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Gary Glum wrote the book “Calling of an Angel,” about Essiac and Rene Caisse.  He was interviewed: An Interview with Dr. Gary L. Glum By Elizabeth Robinson, Wildfire Volume 6 No. 1 1993.  The following is some corrections to his version of events as found in Mr. Max Costello’s publishing(s) on Essiac ; “Essiac fighting the cancer in our system (100 years on)”  edited C. Macdonald.

Gary Glum was fortunate enough to find the lady who... ....had achieved total remission of her cancer after going to Rene Caisse for treatment. This woman, according to Glum, was given the formula in writing by Caisse........ Glum says he paid the woman $120,000 for the Essiac formula and insists he will never recover the money. (Nor will those cancer patients who sent you their money Gary.)
Now isn't that just like Rene Caisse to be so nice. The lady recovers from cancer and then, with no need for the formula because she has recovered, Rene gives her the formula in writing. What a shame she forgot the occasion when she signed a legal document saying she had not given it to anyone. I wonder why she wouldn't give it to Dr Charles Brusch Jr in her 89th year when the reporters from Homemaker tried so hard to arrange for a successor for the formula.

GLUM:   "Brusch's Essiac patients included Ted Kennedy's son who had a sarcoma on his leg, and had to have it amputated. He was being treated at that time by the Farber Cancer Institute in Boston Massachusetts. Dr Farber didn't know how to save him, because no one ever lived from this type of sarcoma.
So Dr Farber went to Dr Brusch and said: "How are we going to save Ted Kennedy's son?" Dr Brusch made the suggestion to put him on Essiac. After they did he didn't have a cancer cell in his body. But all this information has been hidden from the general public."


FACT: (from Flor - Essence) Dr Charles  Brusch, MD, NEVER TOUCHED  TED KENNEDY'S SON! He was NEVER ASKED TO.   Ted Kennedy's son NEVER took Essiac. NB (Essiac)

GLUM: "Mary worked with Rene, beginning in the 193O's and she had in her possession all the documents that had to do with Essiac over the past 4O years that Rene had administered it. All the documents were destroyed by the Canadian Minister of Health and Welfare at the time of her death in 1978. They burnt all the documents in 55 gallon Drums behind her home."


GLUM:   "So I went to Dr Brusch s home in Cambridge Mass, where upon he delivered to me the only material he had left in his files on Essiac"
FACT: (from Flor - Essence) Dr Brusch gave Glum a few pieces of no importance, and a few documents on his own case. Why would Dr Brusch empty his files of the years of his work, and give this to a complete stranger coming to his door. ? NB (Essiac)

Exactly, but why give him anything? His own personal documents - the head of the Brusch clinic? Either he helped the man or he didn't! Why are the years of research so much a secret? Who is being protected by failing to publish them? We need scientific research results on Essiac for medical approval!

GLUM:   "I have worked with the AIDS project in Los Angeles through their Long Beach and Sane Pedro district. They sent 179 patients home to die. The project gave me five of these patients. I took them off the AZT and the DDI and put them on Essiac three times a day. Those were the only people alive today. The other 174 are dead."
FACT: (from Flor Essence) APLA (Aids Project Los Angles) does NOT provide MEDICAL SERVICES. There are NO Long Beach or San Pedro districtsAPLA does NOT give clients to researchers for clinical trials. APLA is a community base AIDS service organisation, which only provides SOCIAL  SERVICES  and EDUCATION. The study Glum cites in many articles NEVER EXISTED.

GLUM;             "The sheep sorrel is the herbal ingredient in Essiac that was found to be responsible for the destructor of cancer cells in the body. That research was done by Dr Chester Stock at Sloan-Kettering in New York.  They gathered that information, then withheld it from the general public, and gave it to the Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare. The Canadian government then immediately banned that herb from sale and distribution."
FACT: (from Flor - Essence)
Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) has NEVER been BANNED in Canada, and is NOT NOW.

GLUM:   "Previous to my book (1988) none of this information was available to the general public at all. The public had no information outside of a few assorted articles."
FACT: (from Flor Essence) INNUMERABLE interviews and articles had long been reported since the early 1930s, when the first major story was published in the "Toronto Star". Then radio, TV and video documented what was happening over the following years Elaine Alexander produced a few radio shows on this in the mid 70s and later interviewed many principals involved in 1984. '85, 86. Glum's book was not published until 1988.
NB (Essiac)
I'm sure the many principals were from Resperin! There were no other principals and it appears no other principles here either, as he is referring to Brusch - witness of Resperins exclusive agreement. In the 1970's Caisse was alive, they both lived in Canada, and Caisse  was   not   interviewed   by Alexander? Is everything by the back door?

Glum's INTERVIEWER:      "What about the records of the Brusch Clinic?"
GLUM:  "All that material has been destroyed also.


Glum s INTERVIEWER : "You mentioned that the Brusch Clinic in Massachusetts worked with Rene Caisse during the early 196O's. Is this clinic still doing research with Essiac?"

GLUM:             "Dr Brusch presented his findings after ten years of research. He had come to the conclusion that, in his own words: "Essiac is a cure for cancer, period." Whereupon the federal government issued a gag order and said: "You've got two choices, either you keep quiet about this or we '11 haul you off to military prison, and you'll never be heard of again. So we never heard another word out of him!"
NB (Essiac) Where are the examples of Brusche's support or research published prior to her death. I have not seen any. In 1977 he said it is NOT A CURE, in the Homemaker article.

FACT: (from Flor - Essence) Dr Brusch, MD, was NEVER threatened by anyone and he never kept QUIET about it as evidenced by his appearance on Elaine             Alexander's radio programme in 1984, '85 and '86, strongly stating the case for all to hear. These shows were heard BEFORE Gary Glum came upon his Canadian story and produced a book in 1988.