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Breast Cancer Gone After Adopting Wigmore Raw Lifestyle

by Mary Lou Sackett

2009-10-09 01:00:00-04

January 26, 2005

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2003. I agreed to have the original incisional biopsy, which determined breast cancer, but without a clear margin. I then agreed to a second surgery to remove the lump and to have a sentinel node biopsy. I was told that I had stage 2 breast cancer. The doctors wanted me to have radiation and a mastectomy, or radiation and chemotherapy. I also was diagnosed with cancer cells on my cervix.

I am a chiropractor who has never agreed with the traditional medical approach, but wasn't sure what to do this time.

A friend of mine who I hadn't seen in about nine years showed up and told me that I needed wheatgrass and that I needed to go to the Creative Health Institute for help. I agreed to try it and went to CHI for two weeks in December 2003. I was still recovering from the second surgery when I arrived, and I also had a coffee addiction to conquer.

I graduated from the two-week program at CHI, went home for six weeks, then returned for three months to participate in the Energy Exchange program. I have followed the program taught at CHI nearly 100%.

I had no idea at first if this would help my breast cancer or how much it would change my life. Now, a year later, I would like to list the exciting "side effects" of my new lifestyle:

- shed excess fifty pounds easily!
- complexion has improved
- joint pains disappeared
- hair growing faster and improved color
- sleeping better
- went through menopause this year with NO symptoms!
- no longer have chest pains or shortness of breath when climbing stairs or walking
- feel calmer, more peaceful - no more constipation (was severe)
- no more cravings for coffee or sugar
- increased stamina
- no more phlegm problems
- skin tans more easily without burning (I'm fair skinned and normally burn easily)
- fibromyalgia-type symptoms gone (a year ago, I could barely walk because my feet hurt so badly)
- bees didn't bother me this summer! (I hope that continues!)
- latest pap smear showed only mild dysplasia. Each test has improved significantly. The doctor keeps saying to me that I need to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing.
- I don't feel "old" anymore
- and best of all, I had an AMAS cancer antibody test in August which was NORMAL.

Thank you CHI, Don, Jeanie and all the staff for supporting me and teaching me what I needed to restore the quality of my life! I am so grateful to my loving family and many friends who have also been very supportive of my efforts.

Mary Lou

Congratulations, Mary Lou, for sticking in there! You're a winner!

- As of August, 2009, Mary Lou was running her own center in Hillsdale, MI
- The original copy of Mary Lou's letter is available for examination at the offices of Creative Health Institute.
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