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Multiple Sclerosis

The neurologist said flatly, "You have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). There is no treatment and no cure." I sat silently in shock! My suspicions had been confirmed. I remember that day well, April 15, 1987 -taxes and Multiple Sclerosis.

MS is a tough diagnosis for a 32-year old who is looking forward to a productive future. The thought of MS quickly blackened my future as visions of wheelchairs, convalescent hospitals and headstones flashed like neon in my mind.

I didn't accept the words of my neurologist "no treatment, no cure." As Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of "Love, Medicine and Miracles' points out, "doctor's words can kill."

Just because the orthodox medical profession was at a loss to help me did not mean that help wasn't available elsewhere. I consulted with a homeopathic practitioner. The first thing she said to me was to get the silver amalgam fillings out of my mouth because they were poisoning me. I was very skeptical. If amalgam fillings were toxic why were dentists still placing them? Surely the ADA, AMA, FDA or Ralph Nader wouldn't allow such a thing. Or would they?

Barbara explained that my health would not improve until the fillings were removed. She prepared a tailored homeopathic for me, put me on a strict allergy-free yeast-free diet with enzymes and B-12 injections.

She gave me injections and told me to drink lots of distilled water and gave me a whole treatment regimen to follow. This helped to stabilize my health but improvement was very slow.

I don't believe in coincidence and it seemed God kept bringing to my attention stories of MS victims making remarkable recoveries after amalgam removal.

In December, 1 87, the message sunk in and I found a mercury-free dentist in San Diego, to liberate me from the menacing clutches of the mercury fillings. He took special precautions to minimize my exposure to mercury vapor during the procedure and I had chelation treatments afterwards. But even with all these precautionary measures, I still suffered horrible cumulative side effects.

I became hyper with incessant insomnia and developed flu-like symptoms. My MS symptoms exacerbated.

I wondered if amalgam removal was a mistake even though I knew it was mercury causing such physical and emotional distress.

I was right. It was mercury.

Within two months after amalgam removal, I knew without a doubt I was on the road to recovery.

There have been certain plateaus in the recovery process but considering mercury has a half-life in the brain alone, of 21-27 years, it is a wonder my body has responded so well. Yet my remarkable recovery is termed nothing more than a placebo effect by the AMA, ADA and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I personally think it's nothing less than a miracle! Actually, my improved health can be explained quite easily as a simple example of cause and effect; remove a known poison from the mouth and feel better. That's not a lace 0 effect; that's pure truth and logic, also known as good ole common horse sense.

If you have amalgam fillings be aware that they contain 50% mercury and amalgam is often hidden under crowns and in root canals. Those fillings sit in your mouth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, year-in and year-out and will probably follow you to your grave - if not help put you there! You may never know the serious chronic health rob ems you may avert later by taking action now. It's a matter of choice - yours. Be informed and be healthy.



Multiple Sclerosis

After six long years in terror and fear, it is almost impossible to make my story brief. It started about eight years ago when I began having terrible headaches and backaches. After visiting many doctors and getting no relief, I learned to live in pain. Then vision problems began to bother me. Everything seemed to be a blur and was becoming very dim.

Once again doctors said you're just getting older and vision usually changes with age. I laughed because I was only 22 years old! Not long after that I had to have a hysterectomy but still the other problems persisted.

We had just moved from Houston to the open country in Louisiana in 1985 when the problems were really getting out of hand. I would drive home and nearly pass out and would have to pull over and get myself together. I then began to notice I was having trouble remembering things.

Suddenly in November of 1986, the real nightmare began. I could not walk because of weakness in both legs, experienced balance problems, a low grade temperature, stomach disorders, severe memory loss, states of unconsciousness, hair loss, scanty urine and the list goes on...

Thousands of dollars, numerous tests many doctors later, I was told I had everything from Asian Flu to Multiple Sclerosis. An MRI had revealed lesions on the brain along with central nervous system damage and one blind eye. I was told to go home and learn to live with it because there is no known cause or cure.

I was bound and determined that there was an answer. All it would take would be time, patience and God to find an answer to this horrible nightmare.

I began having breathing problems and I would actually stop breathing. On one occasion I had to be rushed to the emergency room and once again was told that sometimes people die with MS.

I was no longer able to drive a car or do my shopping because of all the overwhelming symptoms. I walked with the use of a cane for four-and-a-half years only because I refused to be pushed in a wheelchair. I felt that if I gave in this would be the last of Cynthia Green. My husband did all shop-ping, cleaning and all our regular bookwork. My two boys couldn't even depend on Mom for help with their homework because I could not even comprehend the problems in which they needed help. Needless to say I was a cane-walking zombie!

But thanks to God, '60 Minutes' covered the mercury/amalgam issue and I caught the last 1 0 minutes. The program boosted me enough to look into every book at our local library on mercury poisoning. The information was unbelievable!

