Off-label marketing

[Blood money.  How many people do they kill and maim with this racket?  And they get away with a fine!]

See: Revolving doors

[2011 Oct] Pfizer Pays $14.5M To Settle Detrol Off-Label Suit  Five years ago, a pair of former Pfizer sales reps accused Pfizer of illegally marketing its Detrol pill as a salve for enlarged prostates, even though the pill had only been approved to treat overactive bladders. Now, the drugmaker has agreed to pay $14.5 million to settle the charges in what is only the latest in a string of cases in which Pfizer engaged in off-label marketing.

[2009 Dec] BIG PHARMA’S CRIME SPREE  Pfizer, Eli Lilly & Co., Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and four other drug companies have paid a total of $7 billion in fines and penalties. Six of the companies admitted in court that they marketed medicines for unapproved uses."

[2009] Eli Lilly and Company Agrees to Pay $1.415 Billion to Resolve Allegations of Off-label Promotion of Zyprexa   $515 Million Criminal Fine Is Largest Individual Corporate Criminal Fine in History; Civil Settlement up to $800 Million