Drug list

[2012] Speech – House of Commons    At Kew Archives in 2012 I found the following documents on Schering/Bayer results on their “rat Study” undertaken in 1961. It took until 1969 before they sent this warning letter to the Committee for Safety and Medicine. This letter specifically stated that Primdos should be removed from the market, due to the high incidence of abortion rates in their “Rat Studies”.
    Our Government have consistently denied the existence of this warning letter. I have the copy here verifying the existence of this warning, and as a result of this neglect, the suffering to our victims still continue today ---- many live with terrible injuries within a cloud of pain, deformities, and anxieties with health doubts for their remainder of their lives. Families still struggle to cope with the loss of their babies who did not survive these potent pills without evidence. Parents should never have witness their children dying before them, which happened in the case of Primodos.
    If the Committee of Safety and Medicines in 1969 had taken this warning notice from Schering Chemical seriously and took Primodos off the market, then those conceived after this date would be living today as you and I have been given the honour to live a normal life.
...So today we ask you consider what you have heard by joining us to open up the tarnished history of abuse, medical and legal fraud, with negligence from Schering Chemical and our own government. This same government who have never commented on why their own Senior Medical Officer, Dr. William Inman, at The Committee and Safety of Medicines, crossed ranks to Schering Chemical, by yes, writing a Supplementary report for the drug company, whilst in his capacity as a civil servant employed by the UK government. His name is on Peter Weitzman’s- Barrister’s legal report prior to the trial in 1982 which I have here a copy today.

[2008] The fight for justice by the victims of the 'forgotten Thalidomide'   He is one of an estimated several thousand children from around the world who appear to have been left with deformities as a result of their mothers taking Primodos in the late Seventies.  Known as 'the forgotten Thalidomide', Primodos was prescribed as an alternative to a urine stick test for pregnancy.