"You have to understand that cancer is 1/9th of the overall health budget in the United States. The last figures I have seen from the American Cancer Society of money spent on cancer indirectly or directly at 107 Billion dollars.....Cancer we are talking about well over a million cases a year, not counting skin cancer which probably equals that....About 630,000 people die every year of cancer in the US, and it really is an epidemic disease. We have got a tremendous industry. Every one of those people who is getting cancer and dying of it is going to be treated, and these treatments are extremely expensive. Chemo is tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. A bone marrow transplantation which is basically another way of giving chemotherapy or radiation can run to about 150,000 dollars per person, and is almost never effective. It kills about 25%.."---Interview of Dr Ralph Moss, Ph.D.

Cancer Industry turnover 1994

If the Cancer Industry in the USA was $107 Billion (1) in 1994 USA with 260 million population.

then the rest of the first world of 823 million is around 3 times that, say $330 billion.

$430 Billion in 1994 at a rough guess.  Same cost of the defence budget.

Bear in mind chemo sales were 'only' $7 Billion then (1).

Not a bad gravy train, and to think they will derail this yearly one with a cancer cure is the height of naivety. 

And what most folk don't appreciate, a non-Allopathic cancer cure would also derail the Pharma hoax, which is a trillion$$ industry.  Not to mention all the other ones as well.

Populations 1994

UK: 58,088,000

Denmark: 52,15,700

Germany 1994  81,141,000

France 1999 58,512,900

Italy 1994 57,154,0

Ireland 35,43,000

Canada 29,141,000

USA: 260,529,000

Spain: 39,143,400

Switzerland: 70,39,000

Sweden: 87,78,000

Australia: 17,849,000

NZ: 36,03,700

Austria: 80,29,700

Japan: 124,815,000