I am thinking of starting up a support group for people who are suffering
severe withdrawal symptoms with the anti - depressant drug, Seroxat, also
known as 'Paroxetine' and 'Paxil.'

I have been on the drug myself for over 5 years and have tried
unsuccessfully to taper myself off due to severe side effects.

The company that make the drug, GLAXO, SMITHKLIEN have refused to admit that
Seroxat is addictive and this has resulted in a lawsuit against the company
with almost 1000 users here in the UK.

Countless correspondence to the MCA and GSK have proved fruitless.

BBC's Panorama programme is due to air on the 13th of October (though this
may yet be pulled, such is the power of the MCA) to raise the issue of the
addictiveness of Seroxat and all the evidence that has been collected to
suggest that this drug should never have been launched. Evidence such as GSK
suppressed the trial data from the 1980's that claimed that 85% of
participents suffered severe adverse reactions, withdrawal symptoms and
dependence after only 12 week studies.

The Medicines Control Agency goes out of its way to be unhelpful, and its
advisory committee the CSM (Committee on Safety of Medicines) have shares
and other financial dealings with Glaxo SmithKline and a number of other
large pharmaceutical companies, which is a serious conflict of interest, and
one that should not be permitted.

I would therefore like to ask you if you could ask your readers if anyone
has experienced difficulties with the drug 'Seroxat' to contact me at

If you need to telephone me to discuss this matter further then I can be
contacted on

Yours sincerely

Bob Fiddaman