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Vaccines and SIDS (Cot Death) Nothing MORE And Nothing LESS

By John Fryer
From: johnfryer@orange.fr
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 12:54:36 +0200 (CEST)

Denials of the association of SIDS and vaccines are a gross LIE for the past forty years. We have seen the number of deaths after vaccines follow with almost dogged persistance. The only reduction being due to better health care covering up and papering over the inevitable Holocaust that becomes more and more evident with each NEW addition to our vaccine schedule.

Denying an association of death in the medical establishment in its love affair with vaccines is ignoring true and indisputable FACT.  Vaccines have inexorably increased everywhere and nowhere more so than in the USA. Deaths follow as surely as day follows night.

The result is, that of all the advanced nations of the world, the death rate to young infants is at a world high in the USA. With 7.8 deaths per 1 000 to infants every year. Most of these deaths AVOIDABLE by simply reducing, waiting and injecting single, safety checked vaccines. Some chance! With some countries achieving 4 deaths per 1 000 FEWER and STILL giving more than 10 vaccines to prevent harm from the MOST serious conditions, the problem facing USA is self evident to anyone not involved in the current vaccine policy or the medical services clearly out of their depth. Parents of autism children or dead children manage to have HEALTHY, LIVE youngsters by simply avoiding the "WELL" centre visits. We really do live in a REAL Alice in Wonderland World.

It is possible to have sufficient vaccines and not to have such high numbers of dead and maimed children but it would hit the pockets BADLY of the vaccine companies. At two billion dollars loss of income or losing ten millions in your pay packet every year that may be be one dollar too much for them? I mean no one puts you in prison or blames you for a million dead infants so why worry? If it aint broke DON'T FIX IT!

Along with associated death we see the clear and undisputable world record for autism spectrum disorder belongs to the USA. WORLD CHAMPIONS at KILLING their own flesh and blood!

The history of modern vaccine use and the sacrifice and suffering to young people might just be acceptable in a world where death to innocents and weaklings is an acceptable price to pay for the good of those that will always survive the Holocaust.

Continuing if you like the tradition of Nazism and its aim to rid the world of those that had "no right" to be in it.

However, USA is not even doing as "well" as the Nazis for they left behind only the blue eyed healthy infants. In our REAL Alice in Wonderland World we are gradually reducing the number of deaths but leaving more and more neurologically harmed infants. Organomercury selectively SEEKS out and DESTROYS the most male members of USA society. Deaths and autism comes mostly to boys and amongst boys the most male of those.

Accidental or non accidental deaths are part and parcel of the modern war against drugs and vaccines. RIP Elizabeth Birt et al.

What I find most disturbing is the lengths that the medical legal establishment goes to, on the one hand, to condemn those families that lose or have disabled vaccine or drug damaged children on the one part and on the other deny vaccine harm in the face of overwhelming evidence that harm has indeed come from vaccines or drugs. Harm following almost IMMEDIATELY in most cases.

The death of Harry Clark just six hours after his organomercury multiple vaccines and the incarceration by the "due process" of the law of the "culpable" mother of this infant in England is but one example of thousands of such cases. MANY still resting in prison and with senior judges on record of stating that while its satisfying to get a guilty person put in prison it is more satisfying to put innocents in prison.

Even as I write, I am currently looking at the death days after 5 vaccines to an infant and the fight to free a father still in prison in the USA accused of HIS aggravated murder. Yet one more innocent behind bars to please the legal monsters of our country is PLEASING to them.

Just this year, "Special" Judges looking to give paltry handouts for vaccine harm, likened the chance of babies being harmed after 36 or more vaccines as something that is less likely than believing you are the Queen of Hearts in a fictional novel involving a Mad Hatter and being in an Alice in Wonderland World. No one would accuse these judges of having ANY heart and especially of being a QUEEN of hearts. Perhaps KNAVES for the vaccine companies though? Strange that Mad Hatters do really get MAD from mercury slowly harming their brains.

These vaccine harm "deniers" are truly in a REAL Alice in Wonderland World when they stand against thousands of honest and impartial scientists who have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that repeat vaccines cause anaphylactic shock for the past hundred years. Its called RISK and BENEFIT and if your child is one of nearly 20 000 every year or among the 250 000 maimed try to think of the benefits of one less mouth to feed or supplying more money to bolster the multi million dollar coffers of the vaccine industry.

How is all this possible? Look to the big players in the vaccine world and their "antics" as they gain billions every year for their dishonest companies from their poisonous products and fill their own personal coffers to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. All in a good days KILLING. "Blood Money" perhaps?