I took everything I found to my traditional doctor and laid it out for him. After he reviewed all the

data and my symptoms, he scratched his head and said, "Let's be objective, but I believe you may have something here." He ran a urine test and to our surprise, along with my history, the nightmare was coming to a close - the real diagnosis was MERCURY POISONING FROM DENTAL AMALGAM!

I contacted DAMS in Colorado and Shirley Brown was very helpful through my detoxification. I could never begin to express my warm gratitude for all that she has done.

After 6 years of severe illness, I now drive myself; I can shop all day and never get tired; I walk on my own without the cane; I can hold a conversation; I do my own housework; I wake up each morning to a brand new day of blessings and most important my husband and two boys have their wife and mom back - better than ever. Finally, I can say that I am healthy and the nightmare is OVER!

For this I thank God, DAMS and Shirley Brown.

Now I am doing all I can to help inform others of this hidden secret. I am establishing a DAMS Chapter. It will be an honor to be a part of your organization.

You have given me my life back and a cause worth fighting for and believe me after fighting for my life for six years, just think of the fight I have in me to make sure that amalgams are banned. Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I promise to work very very hard!

RS. I met a lady in her forties that was diagnosed with MS. Her amalgams have been removed. She is going through detox and doing great. She only lives 30 miles away from me and says once she has completed detox, she'll be ready to help too!


By Mary Davies

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 28, but my problems began long before that. I started wearing eyeglasses at 8 years of age. That was probably the first indication of trouble to come. The next fifteen years I dealt mostly with emotional problems. Deep depression and hypersensitivity led to hospitalization, but even after intense therapy, I was doing no better. Along with the emotional problems, I was also struggling with sleep disturbances (which I didn't realize weren't normal) and an irritable colon.

I finally just grew out of the depression and grew into some unusual problems. I started itching all over my body but had no obvious rash. This was also at a time when I was doing a lot of aerobic exercise.

Since I was on medication for the itching and the medication also helped me sleep, for the next few years things were (I thought) fairly normal. I was always tired (as I had been since I was about 12) but by that time I was so accustomed to it that I didn't consider it abnormal. This also happened to be the time when I was newly married and on the birth control pill, so I assumed my problems (depression) were hormonally linked.

At age 26, I had my first symptom of "MS' After that I suffered strange symptoms. Achy legs, extreme tiredness and lack of energy became everyday companions and my sleep problems worsened.

Seven months after I had my daughter, I had another "MS" exacerbation. It was at this point that I was diagnosed as having MS. A lot of things beame clear when they told me I had MS. There were still a lot of unexplained problems such as the depression and sleep disturbances, but I didn't connect them.

Approximately one year after having been diagnosed I had my fillings replaced. I was skeptical at first so I didn't recognize what was happening to my body. I also didn't take any effort to detoxify because I wasn't really sure what to expect. Luckily, I had a dentist who was very knowledgeable on the mercury issue and he insisted I take vitamins before and during my dental appointments.

I had my fillings replaced in a series of three appointments. At the first appointment I had one filling replaced and was fitted for a cap. THAT VERY NIGHT I SLEPT BETTER! I was thrilled that I was sleeping better and knew it was from the fillings but thought that was the extent of benefit from mercury amalgam replacement. In between my appointments, I noticed strange things happening (tingling, dizziness, and metallic taste), but minimalized it.

Approximately one month after total replacement. I acauired a hormonal imbalance, various infections (yeast, bladder, and bacterial) and stomach problems escalated. I also acquired new allergies only to have them disappear right after they arrived.

It was about at this point that I started realizing that I wasn't as tired as I used to be. I was doing a lot more than I used to and my legs didn't ache anymore and I continued to sleep good also.

I was convinced that the amalgam replacement was responsible for my improved health but still

didn't understand the importance of vitamin therapy. It wasn't until I had another "MS" exacerbation that I discovered how important vitamin therapy is. During the latest exacerbation period, I had symptoms of MS, but overall I felt better than before I was ever diagnosed. It was at this point that I decided to investigate the mercury issue further. I started taking vitamin C every day and immediately started itching. I now know that the mercury was trying to escape from my body and it was irritating my skin. I continued to take the vitamin C and that's when I really started noticing improvements. My energy level increased to a point I don't remember experiencing for 20 years.

Today I have very few "MS' symptoms, my irritable colon has tremendously improved, as well as the hormonal imbalance. I continue to sleep well and my energy level is at an all-time high. Memories of achy legs and lack of energy are just that - memories. I thank god every day for the people that helped me in my recovery. I only hope that someone reading my story will find an answer to their problems and be inspired to have their fillings replaced.

Editor's Note: Mary has had two miscarriages since amalgam replacement. The second miscarriage was at seven weeks. Mary requested that the fetus be checked for mercury and the results were four times higher than normal. Mary cautions women of child bearing age to avoid amalgams and to follow amalgam replacements with agressive detoxification protocols.

Source: International DAMS Summer 1992