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Caisse's own cases

Mr. Max Costello’s publishing(s) on Essiac ; “Essiac fighting the cancer in our system (100 years on)”  edited C. Macdonald.(487 pages):

"These are some case studies from Rene Caisse's personal files.  THEY WERE NOT DESTROYED!
From them you can gain a lot more relevant information on specific situations, how long were they treated, (much longer than people expect today, but remember only once weekly) their ongoing condition and weight during treatment etc.
You may notice that method of tumour destruction, poisoning, Chemo was not available during this period.
I have endeavoured to copy the files word for word. Some of the spelling has been corrected where the intended word is obvious. The original cases were in three slightly different formats, and give the impression that the typing was done by different assistants. The most obvious example of this is the heading "Remarks". In two manuscripts the heading 'Remarks' appeared where in the third, most cases had the heading 'Remarks by Miss Caisse'. The actual headings and information are taken direct from the manuscripts, but the fonts and layout have been presented in a more easily read format. One page, of good quality, has been added to the end of the article to get a perception of how the originals appeared. Only one of the case studies was unreadable and has therefore been omitted.
The information in this chapter is from the late 1930's. The cases appear to be documented to support the legalisation of Essiac at that time. You will also notice Rene was asking for help from ex-patients to give evidence and collect petitions.
An interesting aspect to these cases is the types of illnesses that benefited from her treatment. Further, Rene Caisse became famous for her "Cancer Clinic" but treated other illnesses regularly, especially ulcers.
For the information of those not acquainted with the old English weights of pounds, a pound is slightly less than half a kilo, and can be converted by dividing by 2.2. Pounds are normally written as lbs' in shortened version. Thus 100 lbs (100 pounds), is about 45.5 kilos."



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Mr Mason, R.L. Bailey
Aberfeldy, Ontario
Age:-   41 years
Dr:- Dr Hamilton. Petrolio Ontario
Diagnosis:-Duodenal ulcer
Remarks:-Started treatment "Essiac" July 10, 1937. patient took "Essiac" treatment during the summer of 1937.

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse from Mr Bailey:

Aberfeldy, Ontario Feb 17 / 38
Miss Rene Caisse Bracebridge, Ont.
Dear Miss Caisse,
May I beg your pardon for not getting more names on your petition and also for not getting it returned sooner. You can also use my name for the purpose you mentioned on your card of Feb. 4.
    I might say that after the last treatment I received from you I suffered a severe attack of gall bladder and liver trouble which the doctor here has been watching here ever since. However I am feeling better and am able to do a little work now. (I don't want you to think I mean your treatment caused this trouble). The doctor told me about a month ago he couldn't find any trace of stomach ulcer. Wishing you every success in your endeavour for recognition, I remain
Mason R. L. Bailey (Please let me know how you get along).

Mrs Ida Bain
Toronto, Ontario
Age:- 72 years
Dr:-   McCormick,     Toronto,
Diagnosis:- Cancer of the uterus.

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse from Mr Bain son of Mrs Bain
Toronto, Jan. 10/37
Miss Rene Caisse
Dear Madam:
Having heard of the wonderful results of your labour I am writing you a few lines of our trouble. On the 15th of November I had my mother to the Western Hospital for examination and the doctor said my mother had a small cancer located in the uterus and wanted to operate, as she is 74 years of age I could not see it as a good move. She is a well preserved woman for her years. Would it be possible to arrange for a treatment and if so when. Knowing the Dread of this condition, I am most anxious to help her while I'm not a moneyed man still I will see you are taken care of so far as finance is concerned, as I know everyone is entitled to be paid for service rendered. I could take her up to Bracebridge any time. How long would you like to have her remain. If this is a long case of a very bad condition it would hardly be fair to expect results after medical aid was exhausted. I am employed with Reinsman Co. and will see you are paid to the best of my ability. Please let me hear from you at your earliest convenience, stamped envelope enclosed for reply. Drawing will give you idea of infection....

infection just above entrance to womb. Surgeon said it was small but said uterus should be removed.

Signed O.W. Bain


Mrs Bain started taking "Essiac" treatment at Bracebridge January 17 / 1937. Weight at that date was 119 lbs. Patient responded quickly to treatment, and improved rapidly. Last treatment November 25, 1937 wt 125 lbs at that date.

Copy of report of X-ray taken by B.J. Fenner, Toronto, Ont

June 23, 1937 Miss Caisse Mrs Ida Bain
No. 70.486 - Pelvis
Special side view of the abdomen made shows unusually marked anteria bowing of the spine in the lumbar region, proliferating arthritic change in lower cervical and anteriorly on the 3rd and 4th lumbar. This represents the foundation for protruding the abdomen wall which is not present in reality.
    The kidneys are normal in size, position and outline, but the left kidney projects slightly anterior at its base.
    Calcification is noted in the region of the lower ovary.
    There is no suggestion here of cancerous mass or growth. Yours truly.
B. J. Fenner

Copy of letter written to the Hon. Leopold Mccaulay from Mr O. Bain:

Toronto Mar.21/38
Hon Leopold McCaulay
Provincial House.

Dear Sir
    As a former school mate at the Old Union School Lindsay, I am taking the liberty of writing you a personal letter asking you to throw your best efforts behind a Bill that will come up shortly in the Provincial House. The Bill referred to is the one of Miss Rene Caisse -Bracebridge. Re cancer treatment. I know where of I speak as my mother has been under her treatment for over a year and we the family feel much indebted to her for service rendered which has been most beneficial. I personally know of many who will vouch for this statement. Let me inform you that she has and will treat those suffering from this Dreaded disease whether you can pay or not. To force this woman to openly hand her formula to the medical Profession is just a fine chance for them to make fortunes at the expense of suffering humanity for they are in the position today to charge for their services as they please and in many cases charge too much for so little done. Miss Caisse must carry on until some better arrangement can be had. Don't be deceived by all the Professional jealousy which has crept into the picture. I personally invite you to come and see for yourself how well our mother is today and would consider a pleasure to renew old friendship. Once again I want to say I want you to see personally that Miss Caisse gets a square deal to continue on her good work, that those who are suffering such disease may have her services. I feel sure you will do your duty to the public and to Miss Caisse on this vital question. I wish you continued success in your political endeavours.

Thanking you in advance Yours truly
O. W. Bain
151 Fern Ave.

Mr Tony Baziuk
Capreol, Ontario
Age   36 years
Dr:  Dr McNeill, London, Ontario
Diagnosis:- Cancer of the lip, and stomach ulcers.

Patient had radium treatment at London Ont. Patients face was so disfigured it was unbearable to look at when patient first came to clinic.

Had first "Essiac" treatment September 19,1936, weight on that date 151 1/2 pounds. After the first treatment the growth on lip entirely disappeared. After one month patient came to clinic for second treatment. On his second visit the face was normal, people did not know him. He improved rapidly and gained weight.

October   12,   1938,   -patient
very well, eats anything he wishes without distress. Has worked since taking first "Essiac" treatment, and was unable to work previously to that. Lip looks perfectly normal.

1960  Patient still living.

Bracebridge Gazette Feb 17th 1938

A Grateful Patient of Miss Caisse.

Mr Tony Baziuk, C.N.R. engine watchman at Capreol called at the Gazette office recently. He was in town to bring down a largely signed petition from Capreol on behalf of Miss Rene M. Caisse, and to express his heartfelt thanks to her. Mr Baziuk tells the Gazette his experience as follows:
    About a year ago he had cancer of the lower lip so badly he could see the swollen lip over the end of his nose and he had been compelled by his suffering to quit his railway job and had to go on relief. A locomotive engineer happened to notice Mr Baziuk's lip and told him he should come to see "that nurse at Bracebridge".
    So Mr Baziuk managed to get to Bracebridge, by the aid of the friendly railroaders, and went to Miss Caisse. He took five treatments and felt relief two hours after the very first treatment. One week after the first treatment he was able to go back to work for the C.N.R. and has been on the job ever since. He took the first treatment in April. He feels healthy now and says "I eat for one man and work for three and sleep like a little baby".
    Such is the experience Mr Baziuk related to the Gazette one day last week and he certainly does not seem to have anything unusual now about his lower lip, except a small hollow at the right corner where, he says the cancer was.

Mrs Webster Bogart
Southwold Station, Ontario

Age:-   62 years
Dr:- Dr Snell, St. Thomas, Ontario
Diagnosis:- Cancer of the bowel and kidney
Patient started to take treatment "Essiac" August 7, 1937. Patient discharged as cured February 21, 1938.

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse from Mrs W. Bogart
Southwold Station, Ontario.

Feb 1938
Dear Miss Caisse,-
About four years ago I commenced a continual doctoring with medical doctors, but seemed to get no satisfactory results.
    In June 1937 I had X-rays taken at the Memorial Hospital St Thomas, and it was pronounced that there was a large cancer on the large intestine and one obstructing on the left kidney about which they said there was nothing to be alarmed.
    At this time and for some time before that, I was suffering terribly with pain all through my body and vomited incessantly, not being able to keep food on my stomach.
    On August 7th, I started treatments with you twice weekly. During the first seven treatments the vomiting ceased, and 1 was able to get some benefit from my food. By the 19th treatment the cancer on the bowel started to pass away, and I was feeling very much better. The one on the kidney has taken much longer to remove but by Feb. 21 1938, there was no sign whatever of either cancers and I was pronounced cured.
    I sincerely thank you for your care, interest and treatment and would always strongly advise anyone with the same trouble to attend your clinic for treatments. I might add that five of my family died of Cancer and they all had all the treatments that Medical Science had to offer and got no relief. They had operations, radium, and deep X-ray treatments and all died terrible deaths, so you can imagine how happy I am to be cured.

                                                                                                                                                Mrs   Webster   Bogart

Mrs James Bonar
260 Logan Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Age:-   53 years

Dr Frawley & Dr Murphy of Toronto, at St Michaels Hospital operated on womb and bladder. January 1936, took blood test in arm then fingers started to swell, also the arm. When patient came for treatment on June 20th, 1936 she could not move the fingers on her right hand, or her arms. July 18th the arm movement had improved. The doctors wanted to amputate her arm. She had been unable to work for 18 months and is now feeling much improved and is able to work.

August 7th,- patient can move fingers and can lift arm as high as her head, and knitted two sweaters in the past two weeks.

August   22nd.-   Swelling   in   arm decreasing.

Copy of letter from Dr J. E. Threbeld

Toronto July 3rd 1937

To Whom It May Concern:
This is to certify that Mrs Annie Bonar, 260 Logan Avenue, Toronto, has been receiving treatment at St. Michaels hospital for carcinoma of the cervix. She has developed metastases in the upper right arm. Locally, the malignancy seems to be controlled.

                                                        J. C. Threbold, M.D.
                                                                970 Queen St., East

October 9th, 1938, patient feeling very well, in fact so well that she is now able to undertake the washing, making of the beds and other housework in connection with the running of a large rooming house.

Mrs Archie Brooks
Loring, Ontario
Age:-  52 years
Dr:- Dr K. H. Johnstone and Dr R. H. Dillane -Powassan, Ontario
Diagnosis:-Malignancv of the bowel
Patient had X-ray plates -
malignancy of the bowel.
-North Bay General Hospital.

Copy of the diagnosis
March 30/1937
To Whom It May Concern
This is to certify that we have examined Mr Archie Brooks of Loring and find that he has malignancy of the Bowel. This has been confirmed by X-ray examinations.
    This condition  has emaciated this man so that he is unable to work in any way.
    Even if he were able we would not advise him to work on account of his condition.

K. H. Johnstone MD 
R. H. Dillane

X Ray Report
Service to Dr Dillane. Mar 3/37
Name                          Brooks, Archie
Address                     Loring
Report No.                 2984
Employer's Name     -
Age                              52
Suspect pathology G. I. -G. B. -&-Barium Enema.

    Film made of the gastric-intestinal tract shows no evidence of gastric ulcer, gastric cancer or duodenal ulcer.
    Films made after administration of Iodeikon by mouth show an adequate concentration of the dye within the gall-bladder, the function of which , in so far as can be estimated by our concentration, appears to be normal.
    Barium Enema: The rectal ampulla is apparently normal, There is an area presenting a filling defect at about the junction of the sigmoid colon with the descending. I believe this represents an organic lesion, which is probably malignant.
    The balances of the bowel to the caecum shows no definite abnormality.

Copied report of Dr E.H. Shannon

First treatment by "Essiac" March 26,1937. Weight at that date 148 1/2 pounds. Patient at that time haemorrhaging freely, had distress in stomach, great pain in bowel, constipation, bloating from gas, soreness across bottom of stomach.

September 18, 1937, Patient feels well, still constipated, no bleeding for some time.
October 1938-patient very much unproved, gain weight, no obvious obstruction in bowel, though not completely cured is ready for an examination at any time. General condition very good, patient working every day.

Copy of letter to the Honourable Mr M.F. Hepburn by Mr Archie Brooks
                                                                    Loring Ont July 15/1937

The Hon. Premier Hepburn House of Parliament Toronto, Ont.
Dear Sir:
    Having recently heard a rumour to the effect that there is a possibility of Miss Rene Caisse being prevented from using her remedy for cancers upon sufferers in Ontario, as one of these sufferers I desire to add my testimony to the evidence that Miss Caisse's cure is really a cure and to protest it in the name of humanity against any movement on the part of the Medical Council or the Government that might interfere in any way with the good work she is doing.
    The facts in my own case are as follows; It was February last that I was compelled to see the physician, Dr Dillane Jr. of  Powasson for what I thought was some kind of stomach trouble. Dr Dillane sent me to St. Josephs hospital in North Bay. I was X-rayed there and Dr Dillane advised me to get my X-ray plates from the hospital and go to Toronto for an operation. On questioning him, he told me the plates revealed Cancer of the Bowels. Dr Johnston his assistant agreed with the diagnosis and it seemed to have been confirmed by the symptoms, obstruction and bleeding of the bowels.
    On the way south before calling in at the office of Dr Dillane, Powassan, I called upon a friend of mine, a clergyman, who strongly advised me to see Miss Rene Caisse before having an operation. That was in April. I have been taking treatment from Miss Caisse ever since. My bowel trouble has almost cleared up and my bowels are almost normal. So far, as the symptoms are concerned.
    I am but one among many victims of cancer who could, and I hope will, testify to having been almost cured by Miss Caisse's remedy.
    Surely, before God, sir, you cannot allow this. I am not a physician, just a plain man who has suffered and is being healed, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Sincerely yours
Archie Brooks

Mrs A. G. Cameron
15 Roblock Ave., Toronto, Ontario

Age:-   56 years
Dr:-   Dr   S.   Sommacal,   Toronto, Ontario
Diagnosis:- Cancer of left kidney, diverticulitis.
Patient examined at Western Hospital, Toronto by eight of nine doctors, also examined at Lockwood Clinic, Toronto,- patient had all kinds of X-rays, has had no radium, no operations, in very nervous condition, diverticulitis.

Letter written to Dr Emma M. Carson of Los Angeles
Craig-na-Cullah Cottage
Haliburton, Ont., Can.

Dr E. M. Carson, M.D.
Hotel Hayward,
Los Angeles City, USA

Dear Dr Carson,
    I take pleasure in giving you briefly - statement of my condition before and after taking treatment (8 so far) from Rene M. Caisse of Bracebridge.
    Intestinal trouble for years. The whole area from rectum to throat being affected. Four years ago expelled waste of Colon with best of care, advice and diet. I got through another year. In Sept three years ago, I entered the Lockwood Clinic, Toronto. After X-ray and several consultations, they told me I had cancer of left (to ast.) kidney, and if not operated upon that within six months it would be too late. My experience seemed to tell me that my chief trouble was at the rectum in colon and bowel.     I sought further advice and was sent to the Western Hospital, Toronto. After many X-rays and consultations - time for my operation was set. (They partially agreeing with the diagnosis of the Lockwood Clinic) but I was then in such a condition that my husband refused and took me home (I didn't care). I took the grape cure, other diets along with osteopathic treatments until June 1st this year. I told the osteopath who was treating me that I was discouraged and that this sack in bowel was emptying about every three to four weeks - mucous, orange colored substance etc. He advised me to see Miss Caisse of Bracebridge. After my first treatment this sack in bowel really did empty itself and had not refilled. I have also passed broken growth resembling pieces of sponge, also just before my seventh treatment, I suffered great distress and soreness over my lower abdomen. I then passed scrub-like piece with much ropy colitis substance attached. There is a constant slueing away of broken down tissue and Ah, I am feeling so much better and have enjoyed this summer more than any in years.  I am so happy to be feeling better and will certainly continue my treatments. I would do anything if other poor sufferers could have the help I believe Nurse Caisse can give them.