Peer Reviewed Journals? We don't need those. We can invent our own Journals. Paid for scientists? Simple. How much do you want Professor Sir what is your name? Paid for Government officials? Easy and cheap at 1 000 dollars for most politicians but some cost us us 10 000 dollars or more. It doesn't affect their judgement. Not much! The vaccine industry and regulators pay their own hard workers paltry sums. Interns getting just a 1 000 dollars for a years effort. What exactly does MARK UDALL do for his 10 000 dollars? Time for the UNTOUCHABLES again. Some chance!

The more you look, the more you discover. The latest scandal uncovered is we that find nearly EVERY anonymous person blogging on the net who can say killing people is not actually killing people turn out to be direct from the vaccine companies or from their publicity agents. Known as FAKERS and for the most part escaping notice except you wonder why their data is so accurate and their reasoning so INSANE.

Of course there may be some people who can't see lightening when it strikes them. Well, naturally they have their brains or lives destroyed in a flash.

The numbers of autism cases is highly contentious but shows clearly that reducing the numbers of vaccines leads to huge reductions of autism cases; Those countries who GENUINELY have removed organomercury are recording so few numbers of autism that the comparison with USA is not real or valid except to copy their approach and get a REAL, REAL BAN on organomercury vaccines and to look at cutting the number of vaccines especially repeat vaccines endured by new and yet to be born infants if we really do care for their WELLNESS. A Denmark study used to prove the USA vaccine programme is "sound" but itself using 3 times less vaccines, all mercury free and achieving 15 times less autism today in 2009 might be taken as the "way to go" to avoid autism in USA but of course the vaccine regulators are truly living in a REAL Alice in Wonderland World. INSANE some might say? Using fewer vaccines and all vaccines organomercury free and achieving 15 times less autism seems to prove that using three times as many vaccines and getting world record levels of autism is NOTHING to do with vaccination. INSANE, I have already said. Professor Charles Richet and ANAPHYLAXIS after repeat vaccines is FACT established and NEVER refuted in over 100 years. Nobel Science at its best. And to insist on three repeat lots of vaccines in some attempt to disprove his work. INSANE, TOTALLY INSANE. But INSANITY at its best.

Smallpox was NEVER eliminated by mass vaccination. Eliminated by sheer hard work and chasing down contacts. Tuberculosis was never even reduced by mass vaccinations. We have more TB than ever in the world. Today most countries have thrown up their hands in despair at getting rid of TB but have all agreed to get rid of the vaccine at least for the present until someone can actually make a vaccine that does what it is supposed to do: Prevent illness and not harm or kill at the same time. Many illnesses not subject to mass vaccinations while still around do not worry us as we are not subjected to the propaganda of the harm from them. In fact to the man in the street what used to kill babies is no longer a threat. The clue is not vaccines, not drugs but simply good CLEAN water and good hygiene. Even here we will not leave all alone and now MEDICATE water with FLUORIDE a most toxic and unnatural entity for humans to endure.

What the USA medical authorities keep very quiet about is the millions that pick up infections in hospital and die. Estimated to be as high as 15 to 20 million each year and all EASILY subject to vaccine prevention. If we can get a new swine flu vaccine out in six months why not for the few hospital illnesses that kill so many? But this means more vaccines for adults and this means the DEFINITE vaccine harm including death or neurological harm is somewhat harder to hide, although from deaths to dozens of young virgins in USA does not seem to present much of a problem yet. It also means FACING up and admitting you have a health problem of your making! I note that one death in Mexico from swine flu occurred to a 39 year old man who succumbed to the illness AND took a flu vaccine while UNWELL. SILLY but he paid the price! His wife remains vaccine free and healthy. If only he had not taken the vaccine he might just have got over the illness?

A few dozen dead from swine flu and all the stops to get three more vaccines out in record time. Millions dying from infections picked up in hospital and NOTHING done. INSANITY again and at its very BEST. The worlds BIGGEST and WORST catastrophe from Flu in 1918 when COINCIDENTALLY for the first time we used VACCINES in the FIGHT to avoid deaths. We LOST of course but no one wants to admit vaccines had any PART to play in these deaths. The work of Charles Richet was still wet and drying but no one listened to him then as they choose to ignore him today.

Looking at 2009 vaccines after vaccines for more than 3 dozen countries we see a clear pattern BOTH of the death and autism it leaves in its trail.

Countries with a 12 to 15 vaccines in their child vaccine schedule tend to have low infant mortality typically under 5 children per 1 000.

Countries with 16 to 20 vaccines suffer infant mortality to infants of around 6 children per 1 000.

With 21 to 25 vaccines we can expect and obtain an infant death rate of around 7 children per 1 000.

And of course in a class of its own with 36 vaccines comes USA at around 8 deaths nearly per 1 000.

If we graph these results we note an interesting fact that perhaps as many as 2 to 3 deaths per 1 000 for any country may be unrelated to the vaccines but due to other causes.

