors after everything known had failed. Even in the most advanced cases I was able to stop haemorrhaging , relieve pain and prolong life. 

I classify myself, not as a quack, but as an independent cancer research worker, because, besides the great amount of clinical experience I have had. I have intermittently done a great deal of animal research with doctors in and out of clinics. In fact years ago I converted my own mother’s basement into a laboratory where I worked on mice with doctors who were interested. 

I found that on mice inoculated with human carcinoma, after nine days of ESSIAC Treatments the growth would regress until it was no longer invading the living tissue. One could understand the attitude of the medical profession if they had themselves found anything better to offer. 

It is now charged that professional jealousy among doctors and research workers is delaying a cure for cancer. ( even in 1998)  The charge is made by a medical  Dr. I MacDonald. Director of the Biochemical  Research Foundation of the Frankwood Institute of Philadelphia. In a statement  recently published in one of the Institute Journals, MacDonald declares: 

“ The jealousies and antagonisms of the cancer research workers in this country have delayed the cure of cancer many, many years”

“ A number of years ago I thought it would be a grand idea to correlate all research on cancer then in existence to prevent undue duplication, and that each would get the advantage of the others work . But I found that University men who make up the workers were very jealous of their plans and results.”

“ They considered their advancement  within the University to be dependent on their reputation as gained by publication, and the results were their own stock and trade”

“It seems almost unblievable that the fullest advantages of research in so vital a field of medical science, as cancer treatment , should be denied to the public for any cause much less from professional jealousy”   ( A similar scenario is in place in 1998)

I disputed the Royal Cancer Commission’s findings and their report to the Government of my case. Particularly. In the case of Mrs. Annie Bonner of 260 Logan Ave Toronto Case # 35 Mrs. Bonner’s case was listed as a cure attributable to radiation. The sworn statement by Dr. E. H. Shannon to the Commission states;

“ It is my opinion, however, that this patient cannot be accepted as a cure due to radiation treatment or to any other form of therapy, in view of the fact that the disease was never positively established.”   

But I have a diagnosis given to me by Mrs. Bonner before administering the treatment to her which reads; 

“ This is to certify that Mrs. Annie Bonner, 260 Logan ave Toronto  had been receiving treatment at St. Michael’s Hospital for cancer  of the cervix. She has developed metastases in the upper right arm” 

This is signed by Dr. J C Theobald MD, 270 Queen Street East Toronto. The doctors at St. Michael’s Hospital told Mrs. Bonner that her only hope of long life was the amputation of her right arm. 

Dr. Connell of Kingston Ontario refused this case, stating in his letter to Mrs. Bonner that the case was too far advanced for his treatment. Now I have Mrs. Bonner’s own statement. END

PT 13
[ Bracebridge Examiner’s Editor’s Note; The following is a testimonial given to Rene Caisse by Mrs. Annie Bonner, Toronto]

Dear Miss Caisse.  It is with great pleasure that I give you herewith particulars of the history of my case. 

It was in December 1935 that I was rushed to St Michael’s Hospital here in Toronto by Dr.Stanley, who examined me. After having a section of growth  removed for examination, the doctor told my husband that it was definitely cancer.  He told him also that it was inoperable  as the cancer had already spread to other internal organs. I suffered agonies for ten days with radium needles and spent altogether nine weeks in the hospital. 

After four weeks rest I started taking x ray treatments. These were administered each day and sometimes twice a day for a year except for occasional periods of rest when I was too badly burned to continue. By this time the x- ray treatments spread the growth up the right side of my body, to the right shoulder. At this time the doctor suggested removing the right arm from the shoulder. Needless to say I was feeling very ill and unable to rise from my bed or even a chair without help.. My weight had gone down from 120 pounds to 90 pounds and I had no appetite whatever. 

About this time a friend told us of your work at Bracebridge, and as the doctors could do nothing for me when I refused to have the arm amputated, we decided  to try your treatments.  You will remember how my arm was black and swollen to more than twice its normal size and I could not bear to have anything touch it. I was so weak that I had to lie down in the back of the car during the first few trips back and forth to Bracebridge .

