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Health: An Amazing Discovery in Turkey - Part 1 of the Oleander Series
My search for a possible cancer cure began in late 2004 when I found out that my cousin, lifelong friend and running buddy, Jeff Johnson, had been diagnosed as having stage-three melanoma. The cancer had appeared out of nowhere and so it...
  Health: The Father of “Oleander Soup” - Part 2 of the Oleander Series
In the earlier article "An Amazing Discovery in Turkey", the first of this series of articles about oleander, I described how Doctor H. Z. Ozel discovered an age old remedy for cancer and other conditions in rural Turkey in the early 1960's...
  Health: A Brief History of the Wondrous Oleander Plant - Part 3 of the Oleander Series
In the Bible, the oleander plant is referred to as "the desert rose". Perhaps the name given this remarkable plant was no coincidence. Those of you who have read Dan Brown's entertaining combination of fact and fiction, "The Davinci Code...