Yours very sincerely, Isabel Cameron

Letter written to Dr B. T. Mc Ghie by Mrs Cameron
15 Roblock Avenue,
Toronto, Ont. 19/1/38

Dr B. T. McGhie, Deputy Minister of Health. Whitney Building, Queens Park, Toronto, Ont.

Dear Sir:
I am a patient taking treatment from Nurse Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, Ont. In the fall of 1935 my case was diagnosed as Cancer of the kidney by the Lockwood Clinic, Toronto and was told that in six months it would be too late to operate. A little later at the Western Hospital, after examination. X-rays etc. by three Doctors, an operation was urged. We decided otherwise and my husband took me home. I managed to get along somehow with the help of Diet, Naturopathic and Osteopathic treatments.
    I was advised to go to Bracebridge in June 1937 and see Miss Caisse. I am so much improved that I have    every expectation of a complete cure. My own experiences and my observation of others taking the same treatment and my conversations with them convinces me that Miss Caisse possesses a remedy of inestimable value to cancer sufferers.
    I trust that what I have told you of my experience will help you to use your influence toward securing recognition for Miss Caisse when this subject comes up for consideration in the Legislature.

        Respectfully yours
                G. Isabel Cameron

Mr Noah Cotton

Hawkestone, R.R.#l, Ontario

Age:-   70 years
Dr:- Dr W. E. Brown -Orelia
Cancer of the Pancreas and liver.
First treatment by "Essiac" October 28th 1935. Weight at that date 93 pounds. Height of patient 6 feet.
    Temp. 96, pulse 124, Resp 26. Cachexia very noticeable. Patient had lost 62 lbs., continuous nausea and vomiting and pain in region of liver. Dr W. E. Brown of Orelia wanted Mr Cotton to have an exploratory operation, but could not promise any benefit by it. This case was hopeless as far as medical Science was concerned. Dr Pugh and Dr Cleaver of Toronto also examined the patient.
January 5/ 1936 patient had
gained          8 1/2    pounds,    greatly improved.
January 2?/1936 patient had gained 20 lbs, greatly improved.
Last treatment by "Essiac" April 25, 1936- patient weighted 157 lbs, (a gain of 64 lbs) Temperature 98, pulse 80, Resp. 24. Patient has no symptoms, condition normal.

Copy of report from Mr Cotton

Jan. 22nd 1936
Patients Name           Noah Cotton
Patients address               R.R.#l, Hawkestone, Ont
Age   70
Normal weight   180
Present weight 115
First symptoms   Stomach flu.
Doctors Consulted Dr W. E. Brown, Dr Pugh and Dr Cleaver (Toronto)
Diagnosis                       Cancer
X-rays taken          Yes
Where and by whom        Orelia
Soldiers Memorial Hospital by Clifford Stewart.
Date X-rays taken          Uncertain
Taken                               twice
Other treatments taken          none
except by above physician.
With what results                None.
When and where were these
treatments taken
according to their prescriptions.
Operations                         None
Family cancer history         None
Date  started   "Essiac"     Oct   28th

Date of noticeable improvement
Nov 20th 1935
Gain in weight        20 lbs.

October 1938 Patient, Mr N. Cotton feeling very well, general condition good. No symptoms of cancer, back to normal weight of 180 lbs.

Mrs Roy Coutts
Utterson, Ontario

Dr:- Dr Fraser Greig, Bracebridge, Ontario
Diagnosis: -nodular hard mass, size of a large apple.
Remarks: -August 19, 1936. Patient had six treatments and the growth had entirely disappeared. Last treatment November 21, 1936 -patient normal health, weight 185 lbs.
Remarks by Miss Caisse:-
I took this patient for Dr Greig, to give six treatments to localise the growth for operation, Dr Greig intending to operate and allowed me to give six more treatments to prevent a recurrence. After the sixth treatment, the growth was gone and operation or further treatment unnecessary.
R. R. #2 Utterson Jan. 14th. 1937

Letter to Miss Caisse from Mrs Coutts
R.R. #2 Utterson, Jan 14th 1937

Dear Miss Caisse,
I find it is quite impossible for me to go to Toronto. I certainly will go to do what I can in your behalf. I feel so well that I would like to do more to show my appreciation for what you have done for me.
    Thank you for your kind wishes to myself and family, and I trust that this year may bring to you a wonderful year of prosperity.
            Yours very sincerely Mrs R. Coutts
                        March 26.1937

The following is a complete story of my case and, had it not been for the wonderful treatment given me, by Miss Caisse at the Cancer Clinic Bracebridge, I feel sure would have been an operation.
    In July of 1936 my breast was giving me some trouble, and I could feel a lump forming. I visited one of our local doctors and he told me there was a growth as large as an apple, and he advised me to go to hospital and have it removed. I did not like the idea of an operation and on August 19th called at the Clinic to see what Miss Caisse could do for me. I got my first treatment that day. In all I think it was thirteen treatments (six by hypo and seven oral), when the growth was completely gone, and so far there is no sign of it returning and I am enjoying perfect health at the age of 50 years.
    I firmly believe Miss Caisse has a complete cure for cancer without an operation which means a great deal to suffering humanity.

        Mrs  Roy Coutts.

Mrs Geo Donally
Bent River, Ontario

Age:-   61 years
Dr:- Dr Ellis -Bracebridge, Ontario
Growth in pit of stomach -suspected carcinoma
    Dr Ellis said he would like to perform an operation for exploration. Patient said she has had growth for about eight years and it has been steadily growing larger. Would not consent to an operation or other treatments. Trouble with gas. Arm becomes numb at times and occasionally patient has sick stomach.
    Patient started to take "Essiac" treatments September l lth 1937.
Nov. 7, 1937 -patient has gained 5 pounds after four "Essiac" treatments from September 11 th. to November 7th. and is feeling much better.
Nov. l, 1938 -patient still feels very much better.

Copy of Letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Donnally

Bent River. Ont.,
Feb. 19, 1938

Dear Miss Caisse-
    I am very sorry that I have not been able to call on you, and explain my reasons for not coming back to get more treatments. We do not live on the main highway and the roads have been so bad that it has been impossible to get out anywhere. I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for all you have done for me. Since I have began taking treatments from you I have gained from ten to fifteen pounds. That lump in my side has almost gone away and I feel a great deal better. I am only too glad to have you sign my name to your petition and I assure you I will do anything in my power to help you. I will call in to see you next time I am in town and take another treatment.
Wishing you the best of luck, I am yours sincerely

Mrs George Donally

Mr E. Doonan
Bracebridge, Ontario
Age:-   52 years
Dr:-     Dr    Kenney,     Bracebridge, Ontario
Stomach ulcers and enlargement of prostate gland.
Patient started taking "Essiac" treatment November 24, 1936. Had prostate gland trouble for 20 years. January 2/37,-decided improvement in patient, no pain, digestion improved and improvement in prostate gland trouble.

January   30,    1937 great improvement.
February 28, 1937 - patient has had haemorrhage of stomach. Vomited once.
March 28, 1937 - getting stronger, weight 186 lbs., soreness in stomach but not as much pain.
April 24th 1937, - patients weight 192 lbs., no pain in stomach, freer from pain than in six years

Copy of letter written to the Hunterville Forester by Mr Doonan
            Jan. 29th. 1938
Editor of the Hunterville Forester.

Dear Sir:
    As an admirer of the stand you take as regards Miss Caisse in Bracebridge, I would like to add my humble testimony to the grand work she is doing for suffering humanity.
    Although my ailment was not a cancer but stomach ulcer, which causes much suffering as only one who has this ailment knows, I thought I might pass the word along as regards my case. I had been a sufferer for about twenty years, only getting temporary relief, until, being advised by one who had relief from Miss Caisse's treatment I decided to try it too.
    Although my ulcer was deep seated and took much time and patience on the part of Miss Caisse and myself, we have won, thanks to Miss Caisse and wonderful treatment.
    If there are others who read this and suffer from stomach ulcer, I would advise them to give Miss Caisse's treatment a trial. Why suffer.

            E. F. Doonan Bracebridge,

Mr Geo Ferrier
Falkener, Ontario

Age:-  70 years
Dr:- Dr Greig -Bracebridge, Ontario
Cancer of lower bowel

Patient had X-ray plates taken. Advised by Dr Greig to have operation, which would ... three operations. Patient had operation for appendicitis eight years previous to this. First treatment by "Essiac" July 5th 1937.

July   l2th/37,-   patient has less pain and less bloating.

July 26th/37.- patient feeling well some days, other days feeling weak. Hasn't much pain.

Sept 12/37,- patient is not losing slimy bloody mucous as he was   before.   Has   less   pain,   is eating better and feeling stronger, sleeping more naturally.

Oct. 10th/37,- patient says he feels so much better, eating well and has no pain. Has gained ten pounds since starting "Essiac" treatment.

Nov lst/38,- patient is very well and enjoying good health, has no sign of cancer.

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse by Mr Geo Ferrier
Feb 16/38

Dear Miss Caisse,
    In reply to your card that I got last night. You have my permission to use my name in any way that will help you or do you good, and I will be very glad and thankful to have you do so and God bless you and your good work.
            Yours truly,
                George Ferrier

Mr J. Findlay
Novar, Ontario

Age:-  36 years
Ulcers of the stomach, Cancer of the lip - duration 7 months
Patient   had   first    "Essiac" treatment June 16, 1937
August 21,   1937,- growth on lip smaller, patient eating and sleeping better.
August 28, 1937,- Patient has sharp pain in lip at times.
October 9, 1937,- growth on lip almost gone, does not form a scab now, does not pain. Patient feeling very well and working hard. Digestion good and patient has gained ten and a half pounds.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from Mr J. Findlay
Novar, Ont. Oct. 17/38

This is to state that I Jack Findlay do hereby declare that I got my first treatment from Miss Caisse in July 1937 for Cancer on the lip and an ulcerated stomach. I have had about ten months treatment since July 1937 and do hereby declare that I am very much improved and feeling better all the time.

        Jack Findlay

Mrs J. Forsythe
Utterson, Ontario
Age:-   55 years
Dr- Dr A. F. Bastedo -Bracebridge, Ontario
Cancer of Cervix.
    In 1907 patient had growth removed from her pelvis in the Toronto General Hospital by Dr Marlow and Dr Wales
    In 1909 operation performed by Dr Wales in Utterson for abscess on back of lung.
    In 1914 patient had stitches after child birth, ulcers in cervix burned and quarterized.
    In 1917 patient had gall -bladder operation in Grace Hospital in Toronto by Dr Cursell.
    In 1929 patient had growth removed by Dr A. F. Bastedo at the Bracebridge Hospital. Told pelvic region full of little growths not removed, patient had severe haemorrhage after this operation .
    Sometime between 1929 and 1931 patient was in bed with T.B.
In  1931 patient haemorrhaged again and was sent to Toronto General Hospital, had radium and X-ray and was told had two growths in womb.

In 1936 and 1937 patient troubled again. Dr Greig of Bracebridge then examined patient and caused more bleeding.

Patient    started    taking "Essiac" treatment May 8th 1937.

Sept. 4, 1937- patient says she is much better, used to have headaches, hasn't them now.

Sept.    25,     1937-patient    says better.   Has   a general condition pressure across the abdomen, and tired feeling, has frequent urination, nerves bad.

Oct. 2, 1937- patient feeling much better, less frequent urination, nerves better, no headaches.

Jan. 8th, 1938- patient has no discharge from vagina for past three weeks and has felt much better.

Nov. l, 1938- patient very well and thinks she does not need any more treatment.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Forsythe

Utterson, Oct. 15 1938

To Whom It May Concern-

At the birth of my second child, I was badly torn which my doctor did not attend to at the time. I went in this condition for about five years when my doctor said I would have to have an operation. I went to Toronto, had a growth removed and the tear stitched.
    All seemed well for some time, when I began to haemorrhage again. Had another operation and another growth removed. All went well for a time when  the haemorrhage reappeared. This time Dr H. C. Wales advised me to have radium which I did, a 36 hour treatment. This stopped things for a short time when I began to have discharge which contained pus.
    I went to the doctor, was examined but got no satisfaction and after examination bleeding started again. I went to Miss Caisse and begged her to give me treatments. She did not want to do this but however after much persuasion Miss Caisse consented to treat me and I am happy to say that my condition is 100 per cent better. I am able now to do all my own work, which before taking treatment from Miss Caisse I was unable to do.
    Hoping you will see fit to allow Miss Caisse to continue this good work, I remain
                Yours truly
                    Mrs J. C. Forsythe
                                Utterson,                   Ont.

Mrs Elsa Graham
R.R.#1, Ontario
Age:-   47 years
Dr:-    Dr    F.    Greig    -Bracebridge, Ontario
Cancer at neck of womb (cervix). Carcinoma
Patient has a little discharge - a little blood. Examined at Lockwood Clinic in Toronto by Dr Hazlett April 23 1937.
Patient had operation for removal of womb at Victoria Hospital Toronto by Dr Cunningham in 1918.
Patients weight April 25th 1937, 106 pounds.
First treatment by "Essiac" April 25th 1937.
September 18, 1938 patient says she is perfectly well. Has discontinued treatment.

1960 Patient still living

Mr Delphic Gratton
St Agate, Quebec
Age:-   53 years
Dr:- Dr Ellis -Bracebridge, Ontario Diagnosis:-
Enlarged prostate, partial obstruction of urine, possible carcinoma.

Copy of diagnosis by Dr Ellis
Dr Edward G Ellis Bracebridge, Muskoka
August 24, 1937
Miss Ft. Caisse, Town
Dear Miss Caisse,-

    I have examined in my office today Delphic Gratton of St Agathe, Que. age 53.
    He has a definite enlargement of prostate quite firm to touch, and has symptoms and signs of difficult urination also.  I am    referring    him    to    you    for treatment.

Diagnosis Enlarged Prostate partial obstruction of urine. (Clinical)
Type possibly Carcinoma
Very truly yours E. G. Ellis

Mr Gratton came to Miss Caisse August 24 1937 weight on that date was 163 lbs.
Sept 25, 1937, patient said he was showing some improvement .
October  12   1937, patient had no pain for the past three days.
November 1937, patient said he was           showing            marked improvement, and gain in weight.
April 1938. Mr Gratton went home to St Agathe and said before leaving that he was cured of his trouble, felt very well and had gained a great deal of weight. Patient had better colour and eyes clear.

Mrs Chas Guppie
Gravenhurst, Ontario
Age:-   21 years
Dr:- Dr M. M. Fisher -Gravenhurst, Ontario
Skin Cancer.

Diagnosis Dr Fisher Nov 5/37
Mrs Chas Guppie, Uffington,

Dear Mrs Guppie,
When you come out you better come out prepared to go down to Toronto for a little treatment. I received the report back today and the section shows that thing on your hand to be a skin cancer. You will have to go down for treatment. Come in to the office on your way however till I give you a letter.
        Kindest regards M. M. Fisher.           

            PS Don't worry it will be O K.
                M. M. F.

Section sent to Toronto, and report came back skin cancer, on palm of right hand, one month's duration.

First treatment by "Essiac" November 9th. 1937. Patient did not go to Toronto for treatment.
Dec 4/37 - hand improving.
Jan 8/38 - growth has decreased in size but still throbs.
October 8/38. patient's hand completely healed, soft and pliable, saw doctor in Gravenhurst who said she had nothing to worry about now.
Oct 24/38. One cannot tell which hand had been afflicted with cancer.

Copy of diagnosis
Public Health Laboratories
Department of Health, Ontario
Parliament Buildings
Guppy, Mrs Chas
            Nov 2-37
Dr M. M. Fisher Gravehurst, Ont.