But after a few treatments I began to feel much better, The swelling gradually went down in the arm and my appetite improved. In the summer of 1937 Dr. Leonardo Chief Coroner for Rochester N.Y., who saw my condition said that my arm was dead and would never move again. But thanks to Essiac my arm is normal. After about 60 treatments I underwent a series of x- ray examinations and am delighted to say that no sign of the growth appeared whatever  I am feeling quite well and able to do all my own house work I thank God for having spared me, and sincerely hope that you may be able to carry on this work and eventually be able to make your treatments available to all cancer sufferers.   

    SIGNED  Mrs. Annie Bonner.

In spite of all the evidence like this, and the fact that many people witnessed Mrs. Bonner’s improvement and recovery under my treatment, the Royal Cancer Commission had listed this number “Recovery due to radiation” 

Another case I can illustrate as cured by Essiac is Mr. Walter Hampson at Utterson, Ontario, who had cancer of the lip. Dr. A F. Bastado took a section of this for analysis and after receiving the pathologist report, urged Mr Hampson to go at once to have radium treatment. He had no time to lose because he had squamous carcinoma of the lip.

He refused to have radium and came for ESSIAC Treatments and gave me the following report. 

 “ Mr. Hampson, Utterson Ontario age 34. Dr. Ainslie, Pathologist, Diagnosis Squamous Carcinoma of the lip. Microscopic  report sections through the tissue showed  marked inflammation and thickening of the surface layers of the epithelium and underlying stroma.  The epithelium also shows the basal layer irregular and spreading out in the underlying tissue in a manner suggestive of early malignancy. Although the lesion is largely inflammatory  it is impossible to rule out malignancy owing to the hyperplastic character of the squamous epithelium.   The gross specimen of a small portion of whitish grey tissue, measuring 4x5x3  this is firm and fibrous in character and shows small area of haemorrahage   

        SIGNED T. E. Ainsley Pathologist.

I cured Mr. Hampson and he went before the Royal Cancer Commission on July 4 th 1939 with other patients. In spite of the fact that he never had an operation other than having a small nodule removed for analysis, this case is listed in the report as recovery due to surgery as case # 34 Mr. Hampson si still living and has had no recurrence as of 1962.   Many of my cases were disposed of in like manner. I am thankful that there were two cases they could not dispute at which they credited me with curing, which is more than any other treatment had to this credit. Every patient who went before the Commission claimed to have been benefited or cured by my treatment.

PT 14
(Editor’s note;  Last week’s article told of the way ESSIAC cured Mrs. Annie Bonner Toronto. This week she continues her story on other individuals who benefited from ESSIAC)

What I cannot understand is why, in the case of Mrs. Bonner, where radiation and x -ray had failed and amputation is indicated, the Commission gave radiation the credit for the cure. And when Dr. Connell refused a case that I was able to cure , they ignored me and recommended Dr. Connell for a government grant of $ 25,000.00   

Mr.  G.H.O Thomas, former mayor and Bracebridege Gazette publisher made this comment in his paper. 

 “ Tony Baziuk is a good looking fellow in early manhood with a slightly foreign appearance , speaking broken English. Tony was brought to me Tuesday afternoon by Mr. Frank Morris, CNR Conductor ( Canadian National Railway) whose run is Toronto to Capreol.

“ This is Tony Baziuk from Capreol” said Mr Morris  Tony’s greeting was very hearty. “ I came down to see Miss Caisse, but she is away” he said  “ My lip is big” which he indicated by putting his big workman’s fist to it. “ That’s right” said Mr Morris  ‘I have known Tony for 10 to 12 years. He works for CNR in Capreaol”

 “ They sent me to London” Tony broke in. “and gave me radium. My mouth got awful sore and worse and my lip bigger than ever. I could only take food through a straw. I could not bear anything hot or cold. I could not breathe through my mouth” he continued.” That is all true” said the conductor. Johnny Bryant an engineer, knew I had cancer saw me and told me I should go to Bracebridge to see Miss Caisse” said Tony.

“ But I have no money” Tony Said. Johnny put his hand in his pocket and gave me $5.00 and told me he didn’t want it back”.

“I came to Bracebridge November 8 th, and Miss Caisse gave me some (ESSIAC) Salve to put on my lip, and put something into my arm and told me to come back in two weeks. I couldn’t get away then and when I came down today she is away. Look at my lip now” he said “ I did and only some little scar, which he said were made by radium, gave evidence that there had ever been anything wrong with his lip” wrote Mr. G.H.O Thomas.

