The Ibogaine Dossier 

JUST FOUND**  Tripping on Iboga.  Daniel Pinchbeck's amazing story of his
search to experience iboga (Tabernanthe iboga) the source of ibogaine used in
African religious rituals.

Only mediclly supervised hospital administered treatment:

Dr. Edgardo Della Sera
Panama Ibogaine Project
Clinica del Nino
Apdo 447
David, Chiriqui
Republic of Panama
011 507 774 4812 (fax) dial international access code, then country code 507

"The Dreaming"

Conference on Ibogaine will be held at New York University School
of Medicine on November 5 and 6, 1999. A Conference web page has been
set up, and the URL is <>
(The conference is over the the web page remains an excellent source of

Thorough scientific review of all ibogaine research.  Drs. Popik & Skolnick,
Academic Press. <>

(French language) Bwiti

General Review of Ibogaine including history, chemistry, botany, ethnography.
Scientific review of Ibogaine
Use in the treatment of addiction
Religious use in Bwiti religion of Africa
Miami New Times Article concerning legal cases between Deborah Mash/Howard
Lotsof/University of Miami and NDA
concerning stopping of FDA approved trials, breach of contract, fraud, etc.
Review in Nature Medicine of legal case as above

(NEW - French language) (search term ibogaine) (botanical) (search page for psychedelics and select ibogaine)
different then url above.

http://www.cures-not-wars/junkie/ (search engine)   (medline search)  (U.S. Patent Office - for Patent searches)
ology/PBIO/pbio35.html (medicinal plants)

Subject:  Ibogaine list

An Ibogaine list has been established.  The list
will involve itself in the discussion of all aspects of this experimental
anti-addictive and psychotherapeutic medication,  including that of persons
pharmacology, the African experience in religion and medicine, neuroscience,
clinical reports, behavioral pharmacology, psychiatry, Ibogaine self-help
groups and

To join the list see instructions below:

> >send email to with the subject blank and >with the body
> >containing nothing but the following four words:
> >subscribe ibogaine <firstname> <lastname>

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