Material tissue from hand

Squamous   Carcinoma of  Hand (early)

Gross Specimen: The gross specimen consists of a rounded portion of skin l .2 cm. in diameter together with subcutaneous tissue measuring 3 mm. in thickness. In the centre of this portion of tissue is a somewhat raised nodular ulcerating surface 5 mm. in diameter which on section minute haemorrhages and is apparently composed of epithelial tissue. The tissue appears to be thinning down to the subcutaneous tissue.
Microscopic Report:
The tissue shows a heaped up nodule where the squamous epithelium is invading the underlying tissue in a malignant manner. The surrounding stroma shows a marked amount of chronic inflammation. The general appearance is that of an early squamous carcinoma arising in an area of inflammation.
            H. J. A. Ansley
                    Form D172-10M-10-38

1960 Patient still living

Mr Wilson Hammell
Raymond, Ontario
Age:-   50 years

Dr:-    Dr    Bastedo    -Bracebridge, Ontario
Diagnosis:-by Dr Bastedo after X-rays taken at the Bracebridge Memorial Hospital on December 16, 1936, -

Growth in lower bowel close to rectum.

Patient was advised by Dr Bastedo to go to Dr R Graham in Toronto. Instead of seeing Dr Graham patient went to Miss Caisse. Had first treatment by "Essiac" December 18th 1936. At the time the growth was stopping bowel movements patient had lost a great deal of weight, was in great pain.

Patients   weight December18th. 1936. 161 lbs

During the time for treatment, patient had heavy discharge, abscessing in rectum, and sloughing. This all gradually cleared away and the pain lessened patient gained weight, general health improved.

October 1938 Patients weight 195 lbs. is working hard on a farm, is very well, and has no pain in rectum, natural bowel movements, and feeling fine generally. No signs of growth remain.

1960 Patient still living

Article in Homemaker shows Wilson Hammell still alive in 1976 (age would be 88, a big 38 years)

Mr Walter Hampson
Utterson, Ontario

Age:-   34 years
Dr:- Dr Ansley, Pathologist:
Dr A. F. Bastedo -Bracebridge, Ont.
Squamous carcinoma of the lip (early)

Copy of pathologist report
Patient T-5890-37
Nov 8-37

Microscopic report, - section through the tissue show marked inflammation and thickening of the surface layers of epithelium and underlying stroma. The epithelium also shows the basal layer irregular and spreading out into the underlying tissue in a manner suggestive of early malignancy. Though the lesion is largely inflammatory it is impossible to rule out malignancy owing to the hyperplastic character of the squamous epithelium.
    The gross specimen consists of a small portion of whitish-grey tissue measuring 4 x 5X3 mm. This is firm and fibrous in character and shows small areas of haemorrhage.
    H. J. A. Ansley (Pathologist)
        From Form D172-10M-9-37

First treatment by "Essiac",-November 13th 1937.
    Patient's lip improved rapidly. Had to discontinue treatments because it was difficult for him to come for treatments. Growth disappeared with a couple more treatments, only a twitching feeling in lip where stiches were put in. October 16,38.

Oct 28/38 No sign of growth remains.

Mr Peter Hannon
Orville, Ontario
Age:-   65 years
Dr:- Dr Edwin Malkin -Parry Sound, Ontario
Carcinoma of the bowel
Patient was advised to go to the hospital. Patient took a haemorrhage August 34, 1937. Patient had X-rays taken 8 years ago first in Parry Sound and again in St Michaels Hospital Toronto by Dr Wilson, Toronto. Patient has had pain on and off for 10 years or more. Had first treatment of "Essiac" September 7, 1937. Weight on September 7 1937 was 137 pounds.
    November 21,1937,- Patient has very little pain and is feeling better.
    December 12, 1937,- Patient feels so much better. His doctor, Dr Malkin of Parry Sound, is surprised that haemorrhages have stopped.
    October 30, 1938,- Patient is feeling very well and working hard. Is well pleased with the result of the "Essiac" treatment in his case. Patient told Miss Caisse that his brother who developed cancer the same time as he did, went to Toronto and had radium treatment and an operation and is now dead while he immediately took Miss Caisse's treatment and today is living and feels very well.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from Mr P Hannon
Orrvile. August 3, 1938 Miss Rene M. Caisse,
    In reply to your card I am pleased with the stand you have taken toward your patients. Surely they will leave you alone now. If there is anything I can do to help you in any way you can depend on me. I cannot say what day I will be down to see you. It will be one of the days mentioned on your card. My brother whom I told you about that was treated with radium is in bed fast now. Do you think you could do him some good if I could make some arrangements to have you come to see him? Kindly let me know by return mail what you think about my brother.
            Peter Hannon

Copy of letter written to Miss E Stephens by Mr Peter Hannon
March 12, 1938
    To whom it may concem-
    I hereby certify that I have been treated for Cancer of the Bowels by Miss Rene Caisse. I was subject to haemorrhages  and  severe  pains. Since taking her treatments they have    left    me.     I     can    highly recommend     her     treatment     to anyone suffering as I did.
                        P Hannon

Mr Wm Harkness
Huntsville, Ontario
Age:-   52 years
Dr:- Dr J. D. McDonald -Huntsville, Ontario
Duodenal Ulcer

Patient was 12 years old when trouble started, that was 40 years ago. In 1934 Dr McFadden, of Strathroy, Ontario, opened the patient but did not operate on ulcer, but took away the appendix. This was an exploratory operation. Patient suffered a great deal of pain in duodenum all the time, more before meals. Patient had sugar, gall bladder trouble and hydrocele. Patient came to Miss Caisse to be treated for the duodenal ulcer. First treatment by "Essiac" September 18, 1937.
    September 25, 1937- Patient has been very sore across the abdomen.
    October 2, 1937- patient had no pain the last week. Had been taking pheno-barmathol every night, now only needs two a week after taking two "Essiac" treatments.
    December 12, 1937- Patient will discontinue treatment, has no signs of his past trouble, pain disappeared, eating everything, nerves better. Feels like a man of twenty five years.
    April 29, 1938- Patient returned for treatment, was examined by his doctor, and doctor said he was 100% well. Feels fine, no feeling of goitre which he had before taking the "Essiac" treatment, heart better. Patient feels he would like to take-more treatments to guard against the recurrence of the duodenal ulcer. Hydrocele completely cleared.
    Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mr Harkness
March 13, 1938

To Whom It May Concern -
    At 12 years. I had a duodenal ulcer, which perforated. The doctor, at that time said it was inflammation of the bowels. I recovered from that attack, but afterwards I had a lot of pain more or less all my life.
    In 1928 I was X-rayed and the doctor said it was ulcers of the stomach. I was X-rayed again in 1930 by another doctor, and he said I had gall bladder trouble. In spite of all their diets and treatments I continued to get worse.
    In 1934 I had an operation, which was more or less exploratory to find out what the trouble was. It was at this time that the doctor discovered about the ulcer which was perforated. He said it was healed, and he did not remove the ulcer, but he did remove my appendix and for a short time I did feel better, but the pain never completely left my stomach.
    In September 1937, I went to Miss Caisse. I have taken twelve treatments and after the second or third treatment I have not felt any pain in my stomach. I am eating anything I like now and do not suffer afterward. I had a Hydrocele, which had to be Drained about every two months, this was done again the day before I took my first treatment, and apparently is completely cured now. This is a great relief as I have had this trouble since 1930.
    I cannot speak too highly of Miss Caisse's treatments, as 1 have benefited in every way by the treatments, and I think I am cured, but I am going to take some more treatments to guard against a return of the trouble.
Yours truly
Wm. Harkness.

Mrs D A Heimbecker
Magnetawan, Ontario
Age:-   56 years
Dr:- Dr McNeill, London, Ontario Diagnosis:-
Cancer of uterus.
Dr Bruce of Toronto operated on the patient June 1931, removing the uterus, ovaries and appendix. In March 1937 patient took treatment from Dr Hett of Kitchen for four months, when growths were increasing patient came for "Essiac" treatment which were at first refused thinking the case hopeless. She left crying and came back and insisted on having treatments, which were started on October 13th 1937. Nerves bad, eyesight bad and patient had piles.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from Mrs Heimbecker
Bracebridge, Ontario March 19, 1938

In October 1930 I had a discharge. I was examined by Dr Freeborn in Magnetawan. He could not find out what was wrong. The discharge had a strong odour. In winter of 1931, I went to Dr Sheaunager in Kitchener, he told me I would have to have an operation to scrape my womb. I had this done in February 1931 at St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener. I was just as bad as before the operation. Dr Sheaunger told me it would take some time to clear up. In June 1931 I went back to Dr Freeborn, he examined me again and gave me to understand I had cancer. I went to Toronto in June 1931 and was operated on at the Wellesley Hospital by Dr Bruce. Three years later I noticed my trouble was back. In 1935 January 6th, I started taking treatments from Dr Hett in Kitchener. I took about twenty of his treatments. I thought I was cured but I wasn't. I went to work again and stood it till last fall 1937. During the summer. I heard about Miss Caisse and decided to try her treatment. On October 12th. 1937. I started taking "Essiac", Miss Caisse's treatment for Cancer. I have taken Thirty-eight treatments. I was examined by Dr Dodds in Bracebridge March 16th, 1938. He said I was entirely cured and that there isn't a trace of cancer to be found. I feel like a new person since last fall. My goitre has also decreased one half the size it was last fall 1937. I have improved in every way. I have been suffering with piles and am rid of that trouble. I thank Miss Rene Caisse for all of this.

                    Mrs Dorothea Heimbecker

Mrs May Henderson
10 Chicorn Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Age:-   41 years
Dr:- Dr J.  A.  McInnes,  Timmins, Ontario
Dr Diack and Dr Barclay -Women's College Street Hospital, Toronto
Fibrous tumour in breast and side, also enlarged uterine tumour - Dr McInnes considered it malignant.
Remarks :-
Patient had goitre operation, but no other operation or treatment. When patient came to Miss Caisse April 10, 1937 - was run-down, weak, muddy-like colour of skin, and having great loss at menstruation time with haemorrhaging. Weight was 115 pounds. First treatment by "Essiac" April 10, 1937.
    April 24, 1937 Patient had haemorrhage at menstruation time.
    May 9,1937 patient feeling improved, is working every day.
    October 1938 Patient feeling very well, and working every day, growths almost entirely disappeared.   Has  had  no   other treatment except "Essiac".

Copy of letter written by Mrs Henderson
10 Chicorn Ave
Toronto, July 18 1937

To   The   Honourable   Mr   M.    F. Hepburn,
Prime Minister of Ontario,
Parliament Buildings,
Toronto, Ontario.

Dear Sir:
am taking the liberty of writing you in connection with the work of Miss Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, nurse, who has developed a serum which is a cure for cancer.
    As I am a sufferer from this Dreaded disease, I am most anxious that nothing shall prevent Miss Caisse from carrying on the good work she has been doing for some years past, but with a persistent rumour current at the clinic lately that has caused us considerable anxiety. It is to the effect that the Medical Association may cause the clinic to be closed, and thus deny us the benefits of these treatments. Personally I cannot conceive such an eventuality coming to pass. It would be utterly inhumane. It would not be British fair play.
    I do ask in the name of all humanity that you will use all power and influence at your command, not only to allow Miss Caisse to carry on with her splendid work, but to let her do it in her own way  - whatever the terms - let us even honour her for what she has already accomplished - which is, even at this time a greater service to her fellow-man than is within the power of most of us to render, and I am sure that in the years to come this province will have every reason to be grateful to, and proud of her.
    There is no sane or intelligent person will do anything but encourage her in her line of action, for she is one of Gods finest gentlewomen in the highest sense of the word. She is not out to make money for her discovery, for she treats many of us gratis, and of course she makes no charge whatever.
    I do hope it will not be asking too much of you to let me have some word, that will once and for all set our minds at rest that this great boon will not only be kept within our reach and our means, but may be available to all who need it.
    Yours truly May Henderson

Copy of letter written by Mrs Henderson
10 Chicora Ave.,
Toronto Nov 23 1937

The Honourable Harold J Kirby, Minister of Health, Toronto. Ont.

Dear Sir:
    As a cancer sufferer myself, I was keenly interested to note the enclosed item of news in the    "Toronto Daily Star" this evening.
May I Draw your attention also to another clipping enclosed, taken from the "Bracebridge Gazette" of Nov. 18th which needs no comment of mine.
    I have been taking treatments from Miss Caisse for several months and am thankful to say I am also cured. But as you will realise it is quite a hardship for anyone in good health to journey up to Bracebridge once a week for those who are not well it is an ordeal, and of course in the more advanced stages of the disease it is impossible for the sufferer to make the trip. But why should it be necessary?
    If there is money to spend to set up clinics, why not, in Gods name, set up clinics where people will be cured of cancer?
    I took the liberty a short time ago of writing Premier Hepburn to urge that Miss Caisse be allowed to conduct a clinic here in Toronto. He replied, stating that a meeting would be called immediately on your return from a vacation, to go over this matter and make some definite arrangements. I am wondering now if this meeting has been held and whether we who need these treatments may look forward to having them administered here in Toronto, or do we have to make a tedious and expensive train trip to Bracebridge -stop at a hotel overnight - every week through the winter months?
    As our Minister of Health you are surely sufficiently interested that  it would not  be asking  too much of you to spend a few days in Bracebridge - attend a clinic yourself and see what is being done there?
        Yours truly
(Mrs) May Henderson

Copy of letter written by Mrs May Henderson
10 Chicorn Ave.,
Toronto, Oct 18th 1938

Miss Rene Caisse
The cancer Clinic
Bracebridge, Ont.

My Dear Miss Caisse:
    I am giving herewith particulars of my long and rather bad health history. Am arranging them in order according to the dates as it seems to me now that I try to set down the particulars that ever since I have grown up I have suffered growths in some part or other of my body. As a child I enjoyed splendid health and was really conscious of being unusually strong. I thoroughly enjoyed a tussle with my two brothers, both near my own age, and never remember any sickness to speak of until the first monthly periods appeared.
    1910 At this time I was 14 years of age and a goitre appeared in my throat. From that time on I was never very well.
    1931 At this time a condition appeared in my left breast which forced me to go to a doctor (Dr Isabella Wood). She told me she did not know what it was and to come back in a month's  time.  I was very frightened and went to see another doctor (Dr Charles B. Parker). He pronounced it "Chronic Mastitis" and gave me medicine to take internally and to apply to my breast. It relieved the condition for a time. He also discovered the goitre in my throat and advised an operation. I consented, and had it removed early in 1923.
    1931 The mastitis continued to give me trouble, and by this time a "cystic mass" had formed, in the right breast a rumour as large as a hen's egg. In march of 1931 I went to five different doctors (Dr Charles B. Parker, Dr Shouldice, Dr Sullivan, Dr Robt. Gaby, Dr T. A. Robinson) all of whom agreed that there was nothing known to science which would clear up the condition. There was no alternative but to have both breasts removed. I simply could not face it.
    1935 At this time, and for some years prior I had a severe haemorrhage every month, until I was forced to go to a doctor. I went to the Women's College Hospital Clinic and was examined by Dr Helen Diack, and her co-worker Dr Barclay. I was quite surprised when they had me on the table for examination to see a lump as large as an ordinary grapefruit in my right side. They told me it was a fibroid tumour and would have to be removed at once. There was also a smaller long shaped growth in the left side close to the hip-bone. I asked Dr Diack particularly about this, as I was quite sure it was a very different growth to the other. She turned her head away and merely said "Well of course, it will have to come out too." Needless to say, by this time I was really sick.
    1937  Early in the year a friend told me of the wonderful work being done    in    the    Cancer    Clinic    at Bracebridge. Without any diagnosis or   any   letter   to   yourself.   Miss Caisse, I came in a hurry. You told me that you had to have a written diagnosis from a medical doctor, and that I would have to undergo an examination by a doctor, who would be in the clinic the following week.   This I did. and I have just lately (and by accident) found out that he considered my case too far gone   altogether   to   respond    to treatment. He did not examine my breasts or he would have found a small but well developed cancer at the top of the left breast. By this time it was all I could do to be up and around at all. I haemorrhaged so badly I thought I would die, and spent more and more time on the chesterfield or in bed and could lay down and sleep at any time of the day.   My   colour   was   a   muddy yellow colour, hair thin and lifeless eyes - ordinarily blue - were grey and    stoney    looking.    I    simply couldn't stand up for any length of time as the feeling of weight and the weakness of the whole of the front of my body was unbearable. I did   not   suffer   much   pain,   but occasionally   a   sharp   needle-like stab would go through me around the growths. A movement of the bowels    was    frequently    painful though not always. I have suffered from constipation all my life.
    1938    And   now   for   the   happy ending: The growths have almost entirely disappeared, I have gained ten pounds, and I feel fine. I go to work every  day  in  a very  busy office, where the rest of the staff are unaware that there is anything wrong with me.  Hours are  from 8.30 to 5.30 and I get pretty tired at times especially when as at the end of the month I work an evening or two. Then on Sunday there is the long trip to Bracebridge and back. If only I could rest on Sundays I feel sure I would make even better progress. I am, however, deeply grateful for the treatments, and feel that I can never repay in money what they are worth to me. You have given me back my life Miss Caisse, but what means even more to me, I can confidently look forward to perfect health so that I will enjoy living.
    I think I made myself clear from the foregoing how utterly futile operations would be in a case like mine. My earnest prayer every day is that this remedy may be made available to everyone who needs it.
            Yours very truly
                Mrs May Henderson

