Prozac and how it made me try to commit suicide



ďI hope the government will take Prozac off the market.Ē

Combined with amitripline and Depakote, Trazadone, Nurontin. I was hand cuffed and shackled at PCS counseling services and taken to western state mental hospital when all I was doing was going to a doctor Latiff in Dyersburg for a back injury and he said depression was causing my pain .I let him send me to counseling and then I was put on numerous mental drugs which I told my mental health doctor the medication made anti social and aggressive I even threatened to cut my husband throat but when they told me I was going to a mental hospital

I didnít think life was worth living anymore and swallowed 30 Prozac and 90 amitripline in the back of the Dyer County TN. police car. They took me to the hospital and pumped my stomach after that I was hand cuffed to the hospital bed until the next day or so then I was transported to the mental hospital again I have not been able to work mentally I donít ever think I will be the same. I was denied disability and because of those drugs my life might well be over I hope the government will take Prozac off the market or at least make sure professionals in the mental health prescribe these drugs .

They almost cost me my life. After I was put on Depakote I has a seizure when I not worry about it . So I took myself off the medicines and extreme withdrawal but was afraid to go back to the doctor the judge at western state made sign papers I would continue treatment so I wasnít going through that again .

I can tell I donít think as fast and I donít learn as easy as I used to. The makers of those drugs should only recommend them for only severe cases of mental disorders .

My doctor said I had compulsive disorder, not depression.