Epilim (sodium valproate)
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Fetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome (FACS)

[2013 Feb] Cruel betrayal of my Milly: Carol Sarler's granddaughter was damaged by a toxic medicine... here she reveals brutal indifference of officials who won't help  Milly was irreversibly brain damaged by 'the new thalidomide'. Her mother was prescribed with sodium valproate to control epilepsy. As many as 45,000 babies in the UK have been affected

[2012 May] Why are doctors still not warning about the 'new Thalidomide'? Mother tells how taking an anti-epileptic drug while pregnant devastated the heath of two of her children    It has been prescribed since 1978 and reports of the ingredient sodium valproate causing birth defects such as spina bifida go back almost as far. FACS is believed to have affected up to 20,000 babies – ten times more than Thalidomide.  FACS is thought to be caused in the first three months of pregnancy when an anti-epileptic drug crosses the placenta into the foetus. Effects depend on the dosage and the drug.  There are three FACS syndromes, each involving different anti-epileptic drugs and each with their own set of symptoms. In 2010, Epilim was taken by more than 21,500 women aged between 20 and 39 for epilepsy and other conditions. It is indicated in 80 per cent of cases of FACS.

[2004] PARENTS SUE MAKERS OF 'THE NEW THALIDOMIDE'   Children have been born with a variety of problems, including disfigured faces, spina bifida, autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia. Some have limb deformities like the victims of Thalidomide, which affected thousands of babies in the 1960s.

[Media UK, Dec 96 ] Women on epilepsy drugs sue over birth defects  Lawyers say doctors failed to alert the women to the full extent of the risks to the unborn child of sodium valproate and other anti-convulsants. This is despite well-documented research highlighting the increased risk of birth defects for women taking anti-convulsants.

[Media UK, Sept 1999]  Man wakes up after a 30-year nightmare (epilim)   'I know two children both unvaccinated who became autistic after Epilim!'

[Media 1999] I won’t let drugs calm my child’s seizures