Mrs George Keown
Dwight, Ontario
Age:-   66 years
Dr:- Dr McDonald, Huntsville, Ontario
Ulcers of the leg of long standing
    Ulcers started thirty years ago. Dr had Dr McDonald of Huntsville operate on it. Twenty five years ago Dr Hart operated on it, and again sixteen years ago. Has been well until the summer of 1937, when patient came to Miss Caisse. Trouble in leg started as a milk leg. Patient has high blood pressure and nerves bad. Patient started "Essiac" treatment September 25 1937.
    November 2nd 1937, - patient feeling so much better can walk better, eats and sleeps well, and feels like living.
    December 7th. 1937, - patient says pain much less and leg healing fast. Says she used to spend sleepless nights with pain, now sleeps well. Had as many as twenty-two ulcers on her leg at one time, all healed now except one.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse
February 16, 1938 Dwight

Dear Miss Caisse,
    Got your card yesterday, certainly use my name now and any other time you want to. as regards your treatment.
    Hoping you will forgive me for not writing you before and letting you know about my leg, it is completely healed up for several weeks, no pain, no scab, only the scar remains. Have sent two or three letters to different papers letting people know of the good results that I have received from your treatment. Two weeks ago was rushed to hospital with a bad attack of appendix. Doctor wanted to operate the next day, however that spasm passed, am feeling very well again. While in the doctors office your name was mentioned, Dr White was quite interested and said he would like to see my leg if I didn't mind, and when he saw it he said Miss Caisse has something I would like to get also would I let Dr Evans see, I did want so bad for Dr Evans to see it. Dr White said he would ask him to come and have a look at it. When he came in he never looked at it or never said a word, made no comment whatever, however he didn't gain anything by it. So am going some time to see you. Will tell you the rest. Yours truly
        Mrs G. Keown
            Athlone, Ontario

Mr John Kidd
Age:-   49 years
Dr:- Dr Spearing, Beeton, Ontario
Duodenal ulcer.
    Patient had X-ray taken February 1936 at St Josephs Hospital in Toronto. Dr Hall advised sippy diet and powder. Started taking "Essiac" treatment April 10, 1937 weight 139 lbs.
    April 25 1937 patient had one sick spell caused by eating potato, has had no gas since taking last treatment.
    July 18, 1937 patient feeling better, eating better, eyes have cleared,
    July 24, 1937 patient feeling much improved, able to eat well and retains food.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from Mr Kidd
Athlone, Feb 15 1938 #

Dear Miss Caisse,-
    Certainly use my name on your petition. I feel a different person all together since taking your treatment.
    Hoping things will turn out satisfactory for you.
        Yours truly
            John Kidd

Mr Walter Knight
Huntsville, Ontario
Age:-   56 years
Dr:-    Dr    MacDonald,    Huntsville, Ontario
Catarrhal Trouble - advised by Dr MacDonald to take "Essiac" treatment. Patient had small growths removed by operation. These growths came back and had to be removed by surgery.
Remarks: Patient    had    first    treatment "Essiac" August 19th, 1937.
August 23,   1937  - patient sleeps better, amount of mucous cut in half. Patient feels better generally.
November 14, 1937 - Patient says he is so well he does not need treatments. Feels perfectly well.
November 25, 1937 - patient wrote a letter to Miss Caisse stating his condition was entirely cleared up and did not need more treatment. Feels cured he said.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mr W. Knight
Huntsville Nov. 31/37
Dear Miss Caisse,-
    Just a few lines to let you know just how I am feeling. I feel that you have cured me of my catarrh, and I am sure glad. If however I feel any return of the trouble I will take a run down and see you and a little later I will get in touch with H. E. Rice and have him put a write up in the Huntsville Forrester as I sure do want to let the people know of your simple cure as I have suffered very much the past seven years. Thank you very much for the present and I will let you hear from me later, I remain
            Yours truly.
                Walter Knight

Mr R. G. Long
215 Murray St., Peterboro, Ontario
Age:-   56 years
Dr:- Dr T. A. Carson, Toronto
Cancer of the rectum and prostate
Copy of Diagnosis
    "D" District Headquarters
     Christie St Hospital,
    Toronto 4, July 9th 1936.

Reg. No. 455915
Mr R. G. Long
215 Murray St.,
Peterboro, Ont.
Dear Sir-
    Acknowledging your letter of July 3rd., 1936, please be advised that the diagnosis in your case is cancer of the prostate.
            Yours truly
             Dr T. A. Carson
             Chief Medical Officer
Re R. G. Long #455915
Mr Sydney Whatley,
Ex-Service Men's Club,
478 Mark St,
Peterboro, Ont.
Dear Sir,
This will acknowledge your letter of July 13th on the marginally named man. A few days ago we forwarded to Mr Long a certificate regarding diagnosis in this case.
    Regarding our consent to treatment carried out by Miss Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, please be advised that we have yet no reason to approve or disapprove of this line of treatment. That is something entirely for the decision of the man himself.
            Yours truly.
                Dr T. A. Carson

Patient had first treatment of "Essiac" July 8th. 1936 weight at that time was 124 pounds.
Weight on November 7th 1936-135 pounds. Patient improving, appetite good.
December 31, 1936 patient examined by Dr S. Walsh of Peterboro who said prostate gland was not quite so large and softer than when it was last examined. March 13, 1937- all pain gone, patient very well. Gained about 20 lbs.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by S. Y. Walsh

re - Mr R. G. Long -Dec 31, 36.
Miss R. M. Caisse, Bracebridge, Ont.

Dear Miss Caisse:
This is to state that I have today examined Mr R. G. Long and I find that the prostate gland is not quite so large and I believe that it is softer than it was when last examined.  There  is  however  an indurated hard but movable light lobe of prostate at the present moment.
        Yours truly
            S. Y. Walsh

Copy of X-ray report-
            June 30 1937
Mr R. G. Long
#No 70.500 Pelvis
Films made of the pelvis in the _.P and P.A. views.
    The bony contour is normal, and there is no evidence of arthritic change or bone erosion. There is no tissue change suggestive of new growth noted. There is slight   thinning in the prostate region.
        Yours very truly
        B. J. Fenner
        Fenner X-ray laboratory
        86 Bloom St. W.,
        Toronto, Ont.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from R. G. Long

Dear Miss Caisse-
    In answer to your letter of the 7 inst. I shall be very pleased indeed to go along to Toronto with you. I have received great benefit from your treatments and am well satisfied. Am so sorry when I was in Bracebridge last not to have found you.
        I remain
            Yours truly
                R. G. Long

Copy re Mr R. G. Long,
        215 Murray St.,
        Peterboro, Ontario,
(new Address)
        286 Edinburgh St.
        Dec 28th/38.

Dear Miss Caisse,-
    Many thanks for the Xmas card, for which I am very grateful for, I have an occasional person call and do I sing your praises. I tell them if they have any cancer trouble to go to you at once, for there is not a doctor in this Dominion that could begin to do as much good as you. As I told you when I was in Bracebridge you are one of the very best ladies in the land, and I don't mean maybe, for I have you to thank for me being here now. I have not Seen Mrs Rudd for some time, she was very well when I last saw her. I was in Lakefield a few weeks ago. I understand Mr Boterill is going to Kingston for treatment, his son-in-law told me that doctor says his cancer is very low down, and that he can take it out.

I wish you and Loretta a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, and that your health will be much better in the coming year.
            I remain
            Yours very sincerely
            R. G. Long

Mr F. Mahon
Capreol, Ontario
Age:-   56 years
Canadian  National  Railways Medical Services
Gastric Ulcer -
in lesser curvature, and
Ulcer inside of cheek

Copy of Diagnosis
Canadian National Railway Medical Service.

Name Fred Mahon
    Copy of the Royal Victoria Hospital Gastro Intestinal Examination of Dec. 2, /36
Oesophagus: Normal
Stomach: J shaped...constant niche seen on the lesser curvature. Definite tenderness on pressure over the niche. Pylorus narrowed and irregular.
Duodenum: Well formed.
X-rav findings: Gastric ulcer on lesser curvature. Pylorus deformed probably by spasm.
                Dr B. S. Brooks.
Patient had radium treatment - 4 from Dr Paterson, Ottawa, Ont., and - 2 from Dr Richards, General Hospital, Toronto, Ont. Started radium treatment two years ago. First treatment by "Essiac" August 7th, 1937.
August 21 1937 - pains not as severe, not as frequent. Patient ate liver and bacon with no bad side effects.
August 28 1937 - patient has gained 3 pounds, has had no pain since last treatment. White on inside of cheek getting smaller. September 25, 1937 - Patient has not had a pain since second treatment, eating boiled dinners with cabbage, eats everything except cucumber. Feels very well. Ulcer inside cheek healed.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mr Mahon

Dear Madam-
    Received your letter regards to Miss Caisse, I have been going to Bracebridge for some treatments from Miss Caisse and must say she sure did me lots of good.
    I went down with ulcers of the stomach and I feel very well now and I can eat anything. I will be going down to Toronto some weekend soon and will call and see you personally about Miss Caisse.
                Yours truly
                    F Mahon

Mr G. Mahon
Port Carting, Ontario
Age:-   62 years
Dr:- Dr Joyce - Port Carling, Ontario
Diagnosis: -
Cancer of the Rectum
Patient was advised by Dr Joyce to have an operation, but refused, and took "Essiac" treatments. First treatment by "Essiac" January 16, 1937 weight on that date was 155 pounds.
February 13, 1937   - weighed 159 pounds patient feels a little better.
March 26, 1937 -patient feels some improvement, has less sloughing-
May  11,   1937 - patient has high blood pressure.
August 22,   1937 - patient feeling very well.
September    24,     1938  Patient says   he seems perfectly well, works 10 and 12 hours a day, has been doing this all summer. Blood pressure has reduced, has no pain anywhere and has gained ten pounds in weight.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mr G Mahon

                Port Carling, Ont.,
                        Feb. 16/38
Miss R. Caisse Bracebridge
Dear Miss Caisse,
    Your card received today, and I would be only too glad to let you use my name, or to help you in any way possible, as you have certainly done me the world of good.
    I feel ready to let any doctor examine me now.
    You    will    find    a    petition enclosed with this. I expect to be down the end of  the week, or beginning of next week.
                George Mahon

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mr G Mahon
To whom it may concern
    During the year of 1936 I was in very poor health. I was in such a condition I could not work.
    In January 1937 I went to our local doctor and he advised me to go to the General Hospital in Toronto and have an operation. He said there was something that would have to be removed. My bowels were in a terrible condition at that time. I hated the thought of an operation I am a man over 60, and my father had the same trouble as myself twenty eight years ago and was operated in the General Hospital, and only lived for three months.
    I decided I would try taking treatments from Miss Caisse in Bracebridge, as 1 heard of so much good that she was doing. Early in January I started taking the treatments and it wasn't very long until 1 was feeling much better and now I have no sign of a growth whatsoever.
    I was examined by a doctor from Timmins, who was at Miss Caisse's cancer clinic in Bracebridge.
    Today I am a well man and able to work. I doctored with no one else except Miss Caisse, so the credit is all due to her.
    I feel sure that anyone suffering from a growth of any kind, if they will go by Miss Caisse's directions and take her treatment she will cure them.
            Yours truly.
                G. E. Mahon

Mr Freeman Maxwell
    Beaverton, Ontario
Dr:- Dr Mason Smith.  Beaverton, Ontario
Diagnosis: -
Malignant disease in pancreas.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from dr Mason Smith

1. February 23 1932
Miss Rene Caisse,
387 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, Ontario.
Dear Madam:
    Re Mr F Maxwell, Beverton, Ontario.
    We suspect the above mentioned has malignant disease in the pancreas.
He is not informed of this. Yours truly
        F. M. Smith

February 23, 1932
Miss Caisse
387 Sherbourne St Toronto, Ontario
Dear Madam:
    If Mr F. Maxwell wishes to undergo your treatment, I would offer no objections to him doing so.
    Mr Maxwell has suffered with loss of appetite, loss of twenty pounds of weight, in addition to extreme weakness. He is depressed in spells. He also suffers with a moderate degree of arthritis. During the past eighteen months he has had two slight Cerebral Haemorrhages.
    Yours truly.
        F. M. Smith


March 30, 1932
Miss Caisse,
387 Sherbourne Street,
Toronto, Ontario.
Dear Madam:
    Mr F. Maxwell came to my office Sunday last. Frankly I was delighted to see such a marked improvement in his general health.
    He has gained seven and a half pounds. His haemoglobin estimated ninety per cent. He moves with a great deal of vigour and mentally he is very much brighter and alert.
    I would be interested to know something more definite of your treatment. With what particular conditions do you use it and what do you claim for it? Over what period of time do you believe it should be used? I will watch Mr Maxwells progress with a great deal of interest.
        Yours very truly,
            F. M. Smith

    Mr Maxwell came to me too weak to walk, had to be carried into my office, had lost the use of his arms for over a year.
    I started to treat him in February 1932.
    Mr Maxwell still runs his own farm at Beaverton as his letter written a few days before the deputation from Bracebridge attended on the Honourable, the Minister of Health on March 15, 1937 states.
    Patient had the use of his arms after five treatments, continued to gain weight and health, and is still well as his brother stated to the Minister of Health.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mr Maxwell
                                January 9th 1937.

Dear Miss Caisse,
Received your letter yesterday. I phoned my brother last night, and he will go any day or night that you let him know, which I think is much better than me going, as he knows just as much and more than I do what you did for me. His Address -Helen Avenue 89, his phone number should you need it Melrose - 9122 Toronto. Do hope Miss Caisse you are successful.

