In the mid-1970s, F. Joseph Montagna of Portland, Oregon, developed an herbal formula which, he claimed, produced about an 80% success against cancer. But we have no information on how long such remission generally lasted. It would be well for medical researchers to check out his claims and see if they are worth anything. .....Here are the eight primary and fourteen secondary herbs in the Montagna herbal formula:
1. Chaparral leaves - Dissolves malignant tumors.
2. Bloodroot - Purifies and cleanses bloodstream.
3. Red clover blossoms - Antidote to cancer.
4. Burdock root - Neutralizes and eliminates toxins.
5. Echinacea root - Natural herbal antitoxin.
6. Goldenseal root - Kills poisons, equalizes circulation.
7. Comfrey leaves - Relieves pain, establishes normal conditions.
8. Ginseng root - Stimulates vital cell processes.
Poke, Parsley, Blue violet leaves, Licorice, Dandelion root, Cayenne, Prickley ash, Garlic, Cleavers, Gotu kola, Periwinkle, Sassafras, Agrimony, Ground ivy.  Keep in mind that Montagna, like many others, remained with a single treatment; in this case an herbal mixture. If broad changes were also made in nutrition and living, much more could be accomplished by his program. The need to cleanse the body of the broken-down cancer tissue would be crucial to pain relief and healing. Alternative Cancer Remedies. Facts for Historians and Medical Researchers BY VANCE FERRELL

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