“Only one treatment by Miss Caisse, and a lip and mouth swollen the size of a man’s fist and torturing with pain, had become normal and healthy lip.  Mr. Baziuk is Canadian born of Ukrainian parents  He grew up in a Ukrainian settlement in Manitoba ( Province in Canada)  where very little English is spoken . Tony Baziuk is but one of the example of a multitude of sufferers treated by Miss Caisse. His condition before treatment is vouched for by Conductor Frank Morris who people knew so well” 

This is one of the few cases where the Cancer Commission had to acknowledge a cure. Tony Baziuk is still living and well ( 1977) I have a letter from him stating that he has never had a recurrence and is working and has a family.

The Premier of Ontario, the Honorable Mitchell  Helpburn said. And I quote  

“The onus is on the medical profession now. They must either prove or disprove Miss Caisse’s claims and I do not believe the can disprove them. I am in sympathy with Miss Caisse’s work and will do all in my power to help her” 

But the medical profession was too powerful even for our premier.

Dr. Leonardo Surgical Specialist and Coroner of Rochester N.Y.  at first scoffed at the idea of there being any merit in my work. I told him that the only way to either prove or disprove my work was to remain in the clinic and see patients and watch me work, which he decided to do.

First day he stayed and talked to the patients Then he decided that although he was satisfied that I was getting results, it was me and not my treatment. Entirely psychological, he said. The second day I invited him to come into my treatment room and examine patients and watch me administer the treatment .

 It was a large clinic, with many very advanced cases and I did not finish until 7.30 PM. The doctor stayed until the last patient had gone, then he said to me          

“ Young lady, I must congratulate you, You have made a wonderful discovery.”  

Dr. Carson who was still there agreed with him. Dr Leonardo stayed four days examining patients and became more and more interested in my results, He said

“ I like your method of treatment. I feel that it is going to change the whole theory of cancer treatment and will eventually do away with surgery, radium and x ray treatments for cancer” ( this famous prediction has not yet arrived in 1998, the powers to be certainly did prevent the progress and development of ESSIAC, and most certainly did not follow up the work of Nurse Caisse)   

He offered to establish and equip a hospital in Rochester, New York, if I cared to go there and work with him. Iappreciated Dr. Leonardo’s opinion because he was scientifically trained in Germany and Vienna, also in London and Scotland, and he was skeptical.  It was a great satisfaction to be able to convince him that my treatment had merit. The world needs ESSIAC and needs it badly.   

PT 15
Cancer is a glandular disease. ESSIAC is a drug, ( only because the government made it so, but they are only herbs, like grandma’s soup) which supplies a deficiency of a secretion ordinarily supplied to the human body by a gland (of undiscovered origin) which we will call gland XoX. This gland should supply the body with a secretion, which is resistant to cancer tissue.  The lack of this secretion allows the malignant cells to prey upon and invade the health cells and take control of the human body, growing and multiplying until invasion of the malignant cells into the vital organs take place, stopping the functioning of these organs and cause death.

The deficiency cannot be supplied from the “outside” it must be supplied through the blood stream and “ESSIAC” given orally or injected hypodermically supplies this resistive element. Then the XoX gland starts functioning normally, secreting into the living cells the substance required to resist the onslaught of the malignant cells and thus restores health to the human body. If this was not the case, patients would have to take Essiac for the rest of their lives as they do with insulin for Diabetes.

     ESSIAC given to people in health is helpful in the fact that it is a blood purifier and will stimulate the XoX gland to do  its work before there is any chance of the malignant cells invading the body ( see the prevention theory)   

Medical science has tried all the unnatural means at its disposal to combat the Dreaded disease, with little or no results- nature has supplied the need ( with ESSIAC) to combat the disease.  One just has to look at the dirty roadside in the spring and see how nature covers it up with beautiful greens and flowers, to know that nature supplies everything to make life beautiful and healthy.  If nature will do this for a dirty roadside, it is not natural to think that it will also supply the thing necessary to make the body (made in the image and likeness of God) healthy and happy?