            Best wishes for you
                        Freeman Maxwell

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Maxwell
89 Helena Ave. Toronto
                                    Feb. 2nd., 1937

Dear Miss Caisse,
    I had a letter from a friend in Bracebridge telling me of a case of goitre you have almost cured in a few treatments. Someone from Rochester. I have had a small goitre for some years and would like to get rid of it if I could. I wonder if I could have a treatment when you come down and perhaps I could go up for the others I would require. My husband is expecting to hear when you want him to give testimony for your cure of Mr Freeman Maxwell, so if you think you could cure my goitre you could let me know then. My husband is very anxious to tell what you did for his brother for it was nothing short of a miracle. With very best wishes for your success in all your undertakings.
                Yours truly,
                    Mrs H Maxwell

Miss Margaret A Mitchell
Milford Bay, Ontario
Age:-   49 years
Dr:- Dr Richards - Toronto General Hospital
Diagnosis;-Cancer of the breast and uterus and underarm
Patient had first operation on February 14,1932 by Dr Cleland, St Johns Hospital Toronto, Ontario.
Second operation - in September 1936 by Dr Janes Toronto General Hospital.
Patient had recurrence on muscle of arm, had this removed by radium November 1936 by Dr Richards at Toronto General Hospital, was very badly burned by the radium received at the time. First treatment of' "Essiac" November 5, 1936. Burn at that time was very bad, angry looking and discharging, and had a bad odour. At first Dressing of wound. Miss Caisse packed a yard and a half of gauze into it. December 19, 1936 - burn not as angry looking, inflammation gone" out of burn. Less discharge and less odour.
March 30 1937 - patient feeling better generally, gained in weight, radium burn filling in nicely. May 1, 1937 - patient better, hasn't felt as well since October 1936 sore looks better, patient has generally improved, radium bum almost completely healed.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Miss M. A. Mitchell

To whom it may concern-
    In October 1931 I noticed a small lump on my left breast and immediately consulted Dr F. W. Leech and after watching growth, position etc., he advised me in January 1932 to consult Dr F. A. Cleland who sent me almost at once to St. John's Hospital where on January 14-th he performed a breast amputation and again in November of same year I had a cancer removed from uterus at Wellesley Hospital by Dr Cleland.
    In June 1934 there was a little lump on the muscle just above the incision of the first operation. By November 35, this had grown considerably so I again consulted Dr Leech. He sent me to Dr Richards of the Radiation Department of the General Hospital, Toronto for radium treatments. I had radium for an hour each day for two weeks. In less than three months another little lump appeared under my arm. In September of '36 because this lump was growing I went to Dr Richards again. Dr James and Dr Richards decided surgery a better method of removing this, so operated. When the stitches were taken out a radium pack was put in for twenty-four hours. I was discharged on October the eighth and told to come back November 11 th for an examination. I seemed to be fairly well, but Dr James insisted I come in and have radium again. I was then about my normal weight 125 pounds. The radium treatments always upset my stomach so I lost 8 to 10 pounds while there. The day I was discharged about November the 28th Dr Richards stuck a probe in what looked like a little scaly sore just below my amr. This opened up a large hole and with what rapidity this grew. Only those familiar with the disease know or could believe it.
    On December 5th, 1936, I came to Miss Caisse of the Cancer Clinic in Bracebridge because Dr Johnston of Gavenhurst said more radium. I couldn't stand this because I was already burnt to the bone and terribly weak by its effects and if the Drs idea of radium was my only help then I was dying on my feet. This hole was the dirtiest most awful looking sore, that more than a yard and a half of inch gauze would barely fill and the breast bone was all nodulated and the sore sluffing continually. By this time I had quite given up any idea of having any sort of health again but through Miss Caisse's treatments I have gained from 100 pounds for I lost constantly from the radium treatments till coming to her and now December 7th 1937. I weigh 120 and am as well as I can be so would advise anyone with this awful trouble to come to her clinic and would like to see the heads of some of the departments from where her help must come visit her clinic every three or four months where I have watched so many get help and I am sincerely looking forward to the time when she can have a license to practise and help many more sufferers.
    I hereby declare that the within letter is a true statement made by me as to my condition before and since receiving treatment by Miss Rene Caisse.
            Anne Mitchell
Declared before me at the town of Bracebridge, in the District of Muskoka, this Seventh day of December, AD 1937
            Wilbert Richards

Copy of letter written to Miss E. Stephens by Miss Margaret A. Mitchell
Milford Bay Mar. 15/38
                To whom it may concern
In Oct 1931 a small lump appeared on my left breast, watched by Dr Leech of Toronto it changed in size. In January 1932 I was examined by Dr F. A. Cleland of Bloor St, being at once sent to St Johns Hospital and operated. Breast amputation on Feb 14, 1932. There was analysis made of this by Dr W. L. Robinson at Toronto General Hospital and pronounced cancer. In Nov. of the same year another operation was found to be necessary, the trouble this time being in the uterus. Again Dr Cleland operated finding a cancer the size of a small English walnut. This too was analysed as cancer. In the spring of 1934 a small lump appeared in the muscle joining my arm and body. This Dr Leech called a recurrence from the breast amputation and was removed by radium by Dr Richards in the radiology department of the General Hospital.
        A year later a small nodule appeared under my left arm. Dr Richards and Dr James advised me to have it taken off by surgery. This   was   done   in   the   Toronto General and then I had fourteen hour treatments of tele radium and when I had finished I was feeling very ill, as radium seems to have this effect on me. A small scaly looking sore appeared on my body and when Dr Richards flicked the top off it a deep nasty looking sore was there. I came home to Milford Bay on Nov. 28, when this was opened, and brought a prescription from Dr Richards and used peroxide as he said. In five days the awful odour of this was Driving my family out of the house and I had lost several pounds. Could neither sleep nor eat. In a week this had become such a hole I could put a yard and a half of inch gauze in it. I went to Dr Johnston in Bracebridge. He said more radium but I was so burned and sick from this I decided to give Miss Caisse a trial and I am only sorry I did not go sooner, as I would have saved a good bit of suffering and expense. I went down to less than a hundred pounds and was a green-yellow colour, but from the first of March I began to pick up and by July I was feeling almost back to normal. Now I am up to 120 pounds and the sore has almost healed even with my body and I am thankful I am quite able to keep house again and I do hope Miss Caisse may be allowed to practice in Bracebridge where from week to week I have seen great changes in many poor sick people. If anything I could do or say to help Miss Caisse I'd certainly be glad to do it.
                Ann Mitchell

Mr Albert Moses
        Toronto, Ontario
Age:-   63 years
Dr:- Dr James L. Stewart, Boise,
Idaho. USA
Cancer of the rectum with prostate gland involvement.
Growth in lower bowel with prostate gland involvement, a long standing case of haemorrhoids. Patient had no operation, no radium, had a few medical treatments, - under a lump.
Patient started to take "Essiac" treatment May 11th 1937.
Patient died in February 1938.

Letter from Dr James L. Stewart, Boise, Idaho

My diagnosis at the time that I examined Mr Moses, March 3 1937, was cancer of the rectum. The findings were a crater like growth in the anterior wall of the rectum about four or five cm. in diameter and about six to eight in anuse. This growth was attached to the prostate.
                James L Stewart

Letter from F. P. Jeppesen, M.D., 622 Eastman Bldg, Boise Idaho
February 19, 1937
Dear Doug,
The   bearer   of this letter, Mrs Moses, brought her husband in to me for an examination for prostate trouble. I found a bladder residual of 10 ounces and on rectum examination I found a huge carcinoma of the rectum. Mr Moses is a resident of Toronto and wanted to return there for any surgery that is indicated. He does not know many doctors there and I thought you could easily refer him to a good man. Roscoe Graham is the only surgeon that I could think of off hand. They are very nice people and would very much appreciate anything you could do for them. The lesion could be primary in the prostate but I don't think so. Mr Moses does not know what is wrong with himself. After questioning he gave me a history of weight loss of about 30 pounds and some blood in stools months ago.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from Mr Moses
Dec 7/37
Miss Rene Caisse,
Dear Miss Caisse,
    Having taken your treatment for cancer since May 11 /37 I would like to say how much benefit I have been from same. Three specialists from United States, two whose diagnosis you have on file and one in Toronto whose diagnosis I don't happen to have but all pronounced it Cancer of the Rectum, and would have to have an operation for same. While I am not free from Drainage as yet, my health is such that I would be willing to be examined by any of the Medical Fraternity.
            I am Yours sincerely
                Albert A. Moses
                        45 Dupont St. Toronto

Letter written to Miss Caisse from Mrs Moses after Mr Moses's death
Toronto, Feb. 12/38
Dear Miss Caisse,
    Your words of comfort are gratefully re-read. I know that they come from the heart as my heart echoes.
    I know that had we gone in time, the treatments which you gave might have cured my dear one would leave only heartache did we not also know that he had great relief from the treatments and was able to enjoy a comparatively comfortable summer.
    Many of the distressing features of that frightening disease were absent, one in particular which would have been torture to one of my husbands temperament - was the unbearable odour which obtains in advanced cases, In Albert's case there was none. I cared for him here at home until the last ten days.
    I was always thinking of your efforts to alleviate suffering with deepest gratitude. May the Great Physician bless and use you in his service.
        Yours sincerely
            Mrs Albert Moses

Mr James Nicholson
Sebright, Ontario
Age:-   84 years.
Dr:-   Dr   J.   M.   Harvey   -   Orillia, Ontario
Cancer    of    left    cheek  Epithelioma - on face and around eye.
First   treatment   by   "Essiac"   May 15th 1937
August 1937-patient feels well for his age, growth gone.

Copy of letter received from daughter of Mr J. Nicholson
                Atherley R.R. I
                    Feb 16 1938.
Dear Miss Caisse,
I am so very happy if this petition is of any benefit, everyone signed with pleasure. Poor old dad wanted to write a testimony on it but I explained to him what it was. He surely is very grateful to you and his face looks good. You would never know he ever had cancer at all.
        Best regards
        Mrs Bert Day
PS Don't be afraid to call on me if I can be of any assistance at any time, it is a real pleasure.

Mrs F. Minnie Norris
139 Arlington Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Age:-   64 years.
Dr:- Dr W. R. Bateman -St Claire Ave. W., Toronto, Ontario
Diagnosis :_
Tumour of the bowel.  April 4th, 1938.

Dr W. R. Bateman 1031 St Claire Ave. W.,
re: Mrs F. (Minnie) Norris

A Barium enema was given.

The rectal ampulla fills well. There is a filling duct in the colon at about the junction of the descending with the sigmoid. It extends over about three inches of bowel. While the appearance closely resembles diverticulitis, I believe the condition is probably malignant. The balance of the bowel of the caecum fills without delay and shows no abnormality. No diverticula are visible in the descending colon, or elsewhere. It is to be observed, however, that a small rounded particle of barium, presenting   the   appearance   of   a diverticulum, is situated in the filling defect in the sigmod colon.

In my opinion the examination of the colon might be extended to include a twenty-four hour film made after ingestion of a barium meal. This will involve no further cost.

                    E. H. Shannon

Copy to Dr Bateman
May 7/38

Patient has had colitis about 30 years. Has had no operation, no radium, no treatments.

First   treatment of   "Essiac"  May 10. 38

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse
139 Arlington Ave.,
            April 17 1938
Miss R. Caisse.
Bracebridge, Ont.

Dear Miss Caisse,
    It is my wife who is the sufferer. For some months she has been troubled with a pain in her left abdomen. In fact she has been troubled in that way for many years. Some 25 years ago she was treated for colitis. The attending doctor then said she had a stricture or kink in the large bowel. She has always been able however to get rid of the pain by home treatments. This time however it is hanging on and the Dr's medicine does not help.
A week ago we got an X-ray and as a result the doctor reported that it appeared to be a tumour on the lining on the wall of the large bowel. An operation was not recommended as the wife is slightly diabetic has been for 12 years. Is nervous, 64 years old.
    Do you treat tumours and does the treatment relieve or cure the tumour?
    Up until the taking of the X-ray Mrs Norris was in good spirits and went about doing her own work. Looked well and weighed 150 lbs. She is around and not in bed but the news has pulled her down in spirits.
        Yours truly
            F. Norris

October 2, 1938.- patient has let her maid go, and is now doing her work all but washing and scrubbing. The first in over a year. Feeling lots stronger, went to the exhibition alone, is definitely better.

Letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Norris
139 Arlington Ave.
            Oct 4th 1938
My Dear Miss Caisse,
    It was a great relief this morning to read what the Globe and the Mail said about this inquest.
    I told you I would be praying for you, and I certainly did. Almost every hour of the day I breathed a prayer for you, and no doubt many of your other patients did the same.
    I would just like to tell you how much better I am - seem to have a new hold on life, and I give all the credit to you. my dear.
    I often sympathise with you in your work, and think how trying it must be, but you are a brave sweet girl, and knowing you are relieving so much suffering must recompense you for it all.
        Lovingly yours
        Mrs (Minnie) Norris.

Letter written by Mrs Norris

For many years I have suffered from abdominal trouble. In 1903 I was operated on for an appendicitis. In 1904 I was under the doctors care for colitis. In 1907 a pain developed in the lower left side of my abdomen which has given me more or less trouble ever since. In 1920 I was compelled to seek medical attention in respect of the trouble. My Dr. W. P. Cavan, then advised me that there was an apparent closing in the large bowel which might at a later time cause considerable trouble. From then until 1926 the pain kept bothering me, sometimes seriously. After that I was completely free of it until 1935, when I was again confined to bed under medical and nursing attention for upwards of a month.
    About the middle of 1937 it again returned and from then until May 1938 not withstanding medical attention, the pain became more intense and I was compelled to use the hot water bottle continuously day and night, with medicine to ease the pain. Indigestion, bloating, accompanied by discharge of mucous continued. Finally an X-ray was had and as a result the doctor pronounced the trouble tumour. Owing to my diabetic and highly nervous condition my doctor advised against operation. The alternative was some few months of life.
    About the first day of May I had my first treatment at the Caisse Clinic Bracebridge. Two others followed at weekly intervals. From the first treatment I got relief. After the third treatment I discarded my hot water bottle, and excepting for a few occasions I have never used it since. Nor have I tried to take any medicine to ease the pain.
    On May 21st. '38, the Caisse Clinic unfortunately closed and remained closed for some two months, during which period I could notice pain increasing its hold on me. As soon as the clinic re-opened I again began the treatments. I have taken the 12 in all and as a result I am so improved in health that I feel like a new person. The pain has lessened to a very noticeable extent. I am able to do my homework and go about alone something which before these treatments it was impossible for me to do. I have every reason to hope that under these treatments my trouble will finally disappear.
        Yours truly,
            Minnie Norris

Mrs A. V. Oke
Huntsville, Ontario
Age:-   31 years.
Dr:- Dr Hipwell, and Dr Harvey -Orillia, Ontario
Diagnosis :-
Duodenal Ulcers
Patient on diet, has had indigestion for years, food seems to turn to acid. Lower valve in stomach weak..
First   treatment   by   "Essiac"   Nov 24/36.

Letter written to Mrs Oke by Dr Hipwell
Orillia, Ontario
        March 21st. 1936

Mrs Verne Oke Huntsville, Ontario,
Dear Mrs Oke,
I received your letter this week and I again checked over your X-rays. There is absolutely no existence of gall­bladder condition in your present series. The diagnosis is very clear in these plates of a duodenal ulcer. The specimen you sent was normal in every way.
    There is one thing you must remember and that is that the treatment is very prolonged and you must stay on your diet and expect some symptoms yet. Let me know when you have finished your medicine and I will send you some more.
            Yours sincerely,
                R. E. Hipwell.

Letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Oke
September 7, 1937

For 15 years I had suffered from a Duodenal Ulcer which caused me much distress even on the strictest diet.
Since I have been taking treatments from Miss Caisse I have constant relief, and am now able to enjoy my meals and eat practically all foods.
My last X-ray showed the ulcer had completely disappeared. I feel that this is the only treatment that would have helped me.
                Mrs K. V. Oke

Mrs Oke was accidentally electrocuted at work in 1946

Mr Frank E. Oke
    Huntsville, Ontario
Age:-   44 years Diagnosis:-
Cancer of the lip. Remarks:-
Normal    weight     150    lbs. Weight October 24, 1936 - 145 lbs.
    First treatment by "Essiac" Septembers, 1936.
Six   weeks   after   first   treatment noticeable improvement.
December 19, 1936 - growth gone, small scar remaining. January 2, 1937 - continued improvement
February 13, 1937 - patient has had ten Essiac hypo treatments, twelve oral and twelve local treatment. Patient cured.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from Mr Frank E. Oke, Huntsville
Huntsville, Ont., April 1st., 1937
Miss Rene Caisse Bracebridge, Ontario.
Dear Miss Caisse,
    I want to review for you the history of my case, with which you are more or less familiar, owing to your series of treatments.
I suffered for some months with a sore on my lower lip. I first noticed it in November, 1935, and went to a local medical doctor. I was told to rub on it "Rubbing Alcohol".   I   did   this.   The   sore continued to get worse. During the winter it became very painful.
    In May, 1936, I had to go to hospital for an operation, and had it again examined by one of the hospital physicians. I was told it would be all right after my operation, which was internal in character.
    But the pain became worse. I was finally released from the hospital and started again to work. The pain of my lip was so severe that I had often to leave my work, and go home to rest. I suffered intensely, and was about to accept the advice of a friend, and have a medical man perform an operation on the lip.
    But instead, I finally acted on the advice of another friend and went to see Miss Caisse. I commenced taking her treatments. Little by little change took place until the fourth treatment, when the pain began to subside. I continued until I had taken ten treatments in all. When this number had been completed, the pain had gone, and the sore gradually healed.
    The healing process continued steadily: the pain was entirely gone, and I am glad to say that now the sore is healed up perfectly, and I have no pain whatever, nor anything to indicate that I had this cancer, except a slight scar of my lip.
    From the nature of my trouble, and from the manner in which the sore developed, with intensifying pain, I am certain in my own mind it was cancer. But I am completely healed, thanks to Miss Caisse.
            Yours very sincerely,
                    Frank E. O    Huntsville, Ont.

