Root Canal Dangers



Meinig, George D.D.S.


[Back pain] Root canals can reportedly cause a severe immune dysfunction, causing as much damage as mercury amalgams--

Laura Lee Interview with George Meinig, DDS & Dr. M. LaMarche

Root Canals Pose Health Threat - An Interview with George Meinig, D.D.S.

George Meinig interview

Root canal cover-up?

Dr. Weston Price, whose work has been forgotten, published extensively in his time and did an astonishing amount of research. "He found that there seemed to be hardly any disease or disease process that was not either primarily caused by dental infections or just worsened by them. The heart and circulatory system appeared to be favorite target sites for the bacteria and/or their toxins. He observed angina pectoris, phlebitis, hypertension, heart block, anemia, and inflammation of the heart muscle often to be side effects of root canal therapy. He also reported that he would sometimes see heart patients with outwardly normal appearing root canal teeth resolve most or all of their symptoms upon removal of those teeth.

Price was able to implant extracted root canal teeth under the skin of rabbits after removing them from patients with various illnesses. The rabbit would become ill with precisely the same primary disease that the human tooth donor had -- arthritis; heart lesions: kidney, liver, and gallbladder disease; anemia; pneumonia; appendicitis; eye, ear, and skin disorders; and nervous system disorders, among them.

Every tooth has its own capsule in the jawbone called the periodontal ligament, which was always routinely left behind after extractions. Huggins reasoned that the deep-seated root canal infections likely infected this ligament as well, and conditions of chronic infection could persist even without the root canal tooth being any longer in place. He then initiated a quick and simple routing out of this ligament, along with about 1 millimeter of surrounding jawbone following extractions. By following this procedure, the residual infection is removed and the site can now heal.


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