The Cone Cancer Treatment

by R. Hodgell, M.D.

The Cone Cancer Treatment (CCT) is a U.S. Patented, scientifically sound, metabolic therapy which exploits the "Achilles Heel" metabolic defect of Cancer Cells. The Cancer Cell metabolic defect was first detected by double Nobel Laureat Otto Warburg in 1925, and consists of the inability of Cancer Cells to metabolize glucose into the TCA (Krebs) Cycle via the glycolytic pathway. The result is the metabolism of glucose to pyruvate, which is then converted to lactate and excreted from the cell. Cancer Cells have developed the ability to excrete lactate at a rate of 100 times the rate of normal cell lactate excretion, to prevent intracellular acidity that would result from metabolism of large amounts of glucose. The aborted metabolism of glucose is due to a geneticaly determined defective cofactor which prevents CoEnzyme A from metabolizing pyruvate and injecting it into the TCA Cycle. (I must apologize for not being more specific, but I forgot to bring all of my reference materials with me on my holiday travel)

Due to the aborted metabolism of glucose, Cancer Cells obtain about 1/8th the energy from glucose as that which is obtained from each molecule of glucose by normal cells. As a result, Cancer Cells must rely upon metabolism of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) and Amino Acids (AA) via the TCA Cycle, for the majority of the energy requirements of their cellular survival functions. The CCT exploits the Cancer Cell metabolic defect by restricting the availability of FFA and AA for Cancer Cell energy while supplying precisely the energy required by ALL CELLS, in the form of glucose. Next, the metabolic rate is increased to force all cells to require increased energy for cell survival. The result is that Cancer Cells cannot obtain adequate energy/time frame to survive, while normal cells accept the increased metabolic rate without difficulty. The dying Cancer Cells supply the FFA and AA required for normal cell survival since the normal cell metabolism has an enhanced competitive advantage for utilizing the FFA and AA, due to about 8 times as much energy available to each normal cell, compared to the Cancer Cells.

The remarkable feature of the CCT is the fact that the cell destruction is confined EXCLUSIVELY to the Cancer Cells! Therefore, there is NO TOXICITY to normal cells and no effect on the immune system OR the GI tract and NO hair loss! Contrary to the situation with chemo. and radiation, the effect of the CCT cell destruction is targeted precisely to Cancer Cells. Chemo. And radiation depend on the small difference in susceptability between normal and Cancer Cells, for the anti-cancer effect; ie: Cancer Cells MUST be more sensitive to the chemo./radiation than are normal cells, for the "selective" destruction of the Cancer Cells. The problem with this situation is: There is a "gray zone" of overlap between the sensitivity of normal and Cancer Cells, which produces destruction of normal cells along with whatever destruction occurs in Cancer Cells. Hence, the miserable complications of chemo./ radiation, which are totally ABSENT with the CCT. The ONLY toxicity of the CCT is due to the rapidity of tumor destruction, which can be controlled by the caloric mix of the restricted diet.

The CCT version that we are using has been approved by Dr. Cone for use in the VA Pilot Project which was approved in June, 1995, then cancelled in July, 1995, due to the AMA edict that it is "unethical for physicians to seek, secure OR ENFORCE patents on medical procedures."(1) The AMA edict violates Federal Patent Laws by demanding that physicians IGNORE the patent rights of the patent holder by not honoring (ENFORCING) patent royalties OR risk losing their medical license for being "unethical." The Hippocratic Oath requires that physicians "Do No Harm." How is it possible to "Do No Harm" by preventing the use of a patented treatment (medical procedure) to save the lives of dying cancer victims?

The CTMS application of the VA CCT protocol utilizes thyroid hormone, insulin injections and a high Carbohydrate diet which is carefully matched to the caloric demand of the patient. Previous patient results indicate that TOTAL destruction of tumor persists at least 6 months, when the patient carefully adheres to the CCT therapy. CTMS will recommend therapy be continuous until the patients are advised that it is safe to terminate the therapy (like hypothyroid or diabetic patients).

Now, concerning the "CURE" issue. As you know from the info. The NCI recognizes treatment of patients who have recurrent/persistant measurable tumor after receiving all standard therapies, as a legitimate procedure for determining the "therapeutic effect" of the treatment, including chemo. And radiation. (The patient's residual tumor after previous standard treatment, constitutes "self control" for any effect produced by subsequent treatment.) Their requirement IS: Carefully DOCUMENTED evidence of AT LEAST 50% reduction of tumor in cases treated (by tumor type), to obtain approval for use as a "legitimate treatment" for specified tumors. The CCT routinely achieves 50% reductions in 4 weeks, but we are not interested in only 50%. Therefore, the controlled therapy is conducted for 8 weeks, with an additional 4 months of monitoring, to confirm total destruction and an expected "CURE" as long as the patients adhere to the CCT. So, we not only expect to obtain evidence of the required 50% reduction in tumor size, but we expect to confirm total destruction by 2-6 months! The primary reason that the CCT hasn't been previously approved by the NCI, is due to the lousy documentation of previously treated patients. CTMS will unequivocally correct that defect, to obtain NCI/FDA approval.

Refr.: (1) American College of Radiology Bulletin 1995;7:12

Robert D. Hodgell, M.D. Pres., Cancer Treatment Medical Services, Inc.

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