Mrs W. Raney
Sunbridge, Ontario
Age:-  43 years
Dr:-    Dr        Galleger    -Sunbridge, Ontario
Cancer of the breast about the size of an egg. Remarks:-
Patient started "Essiac"  treatment March 27,   1937.  Weight  on  that date was 113 pounds.
Patient   troubled   with   a   goitre, nervous condition, and trouble in ears.
April 27, 1937 - has Drawing - up feeling.
May 22nd,   1937 - patient feeling well, does not notice goitre now.
October 18,  1937 - growth under arm  has almost disappeared.
Patient has had some pain below the breast  and  through  shoulder blade.
November 26,  1937 - Patient has been examined and no trace of the growth was found. Patient has a slight   aching   under   the   breast, outside of that she is perfectly well.
January 8, 1938 - patient has slight swelling below her breast, but the growth has completely disappeared.
November 2, 1938 - Swelling under breast gone, no trace of growth in breast,   and  patient  says   she  is perfectly healthy generally.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Raney
To whom it may concern
    Five years ago I discovered I had a growth in my left breast. I went to the doctor in Sunbridge, he told me the best thing for me to do was to have an operation, but I did not have one, so I came to Miss Caisse last March. My growth had grown to be as large as an egg, now it is all gone and I feel so much better. I certainly recommend Miss Caisse's treatment for cancer of every kind because I believe it is a real cure.
    I think Miss Caisse should be given a license to practice so other people could have the same cure as I have got from Miss Caisse's treatment.
Mrs Wilfred Raney December 7th 1937,
Sunbridge, Ontario

Copy of letter written by Mrs raney to Miss E. Stephens.- Toronto Ont
unbridge, March 14-1939
To whom it may concern
I have been going to Miss Caisse of Bracebridge for treatment for a growth in my left breast that was the size of an egg, but it has disappeared and I am feeling much better and am very much in favour of Miss Caisse having a license so that she can treat other patients with her wonderful cure for cancer which is a terrible disease of humanity.
    Wishing  Miss   Caisse   success   in getting her license.
            Mrs W Raney.

Mr Herbert (Bert) Rawson
Bracebridge, Ontario
Age:-   48 years, in 1935
Dr:- Dr Bastedo, Bracebridge, Ontario
Cancer of the rectum.
    Cancer of rectum. Large hard mass almost closing opening, sloughing and bleeding, very great distress and pain. X-rayed in Orillia by Stewart, X-ray showed large mass in rectum.
    Mr  Rawson had first treatment  by   "Essiac"  given hypodermically April 25,  1935, weight at time 139 pounds.
    September 16, 1935, - pain and soreness gone, still sloughing and blood streaked mucous - weight 139  1/3 pounds.
    Last treatment May 1, 1936. Weight   March   24,    1937  148 pounds

Patient   worked   all   during treatment except for one month's rest. Mass in Rectum entirely gone when last treatment given May 1, 1936. This patient has since been examined and no trace of Cancer can be found by Dr W. C. Arnold, Ottawa, Dr E. W. Wood, Ottawa, Dr Herbert Minthorne, Timmins. and Dr F. Greig of Bracebridge. Mr Rawson had thirty treatments of "Essiac".
    October 1938 - Patient still working in hardware store in Bracebridge and feeling fine.

Copy of letter written by Mr Bert Rawson


    I, Bert Rawson, was examined by Dr Kenny and Dr Bastedo in December 1934 at the Red Cross Hospital at Bracebridge, and X-rayed April 1935. My case was diagnosed by above mentioned doctors as carcinoma of the Rectum. I refused operation and Dr Kenny gave Miss Rene Caisse of Bracebridge Cancer Clinic his written diagnosis and permission to treat me for this malignant disease. I took treatments for ten months and am well.
    I was examined in April 26th by two doctors from Ottawa, Dr W. C. Arnold and Dr E. W. Wood who said I had nothing left to show 1 had even been afflicted with cancer, l weigh 142 pounds. I feel normal and am back to work.
    I am writing this in appreciation of what Miss Rene M. Caisse has done for me with "Essiac" her marvellous treatment for cancer.
    I think this treatment should be given recognition and made available for everyone suffering from this Dreaded disease. I am writing this letter voluntarily in appreciation of what Miss Caisse has done for me and can do for others. 1 have nothing to say against the Medical Profession. 1 feel sure they do all they can for cancer sufferers, but they cannot cure it, and Miss Caisse has proved that she can, and it should be made known to the public.
    My wife and family and myself will ever remain grateful to Miss Caisse.
                Herbert Rawson
                Bracebridge, Out.

Mrs Wm Rowley
Westport, Ontario
Cancer of the Breast Remarks:-
Patient took first treatment by "Essiac" April 24 1937. Had six treatments and the growth entirely disappeared. Patient took a trip in June 1937. Was examined in Kingston, Ontario by Dr Jones and there was no sign of growth in breast.
November   1,   1938-   patient   very well and has not had a recurrence of the growth in breast. Patient   only   had   six   treatments with "Essiac".

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Rowley
Westport, Ontario Nov. l8th./37
Dear Miss Caisse,-
    No doubt you will be surprised to get a letter from me, however I thought you would like to know how I am getting along after our trip to the old country. Well first of all let me say we had a wonderful trip. Everyone was lovely to us and made us more than welcome, and the weather was all that we could wish for. We were away about 11 weeks in all, visiting England and Wales. We arrived back in Canada about the 27th of Sept.. and on the l1th Oct. my husband met with an accident. and had his leg broken in 4 places. He was in Kingston General Hospital for about 2 weeks, just long enough for the swelling to go down, then they put his leg in a cast. I have him at home at present but in bed all the time.
    I am pleased to say there is no trace of any lump in my breast. I went into Kingston with the Dr and my husband and the Dr had Dr Jones the cancer specialist examine my breast. My nerves were all acting up. Now I am taking medicine for the nerves and feeling better. Many thanks dear for the help 1 received from you and may god bless you, that you may be able to help some more poor souls who suffer.
Sincerely yours
Mrs Wm Rowley

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Rowley
Westport, Ontario Feb.17/38
    Dear Miss Caisse,
    I received your card and was so pleased to hear from you. Yes dear by all means use my name anything that will help. I am also returning the petition and only wish that I had many more names. I am sorry to say that I have been confined to my bed for over two weeks. I fell in our woodshed the last Saturday in January and sprained my ankle and tore all the ligaments and burst several blood vessels, so I am only allowed to get up in the afternoons and not put weight on my foot, although the swelling is going down and am doing as well as can be expected. My husband just went back to work. One week after we came back from the old country a private car sped over the crossing and caught my husband and his men on the railway crossing. He was the only one hurt of the 4 men. He had his leg broken. He is now going round on crutches. So you can see we have gone through a lot since we have returned from our trip to the old Country. I hope that before long our luck will turn for the better. Many thanks for the papers you so kindly sent me. Well my dear, I wish you every luck and hope that you get your recognition with the Ontario Government. I am Yours sincerely
                Mrs M Rowley

Copy of letter written to Miss e. Stephens by Mrs Wm Rowley

March 11, 1938
Dear Miss Stephens,
Your    letter    to hand today and am answering by return mail and hope that if there is anything I can say or do for Miss Caisse I surely will.
    In March of last year I was not feeling very well so I went to my doctor here in Westport and he told me I had a lump in my breast, but if the worst came to the worst he would take me to Kingston for radium treatment. In the meantime a lady living 4 miles from here was attending the clinic at Bracebridge and so arranged to go with her the next time she went and I must say that I only had to take 6 treatments and was fully cured, even went to the Dr in Westport for him to examine me and he said there were no signs of a lump and that's a year ago now.
    I cannot praise Miss Caisse's work too high and hope that when the committee meet they will do all in their power to keep Miss Caisse in Ontario where she is needed so much.
    I saw while going for my treatments so many poor souls coming for treatments for the first time had to be assisted then I seen them again after a few visits coming alone. Yes, nothing is too good to say of Miss Caisse's work and my prayers are that she will be allowed to remain with us to continue her good work.
    If  I knew  when the committee meet I really think that I would like to come and do my part for Miss Caisse.
    Wishing you all the best of luck,
            Yours very truly
                    Mrs Margaret Rowley

Mr Thos Runnerfield
Bracebridge, Ontario
Age:-   72 years
Dr:- Dr   E. G. Ellis - Bracebridge. Ontario
Cancer in the mouth
Copy of Diagnosis
June 10, 1937
Miss Caisse, Town.
Dear Miss Caisse,
This is to certify that I have examined Mr Runnerfield today in my office and have advised him to have treatment by you for his mouth condition.
            Very truly yours,
            (Dr) E. G. Ellis

Patient was operated on in 1931 by Dr Bruce, Toronto for cancer of the mouth, and again in 1932. First   treatment   by  "Essiac"   June 21st 1937.
July 27, 1937 soreness in mouth all gone, also soreness in throat all gone. Patient feeling generally better. Patient had pain in front of ear and side of head, which has also disappeared.
November 1938- Patient has no trace of cancer in mouth and feeling generally very well, particularly for age. Patient took "Essiac" treatment from June 21st 1937 to August 23rd 1937.

Miss Eva Stephens
1009 A St Clarens Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Age:-   34 years
Dr James Cotton - Toronto, Ontario
Ulcers of the stomach
Copy of Dr James Report
Toronto, Canada
September 21 st, 1935
Miss Eva Stephens,
 23 Creyton Cres.,

1.         Haemoglobin 90.
2.    Blood pressure SBP 120 DBP8O.
3.  There was some pyorrhoea around teeth.
4.   Sinuses and Antrum were clear
5.  Heart Diameter 5 1/2 Ins. fairly normal.
8.  Stomach sagged slightly so also did Transverse Colon.
9.  Appendix was long and filled. It is somewhat angulated.
10.   There was evidence of some ulceration in first part of Duodenum, and lesser curvature of stomach.
                        Jas Cotton MA M.D.

-trouble started two years ago. Dr J. H. Speers patient's doctor. First treatment with "Essiac" November 28 1937.
November  3,   1938-  patient  very well, working every day.

Copy of letter written by Miss E Stephens to Mr M Hepburn
    Toronto, Ontario 1009A St Clarens Ave
    February/ 16, 1938
Mitchell F. Hepburn,
Prime Minister of Ontario, Parliament Buildings Toronto, Ontario.
Dear Sir:
    I would like to add my plea to the many others I know you must have received regarding Miss Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, Ontario.
    In November, 1935 I found it necessary to visit my doctor regarding stomach trouble. I had X-rays and the diagnosis of two doctors other than my family doctor and they all agreed that it was ulcers of the stomach. I gave each doctor the opportunity to cure me- I worked with them for over two years and was no further ahead. I was at my wits end. I was convinced that the doctors could not cure me, so I felt I had nothing to lose and motored to Bracebridge to see Miss Caisse. I have been truly thankful that I paid her the visit. I have been going each week since and am feeling better than I have felt in over two years, while undergoing treatment from medical practitioners.
    I have always understood that the medical association and the Government were something we could depend upon to work for the good of humanity, but the attitude they are taking in the case of Miss Caisse seems to prove that I have been wrong.
    I was in Miss Caisse's clinic the other day when a lady was discharged from cancer of the breast and even our medical doctors can find no trace of cancer. I wish you could have talked to that lady.
    Now in the name of humanity what more proof do the Medical Association and the Government want than a patient fully cured? There are hundreds more who can give you the same proof. Why will you not give this woman what she requires to continue her good work.
    Trusting you will investigate this matter fully before a final decision is reached, I am
Yours truly
Eva Stephens

Copy of letter written to Mr Wm. Duckworth by Miss Eva Stephens
        Toronto, Ontario
        1009A St Clarens Ave,,
        February 24, 1938.
Mr Wm. Duckworth, 263 Brock Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.
Dear Sir,
    As the representative of the Ontario provincial parliament for my district, I would like to appeal to you to do everything in your power to assist Miss Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, when her case comes before the house.
    If you are not personally acquainted with the good work she is doing, I would be glad to give you any information I can.
    I have taken treatments from Miss Caisse since December, for ulcers, and am feeling better than I have felt in years. I have been in the clinic when cancer patients have been discharged as cured. There are many, many more who are taking treatments now, who, according to their doctors when their cases were diagnosed could not live more than a few months and that with the so- called aid of an operation. They decided to take treatments from Miss Caisse instead and there is every reason to believe they will be fully cured if permitted to receive sufficient treatments.
    I have every reason to believe that you are a square shooter. That being so, I know you will give her your whole hearted co-operation to this wonderful cause when it comes up for debate.
    Thanking you for any assistance you may give in this matter, I am
            Yours very truly
                    Miss Eva Stephens

Copy of letter written by Miss Stephens to The Honourable David Croll
Toronto, Ontario
    1009A St Clarens Ave.
    March 16th 1938
 The Honourable David Croll, Chairman of Private Bills
Committee, Parliament Buildings,
Toronto, Ontario.
Dear Sir,
    I understand you will have much to do with the bill of Miss Rene Caisse of Bracebridge, Ontario. In this connection, I would beg your indulgence while I place before you my case with regard to treatment received by Miss Caisse.
    I have suffered with stomach ulcers for years, three years ago my doctor informed me I had Ulcers and immediately put me on a milk and powders diet but after a year or so I was still suffering from the ulcers. I then consulted another doctor, who, after some period of time had been unable to help me. I then decided Miss Caisse couldn't possibly do less for me than the doctors had and went to Bracebridge for treatments. I have received twelve treatments and now feel better than I have in years, and thank Miss Caisse alone for all my excellent health at this time.
    If you could only visit the Clinic at Bracebridge I am sure you would be well repaid for your trouble, you would meet so many people who could not only tell you, but show you what Miss Caisse has done for them, in many cases, really saved their lives.
    I have in my possession many testimonials which I would be glad to pass on to you, should you be interested in reading them.
    Trusting you will do everything within your power to keep Miss Caisse and her Cancer Clinic with us in Canada where she is so greatly needed.
        Very truly yours
                Eva Stephens.

