Oncology nurse quits after 17 years to promote nutrition and natural therapies for healing cancer ears/


After 17 years, Valerie Warwick took a huge risk and walked away from a lucrative income as an oncology nurse because she could not be a part of the conventional cancer industry anymore.

Today she is a health coach and advocate for healing with nutrition and natural non-toxic therapies.

Valerie and I connected on facebook earlier this year, and after hearing a little bit of her story I couldn’t wait to interview her. She is a warm wonderful person with a big heart and loads of experience.

In our interview Valerie shares her story and insider information about the industry, as well as vital resources that every cancer patient should consider.


Topics Discussed
9:26 What cancer patients need to know before agreeing to conventional treatment

13:35 The nutritional advice cancer patients get from doctors

14:47 The critical importance of vitamin C for cancer patients

23:00 How doctors profit off of chemotherapy

24:44 Why Doctors are not allowed to offer any other therapies

29:23 Why she finally left oncology

30:11 What she learned after working in several alternative clinics

31:31 The benefits of Oxygen, Ozone Therapy and EWOT

36:00 The impact that stress has on the immune system

38:00 Essential tests every cancer patient should have

40:00 What every newly diagnosed patient needs to know

43:00 Cannabis oil

Resources mentioned

Valerie Warwick can be contacted via

Curaderm for basal cell and sqamous cell carcinoma

Tests your cancer against 98 drugs and 45 natural compounds to see which ones it will respond to. Also tests 72 tumor-related genes.

Complete list of all substances tested by ONCOSTAT PLUS test:

ONCOblot Blood Test for early detection
This test will detect a cancer of 2 million cells compared to 4.5 trillion cells for a positive mammogram.

Protocol for High Dose IV Vitamin C

How to make your own liposomal vitamin C

Protocol for High Dose Oral Vitamin C

Ozone Therapy

The water ozonater I use can be purchased here

EWOT Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Medical Cannabis

Documentary on Cannabis Research Studies

List of cannabis research findings

GcMAF is a vitamin D binding protein that activates macrophages, which are immune cells that recognise, engulf, and destroy foreign matter and produce effector molecules. Cancer cells produce an enzyme called nagalase, which attempts to reduce macrophage activation. GcMAF reduces nagalase and restores the integrity of the immune system allowing it to effectively eliminate cancer and restore homeostatic balance.

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