“ESSIAC” has been helping sufferers of malignant disease for over twenty five years, healing and sometimes curing (when given before the vital organs are destroyed) If nature has supplied, for the use of the medical world this means of combating  the most Dread disease known to mankind, why not use Essiac and reduce the mortality of the human race? 

“ESSIAC” is a beneficial treatment for cancer. It attacks the disease from “inside”. It sets up a resistance and cuts off the supply of the substance in the human body upon which the malignant cells thrive and multiply, causing the malignant cells to regress within themselves and giving to the healthy cells, strength  to rebuild themselves.   Medical science call these malignant cells dead cells. They are more alive and aggressive than any cells in the human body.

Although not admitted by the medical science cancer is, in my opinion, both contagious and hereditary in some cases. The rapid spread of this Dread disease could not be caused by any other means.   ( aggravated by life style)   Some people are born with a pre-disposition to cancer with a non functioning XoX  gland and the slightest bruise  or destruction of cells (either by pressure or constant irritation) will cause the disease to become active.  

Other people born with gland XoX functioning normally (without pre-disposition to cancer ) can be bruised and cells destroyed and they may not develop the disease. This is why I believe there is a gland to supply us with the secretion to resist the malignant cells and is active in some people and not in others. This gland has not been discovered by medical science as yet, but when it is the cause of cancer will be known.

In the meantime ESSIAC as used supplies the body with the resistance required to prolong life, to relieve pain  and to cure (even taken before malignant cells have invaded and destroyed the vital organs) (This is the prevention program)  It renews the normal functioning of gland XoX..  Ulcers are very often a forerunner of cancer, which can and are being cured by ESSIAC. It acts on all glands in the human body, restoring them to health and activity. It gives the patient a new mental outlook – a happy, healthy outlook, which the disease had taken away. 

ESSIAC in supplying the body with a secretion resistant to the onslaught of malignant cells, causes the growth to regress within itself. Being localised the growth  could be removed by surgery ( without cutting into a large area of healthy cells surrounding the growth)  ( especially the encapsulated tumours)  and without the danger of a recurrence as in the present method of operating ( even in 1998 the spread of the surgeon’s knife is still very much a risk)   

In the case of cancer of the breast, the primary growth will usually invade the mammary glands of the opposite breast in the axilla or both. If ESSIAC is administered either orally or by hypodermic injection into the forearm, the secondary growth will regress into the primary mass enlarging it for a time but when it is all localised, it will loosen and soften and can be removed without the danger of recurrence.  No matter where the malignancy may be in the human body, surgery would be much more successful after six to eight Treatments with ESSIAC. If there is any suspicion that any malignant cells are left after the operation then ESSIAC should be given once per week for at least three months, supplying the body with the resistance to a recurrence that is needed. ( Every post op should be treated as having a potential of becoming metastatic, therefore the ESSIAC post op treatment is valid) 

Many cancer cases would not required surgery if ESSIAC were given in time (or as a prevention)     This treatment goes right to the seat of the trouble and if given to a patient who is ailing(and therefore is any suspicion of cancer) it will cause the growth to localise and is easily found by fluoroscope or an x -ray.  If  there is no growth , the patient general condition will still improve. The rapid growing malignant cells are quicker to respond  and much easier to cure that the slow growing type which is harder and more compact mass cells.

Rene Caisse
Ontario Canada,

Internationally known as Canada’s Cancer Nurse

To whom it may concern.

This is a statement to say I had cancer. The doctors treated me for a good while and finally told me  the only thing left to do was to take radium treatments. Then I heard about the work that Rene Caisse was doing and how many cancer patients she was helping, so I went in 1936 or 1937 I stayed in Bracebridge, taking regular treatments for about two months. I got relief almost immediately after starting the treatment and have had no more recurrence of my old trouble since then

Nellie G Mc Vittie
Sudbury Ontario
February 17 1977

[ Editor’s note :  This is the last Rene Caisse article, but we expect to be printing more of Rene’s views, as well as further items which will be of interest to those who are following the ESSIAC story.]

NOTE:  that when nurse Caisse speaks about the ESSIAC, she always mentions ESSIAC TREATMENT because she never sold the products without treatment. Even legal documents refer to “ESSIAC TREATMENTS”.
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