Mrs J. H. Stewart
Utterson, Ontario

Age:-   53 years
Dr:  Dr Evans, Huntsville, Ontario
Cancer of the uterus

First treatment by "Essiac" November 7, 1936 weight 153 lbs.
December 5, 1936 - weight 159 lbs., patient has nouritis.
January 16      1937 patient examined by Dr Minthorn of Timming, Dr "Cancer of uterus".
February 27,     1937     bloating decreasing, kidneys better. April 10/37 - no bleeding, very little   odour.    Patient    is   much better.
April 23, 1937 - patient has pain at times and has bladder trouble.
May 1, 1937 weight 160 lbs. patient feeling better.
May 8, 1937 - patient has less sloughing, no bleeding for two months, odour clearing, can ? quietly now, couldn't previously to this, does farm work.
November 1938 - Patient gained more weight, has worked hard on farm all summer, is feeling very well. Has no sloughing or bleeding now.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by Mrs Stewart
            Utterson, Ontario December 3rd, 1937
Dear Miss Caisse,
    I thought you would like to know how I was progressing since taking your treatments.
    As I can say I have tried nine or ten doctors before seeing you, but got no results. How as I think I told you I was almost unable to walk, work sleep or sit up for months, as this has been bothering me for about eleven years.
    Other doctors said they thought it was appendicitis or ulcerated ovaries, one advised me to have my teeth out. One doctor very strongly told me it was a floating kidney, others said goitre. I knew by my condition it was impossible to be any of these things. At last I was taken to Orillia and X-rayed, but they would not tell me what it was ailed me. They just said to buy a fifteen dollar pair of corsets, put them on good and tight, and lay around and take no interest in any work, and if I were able to come in a months time they might consider an operation. When I arrived home I started to haemorrhage, the odour was terrible, then I went to you. After I was examined by two specialists I was told I had cancer of the uterus.
    Words cannot express how much I owe to you for I am now able to do any kind of work, look after five cows, over a hundred hens and cook for six and seven of our family. I bake all my own bread pies, cakes and make my own butter, so you know for seven of a family my work is not easy. It has been years since I felt as well and I must again say I owe my health to you.
    I do hope trust within the near future you will get your certification and be able to freely treat the public, as I know some of my friends whom you have helped and cured of this terrible disease.
    Thanking you again and may God bless you and keep you in the best of health that you may be able to keep up with your good work.
    I remain as ever your faithful friend
Mrs J. H. Stewart

Mr Wm. Still
Burks Falls, Ontario
Age:-   36 years
Dr:- Dr M. A. Wittick - Burks Falls, Ontario
Ulcers of the stomach
1926       patient had operation performed by Dr Brandon (Deceased) of North Bay. Ontario. Doctor said he could not operate on ulcer when patient was opened, but he removed the appendix.
November 28, 1937 - patient says he has been suffering for the past month and cannot get relief from medicine. Has decided to take "Essiac" treatment first treatment by "Essiac" Nov. 23 1937.
Feb 1938 - patient very much improved.

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse by William Still
    Burks Falls. Ont..
    Feb 19th. 1938
    I, Wm Still, have been taking treatment from Miss Caisse for ulcers of the stomach and find it a wonderful help and I feel sure a cure.
            Wm Still

Copy of Diagnosis sent by Dr Wittick, Burks Falls, Ontario
Nov. 24/37
Dear Miss Caisse,-
    I am sending down Mr Wm. Still who has ulcers of the stomach. This man has been operated on but still complains of severe pains. His operation has been 11 years ago. Am sending him down for treatment.
        Yours truly
            M. A. Wittick

Mrs F. E. Thompson
New Liskeard, Ontario

Age:-   45 years.
Dr:-  Dr James  Cotton,  MA,  M.D. Toronto, Ont.
Cancer of the cervix
Copy of diagnosis by Dr Cotton,
        October 8th 1937.
This case has a slight infection of the left Antrum causing some thickening of the wall, also a chronic infection in the chest, a moderate sagging of the Transverse Colon, a pelvic Caecum with low placed Appendix, and Epithelial condition of the Cervix.
        Jas Cotton M.A.. MD

    Duration of trouble before coming to Miss Caisse was 2 years, did not consult a doctor until August 1937. Patient has had no operation, no radium, no X ray treatment. First treatment by "Essiac" October 10, 1937. Weight of patient October 10/37-102 pounds. The following letter written by Mrs Thompson will describe her experience with "Essiac Treatment".

        New Liskeard Sept 26, 1938
    About 4 years ago 1 noticed, at certain times, a slight bleeding for which I could not account. I thought it might be natural at my age; possibly the beginning of menopause- 1 am 45 years of age. As time went on the amount increased. It seemed to me there would be as much as a quarter of a cup of blood at times. And then the bleedings began to occur, not just at those certain times, but there would be slight bleeding for no reason at all, frequently. I became alarmed and consulted my doctor, Dr J. S. McCullough, in July 1937. He thought it might be menopause or it might be that I needed a rest. He gave me treatment for 2 months and then advised that I go to Toronto for examination. To my direct request he answered that the cervix looked very suspicious and he feared it might be cancer. I went to Toronto about the first of October 1937 and consulted Dr James Cotton. He made an examination of the uterus, and diagnosed it as cancer or pre-cancer of the cervix and the cervix only; and recommended radium treatment. He suggested I see a man Dr Richards. I prefer to die of cancer alone, if I must, not a combination of cancer and radium burns. So, having talked to patients of Miss Caisse and feeling sure from those conversations, that she had more to offer in the way of a cure and relief from terrible suffering, 1 went to her clinic: October tenth 1937 with my printed diagnosis from Dr James Cotton. She began to treat me at once.
    I had the habit of lying awake for hours at night, worrying. After visiting the clinic and receiving her humane treatment, I had such peace of mind that I slept without the slightest wakefulness and continue to do so. Gradually I began to feel better in a general sort of way until I felt quite well, the bleeding became less and less and finally occurred only about the menstrual periods: perhaps for a week before and there would be a slight discharge for some days after. The amount of blood at the periods would be less than I was in the habit of losing. For many years the amount was always profuse. I had around twenty three treatments when, on account of difficulties and poor health, Miss Caisse closed her clinic. For a short time I did not miss the treatments and continued to feel well. Then the bleeding began again and I consulted Dr McArthur of Noranda, Quc who was highly recommended to me by friends. It had been suggested to me that I did not look like a cancerous person and friends thought it might not be cancer. So when this doctor suggested taking a snipping of the growth for analysis, I agreed. After making his examination and taking the snipping he suggested removing the womb. This he thought would take care of everything. I agreed and he planned to give me blood transfusions before operating. My blood count was down over a million and the colouring was down over sixty per cent. However when the report came back from the Pathologist the growth was diagnosed as being of a type which the Doctor considered might be more extensive than he considered from his examination. He advised that I go to the city for radium treatment followed by X-ray therapy. This I would   not   do.   I  was feeling very miserable and had a couple of haemorrhages which were difficult to slop. About this time, to my relief. Miss Caisse reopened her clinic. I told Dr McArthur I was going back to her. He said he could only condemn her treatment as useless, and asked me what I would do in case of a haemorrhage. I told him that the irrigation she applies to me always took care of that; and it does. I recommenced my treatments four weeks ago and already I feel like a different person, stronger and better in every way. Miss Caisse's treatment is my only hope; but it is a strong one.
            Mrs F. E. Thompson
                Hazel Thompson

I feel that my wife is doing the proper thing in taking treatments from Miss Caisse as I know that her health is much improved.
F. E. Thompson

Burks Falls, Ont..
Peb 19th. 1938
I, Wm Still, have been taking treatment from Miss Caisse for ulcers of the stomach and find it a wonderful help and I feel sure a cure.

New Liskeard.


Wm Still
Nov. 24/37
Dear Miss Caisse, -
I am sending down Mr Wm. Still who has ulcers of the stomach. This man has been operated on but still complains of severe pains. His operation has been 11 years ago. Am sending him down for treatment.
Yours truly
M. A. Wittick

Age:-   45 years.
Dr:- Dr James Cotton, MA, M.D. Toronto, Ont.
Cancer of the cervix
Copy of diagnosis by Dr Cotton, October 8th 1937.
This case has a slight infection of the left Antrum causing some thickening of the wall, also a chronic infection in the chest, a moderate sagging of the Transverse Colon, a pelvic-Caecum with low placed Appendix, and Epithelial condition of the Cervix.
Jas Cotton M.A.. MD
Duration of trouble before coming to Miss Caisse was 2 years, did not consult a doctor until August 1937. Patient has had no operation, no radium, no X-ray treatment. First treatment by "Essiac" October 10, 1937. Weight of patient October 10/37-102 pounds. The following letter written by Mrs Thompson will describe her experience with "Essiac Treatment".



Mrs John Thornbury
Hurley, Ontario
Age:-   52 years.
Dr:- Dr G. A. Galloway -Woodville
Probable Carcinoma of the stomach -
X-ray plates taken by Miss McNilley of Lindsay Hospital, Lindsay, Ontario.

Copy of diagnosis.
I hereby certify that Mrs John Thornbury of Hurley had an X-ray taken of her stomach and bowels at Lindsay on the 14th. day of June 1937 and her plates indicate a probable suspicion of carcinoma of the stomach.
    Dr G. A. Galloway Woodville Ont.

    Mrs J Thornbury took flu in March 1937, previously to this she had sick spells and vomiting up bile.
    Patient had felt worse since taking flu, had knawing feeling in stomach and hungry but could not eat.
    Started taking "Essiac" treatment July 19th 1937. Patient continued to feel sick until August 16th, 1937 then a change took place. After that, patient gradually improved and now (October 1938) patient is very well, has splendid appetite, no sick spells with vomiting, and has no soreness in the stomach. General health greatly improved. Is working on a farm. Patient intends to have another X-ray taken of stomach soon. (55 treatments)

Mr G. Tooke
273 Brunt Ave., Brentford, Ontario
Age:- 27 years. Diagnosis: -
Ulcerated legs Remarks:-
Patient took treatment from Dr Waite in Brandford, serum to Dry up the vein.
First "Essiac" September 19/37. Leg improved rapidly with treatment.

Copy of letter
273 Brant Ave Brandford. Ont.
        Feb 16/38

Miss Rene M Caisse:-
    Am writing to you this letter of appreciation for what your treatment Essiac has done for me.
    Having been bothered for years with little sores on my leg that would not heal, I was persuaded to see a doctor who informed me it  was an ulcer caused from varicose, veins and that injections would effect a cure. After having had injections the sores healed up but on failure to take (hem every so often the sores broke out again worse than before.
    After another doctor tried binding (he leg up with no results, and still another doctor tried cold compresses that helped considerably but could not cure the ulcer without complete rest which I felt was impossible at the time.
    At the time of seeing you about a treatment, about half the front of my leg was ulcerated accompanied by swelling until the pain was almost too much to bear, but thanks to Essiac after about eight or nine treatments without having to rest the leg, it is completely healed up without a scar and am positive that before long even the red spots will be erased. Will always be indebted to you for the development of Essiac.
            G. Tooke

Mr John Tynon
Melissa, Ontario Age:-   69 years
Dr:-    Dr    McDonald,    Hunterville, Ontario
Cancer of bowel and rectum with perforations into bladder. X-rays taken from Orillia General Hospital.

Patient started taking "Essiac" treatment May 23, 1935.
Weight of patient August 6,  1935 was 104 pounds.
Weight of patient September 21 1935 was 112 pounds.
October 1938, - patient feeling very well, general health improved, working in a mill during last summer.

Copy of letter written to Mrs Tynon by Dr Arthur E Ardagh, Orilla
Jany. 23 1935
Arthur E. Ardagh, M.D.
Peter St., Orillia.
Dear Mrs Tynon
Your letter to hand and I am sorry to say in reply that I feel this malignant disease has advanced too far and his strength is too much exhausted for an operative procedure to be of any value.
In my opinion the only thing now is to give him plenty of hyprolic and keep him from suffering.
        Faithfully yours
            A. E. Ardagh

Copy of letter written to Miss Caisse from Dr J. D. MacDonald
Dr J. D. MacDonald
Physician and Surgeon
Huntsville, Ont.
May 23 1935 Miss Ft Caisse,
Bracebridge, Ont.

Dear Miss Caisse.
Mr John Tynon desires that a physician should authorise you to give him some treatment.
    I had this patient under my care in January before and after he was in Orillia Hospital but he has consulted three or four physicians since that time and I believe he had some treatment in Bracebridge Hospital where the Rectum was dilated.
    If he wishes treatment from you I am satisfied for him to do so.
        Yours very truly
        J. D. MacDonald

Copy of the report from Mr John Tynon, Melissa, Ontario
        June 3rd. 1935
My condition before taking treatment from Miss Caisse was very bad, two doctors said it was malignant, and could do nothing for me. Just a matter of time. I have gained in strength and feel better since taking this treatment, -"Headaches are less, since taking "Essiac", the growth is getting smaller.
        Sincerely yours
            John Tynon.

Condition of patient when starting treatment -
    Cancer of bowel, rectum and perforations into bladder, pussy and bloody discharge, abscesses forming in Rectum. Blood and pus in urine. X-ray taken at Orillia Hospital. Patient sent home from there incurable.
    January 30/36.- patients general condition improved, absolutely no discomfort, no bleeding, no discharge either from bladder or rectum. Bowels normal and patient has gained (34 lbs.) thirty four pounds since first treatment.
    Dr Ardagh's report was made after X-rays were taken at Memorial Hospital Orillia, Ontario.

Copy of letter written by Mr john Tynon, Milissa, Ont
Huntsville, Ontario
I John Tynon, was examined and X-rayed at the Orillia Memorial Hospital by Doctor Arthur E. Ardagh of Orillia, who said I was suffering from Carcinoma of Rectum with prostate involvement and perforations into the bladder. I was too weak and bloodless for operation, so they sent me home to die. Dr MacDonald of Huntsville examined me and gave me two or three weeks to live. He gave Miss Rene Caisse his written diagnosis and permission to administer "Essiac", her treatment for cancer.
    I weighed 91 pounds when I started treatment. After eight or nine treatments by Miss Caisse, I went back to Dr MacDonald for examination and I was cured, he could not find a sign of my malignancy. The perforations of bladder were healed after six weeks of treatments and I began to get well. I now weigh 134  1/2 lbs which is almost my normal weight and I am normal in every way.
    I have met many others at the cancer clinic in Bracebridge, who like myself are now cured by this wonderful treatment, and I cannot understand why Miss Caisse is not allowed to advertise her work and be allowed to treat all those who are suffering from this Dreaded disease. When I think of the condition I was in and the suffering I went through before taking this treatment, I cannot express my appreciation.
    I was examined by two doctors, Dr W. C. Arnold and Dr E. Wood of Ottawa, who said that I was absolutely clear of my growth.
    My wife and family express their appreciation with mine and I trust that this letter will help get recognition for this wonderful Cancer Treatment.
            John Tynon
                    Melissa PO, Ontario

Mr J. W. Vanclieaf
, Ontario
Dr-    Dr    Bastedo,     Bracebridge Ontario
Cancer, Carcinoma of the prostate.
Extended into the rectum. Patient anaemic (secondary)

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse from Dr A. F. Bastedo, Bracebridge, Ont
        Dr A. F. Bastedo, Bracebridge.
Dear Miss Caisse,
    Mr J. W. Vanclieaf has asked me to write to you giving you the diagnosis of his case. He has what appears to be a carcinoma of the prostate gland, extending into the rectum. He is quite anaemic (secondary) and has refused operation.
            Yours sincerely
                A. F. Bastedo

Dr Albert F. Bastedo.
Bracebridge, Muskoka.

I hereby give Miss Rene Caisse permission, so far as I am concerned to proceed with the treatment of Mr John Vanclieaf.
            A. F. Bastedo
                    Feb 22/35

Copy of letter written by Mr J. Vanclieaf
                    July 20th /35
I, John Vanclieaf, was taken very sick a week before Christmas, 1934. I called in Dr Jeffrey and after an examination he said that my ailment was a cancer in the rectum. He told me to go to the Bracebridge Hospital for an operation. But I was in such a condition that I could not go.
    My wife asked him if the operation was dangerous and he said that it was very much so. Then Dr Jeffrey was called away to Toronto, and in the meantime I became very ill again, so I went to Dr Bastedo.
    After that examination he also pronounced it a cancer, and he advised me to go to the hospital for an X-ray. As soon as I was able I did so. The head nurse Miss Arnott. said that I was in a terrible condition, and it took her fully half an hour to make an injection as the passage was fully closed.  Finally we got a good plate and Dr Bastedo, after reading it, said that an operation was useless, and that only one in a hundred would come through. He said he would do the best he could for me, but he could not cure me. I doctored with Dr Bastedo until I had taken thirteen bottles of medicine, but it did not help the cancer any. My passage was closed so that I could only pass about the size of a match. I ate nothing but soup, had all kinds of physic, and suffered terribly. The doctors said I might live two months.
    Then Mr Tingie, who runs the Albany Hotel in Bracebridge, heard of my sickness, and told me to see Nurse Caisse, as he had known of her to cure cancers. So I got in touch with Miss Caisse. and she gave me a treatment. In a weeks time I started to improve. I kept on with her treatments and in two weeks time could have a passage quite freely. The pains held ceased and I felt better in every way. In seven weeks time, I had another X-ray taken. Dr Bastedo read the plate and said that it was wonderful the way the cancer was disappearing. He gave me another examination, and said Miss Caisse was a wonder to remove the lump so quickly, for when he had examined me the first time it was just like shoving his finger up against a stone.
    I now consider that the cancer is killed and I am feeling fine.
    Last summer I weighed only one hundred and forty two pounds, today I weigh one hundred and fifty-five pounds.
    Dr Bastedo said that he had been waiting for Miss Caisse to cure me, and that he would help to have her boosted right up.
                    John Vanclieaf
PS I am not writing against Dr Bastedo, as I think that he is a first class doctor and he has always used me fine.
                            John Vanclieaf.

