Suicide Attempts on Aropax



“Thank you for being an organization that is helping me (and thousands of others).”

This is hard to write because I have concentration problems despite having a reasonably high IQ. I have been on Prozac for 5/6 yrs since divorce, the last 14 months have been spent looking after my elderly father who had a brain tumour and recently died . He sexually abused me as a child which my Mother denied totally and now she is dependant on me as she lives in a rural area in New Zealand and does not drive.

There are no other relatives in NZ except my 2 grown up children. I had a grand mal seizure the day after my Father died and my medication was reduced from 60mg Prozac to 20mg Aropax. Since then I have had 2 suicide attacks. I have since had an MRI scan, still awaiting results. I have extreme dizziness, weakness, tiredness, terrifying nightmares, weakness of the legs (sometimes they give way but I am able to go down slowly so not to hurt myself), forgetfulness and memory loss.

If I had a broken leg I would be in hospital now and they would be fixing me up. Thank you for being an organization that is helping me (and thousands of others). Your support is truly appreciated.


Jill Butler