Another horrible Paxil story



“We will never get over this horrible nightmare.”


This is the story of my own family tragedy. Paxil has helped wreck 3 lives-- my dear mother, my grief-stricken sister, and my own. We consider Paxil, the main trigger, in this horrendous event, in May, 2002. We will never get over this horrible nightmare, from the use of Paxil by my sister, and my mother. They were both on it for different reasons. My mother for OCD, my sister for major depression. If you would care to, please link this story to your site. I would appreciate if you would. I am worried sick about the outcome for my sister who is terribly ill.


Mercy For Cindy - Justice Denied http://www.freewebs.com/mercy_for_cindy/

Norma (Nomi) Draper