We also see the death rate to USA children is atypical. With the numbers of vaccines now administered we will expect not 8 deaths per 1 000 but more than 10 deaths per 1 000.

The medical services of the USA appear to be SAVING from death at least 2 children per 1 000 that would be expected to die in ANY other country from this crazy vaccine policy. Bizarrely therefore there is CLEAR evidence that USA health care is the BEST in the world, if it wanted to be. But along with its ability to shoot itself in the foot and every other part of the childs anatomy it loses ALL the ground gained and loses twice as much in the retreat to ILL HEALTH and DEATH and that is clear, hard, unavoidable fact..

The saving of life is of 2 deaths per 1 000 is or could be ENORMOUS but are the USA autism cases the children that would in ANY other country have not survived their vaccines onslaught? And the pay out for 36 vaccines does come with its own FAUSTIAN bill of 4 ACTUAL deaths per 1 000. This all means that 15 000 to 20 000 infants die from IGNORANCE every year in the USA. Ignorant that the very vaccine that can save life is actually aleatory taking life as well. This before we look at the survivers neurologically dead until some miraculous spontaneous recovery occurs to the "lucky" few.

Other countries can buck the sytem or fall down with health care but enough data shows the bottom line is that vaccines while saving life, take life. Vaccines while keeping us healthy make us sick too. And all the best efforts or lack of efforts can't cover this fact up. If we can't see the effect, we need to re-read the work of Charles Richet, we need to re-read the work of past authors on vaccine catastrophes and maybe even be honest to write about the present HOLOCAUST from vaccines from 1987 to 2009? Perhaps then we will not repeat the mistake of 2009 in 2010? Or do we need another ten years of data to get to the golden anniversary of modern SIDS and autism and by 2020 we may JUST begin to see clearly?

The significance of KNOWN facts on autism, organomercury toxicity, vaccines and SIDS from the past 40 years has so far gone unnoticed or mostly IGNORED and has been UNACTED upon by those CHARGED with the health of the new born. Is it time to CHARGE them for their errors? Is it time to remove ALL and EVERY indemnity given to doctors, nurses, "well" centres and vaccine companies and assume their guilt in the same way we illogically assumed the Sally Clark's of the world were guilty of? It seems we did have a murder of Harry but far from blaming the parents who got their child vaccinated on the first day eligible, we need to put the doctor, nurse and vaccine company officials in prison for their culpability. Perhaps a few days reflection in jail for each child that dies might focus the mind of the SLAUGHTERERS? Vacines Fit for purpose. Doctors and industry FIT for the FIT children we deserve. One child in three in 2009 with some long term neurological illness is not FIT and enough to make a SANE person suffer from a fit. But today we live in an INSANE world. The world of "SPECIAL" masters and their REAL Alice in Wonderland World.

It is easy to talk of one person dying every ten years from vaccine preventable illness or one child dying after receiving appropriate treatment for mercury toxicity. But not so easy to defend the HOLCAUST to 17 000 infants that DIE every year in the name of the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. But in a REAL Alice in Wonderland World, just who is looking at the FRIENDLY FIRE to tens of thousands of new born infants and hundreds of thousands maimed for life?

No one wants to look at the AVOIDABLE deaths to millions of infants from too many vaccines and tens of millions neurologically harmed from the very same vaccines that kill so many.

USA may be saving 2 childrens lives per 1 000 by their superior health care but their madcap, REAL Alice in Wonderland vaccine policy is costing 4 REAL childrens lives per 1 000 by over vaccinating, by vaccinating too early and using even in 2009, organomercury filled vaccines.

All this before looking at GMO pathogenic organisms in vaccines and other environmental and medical methods new to the modern but sadly unhealthy USA infant.

It could of course be in our genes as many might suggest. GREED, LACK of CARE and ARROGANCE. But that is surely SELF EVIDENT and we can't change HUMAN NATURE. We can, but it takes for ever and at the moment we have badly lost our way.

This fall in 2009 we will see three MORE vaccines added with its attendant known and unknown costs with the cry that what is three more on top of only 36. And what is the effect on deaths and autism going to be? Up or down?

By examining the world figures for SIDS and autism we already know the cost. And in the 2009 REAL Alice in Wonderland World, we will PAY UP and LOOK HAPPY. Unless you are one of the 17 000 unlucky births or ONE in three growing up with drugs to help you get through your day and bad health.

Subjecting yet unborn children to die by the million and unborn children to suffer by the tens of millions. That is the PRESENT STANDARD of USA HEALTH CARE and its FAUSTIAN bargaining with vaccine companies.

A PRESENT, waiting for the future generation of USA children and NO SIGN yet of change.

Don't hold your breath.

Nothing MORE


Nothing LESS