Copy of letter written  John Vanclieaf to Editor of the Toronto Daily Star
                    June 4/36
"The Editor"
Toronto Daily Star,
20 King St W.,
Toronto, Ont.

Dear Mr Editor,
    I was fortunate, in that, I had a medical doctor who recommended I go to Miss Rene M. Caisse of Bracebridge for treatment of cancer, instead of operation.
    I had a cancer of the lower bowel and had about five or six weeks to live when I went to Miss Caisse for treatment. I had only taken a few treatments when I noticed a decided improvement.
    I went to her in 1935 and Miss Caisse sent me back to my doctor after seven weeks treatment and he marvelled at my improvement. Since then, I have been examined by three doctors and they find I have no trace of cancer and my physical condition is wonderful.
    I cannot understand why the Medical Profession do not support this work and make it available to more people. In my visits to Miss Caisse's Cancer Clinic at Bracebridge, I have met and talked to other patients who are cured and others who have had such wonderful relief. I feel that Miss Caisse should be encouraged in this wonderful work of helping suffering humanity. Such an effort of hers is worthy of recognition.
    I, for one, know that if it wasn't for this treatment I would be dead long ago, and there are so many others who can not know about it, that 1 feel it should be published far and wide.
    I was with a deputation from Bracebridge last year when the mayor of Bracebridge made representation of a petition signed by twenty-seven hundred people asking that Miss Caisse be able to demonstrate to the Public Health Department on patients of their choosing what she can do for a person suffering with cancer. The Honourable Minister of Health promised that he would arrange for her to demonstrate but so far has not kept his promise. I for one would like to know why this has not yet been done. She has cured me and I know she can cure others it is something that should be brought   to  the notice  of the public.
    The death rate from cancer is increased every year. Here is something that could improve this condition, and it is not given recognition because the lady who has discovered this treatment and developed it during the past thirteen years, is not a medical doctor. This should not make any difference, if people suffering from cancer can be helped, a big majority of them cured.
    I feel very keenly about this and trust that you will find space in this column for this letter.
            Yours truly
                John Vanclieaf

Mr J. W. Vanclieaf visited Cancer Clinic at Bracebridge on September 25, 1938. Was looking very well, said he was in the best of health, had spent the past summer working hard tanning leather and making canoes.

Mrs E. V. Veitch
Ufford, Ontario
Age:-   55 years
Growth on bladder and side.
    Patient had operation for growth on bladder three years ago, (1935), operated by Dr McCoomb medical Arts Bldg Toronto. Also at the same time doctor took section and said it was the most malignant type of cancer. Patient had no other treatments at that time. Patient suffered pains again in 1938. A growth was also removed from side in 1935, had seven stitches.
    Patient had first treatment of "Essiac" May 1938
    October 2, 1938, Patient can now do work around the house without pain. Before taking "Essiac" treatment patient had stabbing pain about every three minutes and could not walk at all. Now can walk without any distress. Patient had discharge from bladder very badly, had to take two or three hot water douches every day to relieve pain which helped perhaps for an hour or two. The discharge at present is very slight and patient has not taken a douche since the third treatment. Patient says life is worth living now, walks well, and is sleeping well.

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse by Mrs Veitch
    Ufford, Ont.,
    Oct. 8, 1938
    To   Miss   Caisse   or   any   other person whom it may concern, -
    This is to certify that this is a true account of my illness from the beginning dating back about 1923. About fifteen years ago as well as I can remember.
    I was taken with trouble in the vicinity of my bladder and passage leading to it. I Drove a distance of 16 miles in cold mid winter and was chilled through. After this chilling I developed an inflammation of the bladder and I was real sick for a couple of weeks. Did not call a doctor. Kept hot applications on. After this trouble a periodic stabbing pain kept up which was very uncomfortable. This would leave me for perhaps a month and then it would return for some time. This kept up for some time. I then decided to go to see a doctor. I went to Dr Bastedo in Bracebridge. He gave me an examination and said trouble was in the vicinity of my bladder, so gave me medicine and tablets and put me to bed for two weeks with hot  applications.   Pain  did  not trouble me so much when lying down, but when I got up it was back again. The tablets I took for one year steady, and at the end of the year I was no better, so took no more. I bore my pain in silence and tried to do my work which was very hard for me to do and always longing for night to come so I could lie down, as that was the only rest I got. All this time the stabbing pain continued, gradually getting a little worse. Four years ago last August I went to Orillia to Dr Harvey. He gave me an examination but did not give me very much satisfaction. The passage from my bladder began to pain more and more and at the outside was an angry red growth about the size of a large wild strawberry. This he treated with some very dark fluid which burned and tortured me. He gave me a bottle home and told me to apply with a feather every day. I continued for a week and could stand it no longer. It was as sensitive as "Proud flesh" and resembled it somewhat. I could scarcely bear my clothing to touch it. As time went on the pain extended inward and urination was hindered and gradually became more painful. For a couple of years 1 spent sleepless nights and was a continual sufferer from ???, neuralgia and rheumatism all over me.
    In June 1935 urination seemed almost impossible and I could see my life would soon end. I got up about three o'clock one morning    crazy   with    pain    and instead of voiding urine it looked like blood. I was rushed over to Dr Joyce in Fort Carling and after examination ordered to go to Toronto as soon as possible to Dr McCoomb "Kidney and Bladder Specialist" in the Medical Arts Building. After examination he called the Toronto General Hospital to prepare for an operation to have this growth removed. So I was operated on and while on the table they removed another small growth from my side. This did not pain me of any account. I think they had to put in eight stitches. This has never troubled me since. They also removed the other growth which had extended toward my bladder about an inch and a half, and had also closed the bladder passage. One of the growths was sent to the pathologist and his return said it was the most malignant type of cancer and that is sarcoma. My brother died at the age of 36 with sarcoma so I fully understand what the word meant.
    I was very sick for some time after this and gradually felt better. He asked me to come back to Toronto the following October and be examined again. He believed there was one spot that was beginning to grow again and it was not long until I was aware of the fact. Gradually the old pain began to come back and at the end of three years after my operation I decided to go to the Cancer Clinic in Bracebridge and take Miss Caisse's treatment.
    I did not notice much improvement until after the first four treatments, but the next treatment I had a terrible reaction. I was unable to sit up for two weeks and have not gained all my strength back yet. But this was the turning point. All praise to Miss Caisse's "Essiac" treatment, whose name I know will go down in history for her wonderful discovery. My pain is gradually getting less. I can walk with ease and am beginning to do my own work. It is like a new world I am living in. I have only taken eight treatments I think to date.- October 8, 1938.
    I am hoping and praying that my improvement continues until I am myself again.
                Sincerely yours
                    Mrs E. Veitch
                        Ufford, Ont.
    In my account of my illness I omitted a few things I would like to mention and which might be of importance. During the last year when the pain was severe I was compelled to use hot water douches in order to relieve me of the extreme pain. Some days I would have to take two or three of these especially if I was on my feet. Since my reaction I have never had to use one of these douches, and when I say this I am saying a great deal. Also during this year I had a bloody discharge which was very annoying to me and also very painful to me. The more discharge the greater the pain. I was compelled to wear a diaper to protect my clothing. Now this has disappeared almost entirely. Now for eight treatments I think this is wonderful and I really think that the turning point dates from the day I had that terrible reaction.
                    Mrs Elijah Veitch

Mrs H. W. Wagner
Toronto, Ontario
Age:-   38 years
Dr:-    Dr   C.    E.    Beers,    Toronto, Ontario
Diagnosis: -
Cancer of the breast chronic metastasis
Advised to have operation.
Diagnosed twice as chronic metastasis
First treatment of "Essiac" on October 14th, 1936.
Small hard mass in breast about the size of an egg. First treated by "Essiac" hypodermically. Patient had five treatments by "Essiac" and growth disappeared.
X-rayed by Mr Fenner

Copy of report on X-ray
        January 29th, 1937
        Miss Caisse

Mrs H. W. Wagner
No 70,084 - chest
    Film made of chest shows no evidence of lung parenchyma change in the chest. A slight vertical fibre line is shown from mid-line of the left breast down, which suggests a scar remaining from some mass.
            Yours very truly,
                    B. J. Fenner
            FENNER X-RAY LAB.
            86 Bloor St. West
            Toronto, Ontario

March 24th, 1938
Mrs H. W. Wagner
No 71,208 - chest
    Film made at this date shows no evidence of secondary change in either ribs, spine or lungs.
    No  intrathoracic   mass would suggest malignancy.
                Yours truly
                    B. J. Fenner

Mr R. F. Watson
Huntersvllle, Ontario
Age:-   47 years.
Dr:- Dr Evans - Huntersville. Ont.
Dr Craig Bracebridge, Ont
Gastric Ulcers.
    Patient had X-rays in Bracebridge hospital three years ago. Trouble in stomach started three years ago. Has had medicine and diet from Dr Evans in Huntsville. Patient has pain in stomach, and through back, also bothered by gas a great deal.
    First treatment by "Essiac" April 10th 1937.
    May    l st    1937-    patient    feeling better, no gas, not using powder, little pain.
May 15th 1937- patient has just had one attack of gas since previous treatment, shaky feeling had gone.
May    22nd     1937    patient    well gaining weight, sleeping better.
September    1937   patient   feeling very well pain all gone.

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse from Mr R. F. Watson
            Huntersville Ont
                Dec 11 th 1937
Miss Rene M Caisse
"Essiac" Cancer Clinic
Bracebridge, Ont.
Dear Miss Caisse,-
    Before taking your treatment I was in very poor health for over three years, suffering from gastric ulcers of stomach, also pains in back and stomach. I was on strict diet and unable to work. Since taking your treatment from April to September I am in good health and able to work, and no longer on diet. I have gained several pounds. I would certainly recommend your treatment to anyone.
            Thanking you
                Yours truly
                        Richard F Watson.

Mr R. Wolfenden
Barrie, Ontario
Age:-   -- years
Dr:- Dr Oaks, Roseau, Ontario
Dr Laurrie, Barrie, Ontario
Dr Fred Bowan, Hamilton, Ontario
Carcinoma to front of rectum. (front part).
For many years Mr Wolfenden had haemorrhoids. Had X-rays by Dr Laurie, then went to specialist, Dr F. Bowman, Medical Arts Building, Hamilton, who advised an immediate operation either by surgeon in Cleveland or London. Patient decided on "Essiac" treatments. Had first treatment by "Essiac" August 20th. 1938. patient had terrible pain every half hour, lasting sometimes twenty minutes, could not work and had to be reclining most of the time. Had lost 15 pounds could not eat or sleep very well.

Copy of Diagnosis sent to Mss Caisse by Dr Oaks of Rosseau, Ontario
                    Rosseau Aug 19/38
Miss R. Caisse,
Bracebridge, Ont.

Dear Miss Caisse
    This will introduce an old friend and patient of mine, Mr Richard Wolfenden of Barrie, who has, after X-ray examination, Carcinoma of front part of Rectum, and he would like to have treatments for his trouble.
    Trusting you will be able to give him help,
        I remain Yours truly
            Wm H. Oaks

Copy of letter to Miss Caisse by Mr Wolfenden
Miss Rene Caisse, BRACEBRIDGE, Ontario.
Dear Miss Caisse,
    Please excuse me for taking the liberty of writing to you, but every time I go up for treatment you are so busy I do not have an opportunity to express my appreciation for what you are doing for me.
    Even my closest friends are telling me how much better I am looking since last August when I first started taking treatments from you.
    I have known for a number of years that I had haemorrhoids, but last March they seemed so much worse and I seemed to be losing weight and ambition very suddenly. My appetite was very poor and I suffered considerable discomfort. I intended to have these haemorrhoids treated by a local doctor, but owing to the fact that I was general Chairman for the annual Convention of the Ontario Fireman's Association held in Barrie this summer, I kept putting off seeing a doctor until the Convention was over.
    In July I consulted Dr Oakes of Rosseau, who is a personal friend of mine, and as a result of his examination, he informed me I was suffering from something more serious than haemorrhoids. Not being satisfied with one doctors opinion, I went to my local doctor Dr Laurie for another examination and X-rays. After being X-rayed Dr Laurie did not seem satisfied, so he sent me to Dr Fred Bowman a specialist in the Medical Arts Building, Hamilton, and he pronounced it to be Cancer of the Rectum. He got in touch with Dr Laurie and advised him an immediate operation by a surgeon in Cleveland or London. As finances would not permit, an operation was out of the question.
    A personal friend of mine had been doctoring in Toronto without any success but after taking treatment from you his health was so much improved he persuaded me to take your treatments also.     Although I realise I am not completely cured yet, with every treatment I feel so much better, and I have gained nine pounds with sixteen treatments. I think it is a God-send to have such a woman as you in our midst.
    Trusting you will take this letter in the way it was intended, I am
            Yours sincerely
                R. J. Wolfenden

Mrs W. B. Wurts
Toronto, Ontario
Age:-    years
Dr:- Dr Ferrier, Toronto, Ontario
Malignancy of the cervix and deep iliac and sacral glands within the pelvis.

Patient had radium needles a year ago. October 14th, 1936, also a course of deep therapy X-ray treatments for about six weeks in Pasadena. Calif., having finished there February 15th, 1937. Doctors advised making an incision and inserting radium now.

Copy of letter from Dr J. Norman Ferrier
    This certifies that Mrs Wurts, in our opinion, is suffering from malignancy of the cervix and deep iliac and sacral glands within the pelvis.
                    I. N. Ferrier.

Copy of letter from Mrs Wurts
            149 Geoffrey St
            Toronto, Ont. Oct 5th 1937
Dear Miss Caisse,
    I visited your clinic on Sunday, Oct. 3rd, and was told by your sister to send a written diagnosis of my case which I enclosed herewith.
    I would be glad to know if you think you could help me. I have had radium needles. That was nearly a year ago, Oct 14th, 1936.1 also took a course of deep therapy X-ray treatments for about six weeks in Pasadena, California. I finished there Feb 15th, 1937.
    The doctors here say that they suggest making an incision and inserting radium now, and feeling that I would rather not.
    Trusting to hear from you, I remain.
            Yours truly,
                Hattie M. Wurts.

    Mrs Wurts started taking Essiac treatments on October 9th, 1937.
    October 9th 1938 patient feeling very well, general health improved, is able to play golf and has gained six pounds.

149 Geoffrey St.,
Dec 5/37

Miss Rene Caisse
Bracebridge, Ont.
Dear Miss Caisse, -
    In order that you may be familiar with my case, may I say that Dr Minerva Reid, Toronto, discovered that I had Carcinoma Sept. 1936., and upon her advice I took a treatment of radium in the Woman's College Hospital. As I didn't feel well after and had considerable pain, I visited my sister in California where after several examinations with specialists I took a course of deep therapy X-ray treatments. I took all they could give me. In fact they gave me to understand it would be dangerous to give me any more. However I was advised to keep in touch with Dr Richards radiologist in Toronto General Hospital which I did. I went once every month.
    About three months ago I felt a weakness in my back and stiffness in my hip and when Dr Richards examined me he said my trouble had returned and now extended to the glands situated in my hips. He advised an operation. It meant I would be opened up and radium needles inserted. It would have to be done at once. It would be too late in three months. It would be dangerous and I would have to take the responsibility and I was promised nothing. It was then I decided to take your treatment and I am glad to report that I am more than satisfied with the results so far.
    After three of four treatments I feel stronger and now after taking eight treatments, I have gained five pounds and the stiffness in my hips have almost disappeared. I feel better in every way.
                Wishing you every success, I remain
                    Yours sincerely
                        Hattie H. Wurts